Yoga Vs Meditation: similarity, Difference, What Is Better?

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If You Are Wondering About Yoga Vs Meditation Similarities’, Differences And Finally , What Is Better?

Then This Article Is For You. Here, We Discuss It In Great Details To Answer All Possible Questions That May Come To Your Mind. 

Yoga Vs Meditation

Yoga Vs Meditation: The Context

Yoga and meditation both are considered to be stress reduction techniques for individuals to develop a stable and sound mind. They both have positive impacts and effects on our mental as well as physical health and can improve the same by engaging the individuals in proper practices.


Yoga is a holistic practice which involved physical movements as well as breathing exercises. It makes the mind and body more aware and increases concentration and attention of an individual. Yoga is a self soothing process and helps you to achieve calmness and find peace within yourself.


Meditation is considered to be a methodology which exists within the yoga tradition. Meditation is considered to be the actual experience of the union of body and mind. According to the dictionary, meditation means to ponder or reflect upon something. In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra instructions have been given on how to meditate and what constitutes the practice of meditation.

Yoga and Meditation have a lot of similarities as well as differences between them. So before delving deep into the similarities as well as differences, we need to first get a clear conception about both of these practices and the impact they have on human body as well as mind. Hence, let us first discuss about the features of Yoga and Meditation


  • Yoga helps in boosting one’s energy and gives positive energy to an individual
  • It would help to reduce the risk of any disease
  • Yoga would improve the nervous system as well as cardiovascular health of an individual
  • It would provide more flexibility to your muscles and your body in general
  • Helps you reducing anxiety
  • Helps in increasing attention and concentration of any individual
  • Develops physical as well as mental health of an individual


  • It increases self awareness within an individual
  • Meditation helps in reducing stress or anxiety
  • It makes an individual more creative in nature
  • It helps you control emotional reactions
  • Gives you a different and fresh perspective regarding life

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Yoga Vs Meditation: Similarities

Yoga and meditation have many similarities with each other which can be understood by the following points. They are

1. Inner Peace

They are both ancient practices whose purpose is to provide an individual with calmness and inner peace. They helps in deep thinking and helps an individual to focus on her or his own self and helps them to understand them in a better way.

2. Knowledge

Yoga and Meditation helps you to gain knowledge about your own self. The information which were in the subconscious mind till now, can be accessed by an individual through these practices.

It helps in creating awareness and an individual hence becomes much more aware about his or her own self and learn more about the capabilities they have within themselves.

3. Reduces Stress

Both these practices act as an important factor in reducing stress or anxiety among individuals. Hence both these practices are often perceived as an antidote to any kind of trauma and stress and helps the individual in dealing with the same in a much more matured way.

4. Fitness

Both these practices have huge positive impact on your body. The postures and exercises which you do while practicing both yoga and meditation makes your muscles much more flexible in nature.

It develops your physical ability and increases the same. These activities help an individual to stay fit and proper in this busy world.

5. Space

Both these practices can be practiced almost anywhere and everywhere. You wouldn’t need to have a particular space or particular equipment to start practicing either yoga or meditation. You can practice it anywhere you like it.

6. Time

In case of both yoga and meditation, the most effective time to practice is considered to be the morning. It is said if you practice yoga or meditation at early morning, you would have a lot of positive energy for the entire day which would help you to work throughout the day with enthusiasm and spirit.

7. Breathing Patterns

In both yoga and meditation, different breathing patterns play a huge role in practices. In both the practices, the focus is said to be inwards which can be achieved only by paying proper heed and attention to one’s own breathing patterns.

8. Origin

Both yoga and meditation have it’s roots or origin in Vedic Hinduism. Though it may have been changed or altered over time, still it’s roots remain intact.

Yoga Vs Meditation: Differences

There are a lot pf differences present between yoga and meditation. Meditation is said to be a type of yoga and hence is included within the same. So let us look at some of the difference between both these practices

  • Yoga is considered to be a step by step methodological process, whereas meditation is a single focus based session.
  • Yoga is a guiding tool for the individuals, but meditation is a particular form of practice by doing which we can better the condition of our mind and soul.
  • Unlike meditation Yoga is considered to be the union of your body as well as your mind. While in meditation, your body is made to relax and sent to sleep while your mind is kept active and awake.
  • Meditation is only a part of yoga.
  • The main aim of meditation is self realization, whereas the aim of yoga is much broader in it’s approach. It’s aim is to bring harmony and balance between mind and soul of an individual.
  • Yoga helps in releasing pain while meditation gives the mind intellectual prosperity.

Yoga Vs Meditation Which One Is Better?

It would depend upon for what purpose are you engaging in these activities for. Meditation might be the ideal practice for battling anxiety, stress or trauma as it might give you faster result. But if you want a long term result then you might go for yoga.

Yoga takes a more holistic approach and consists of a perfect blend of physical as well as mental engagement. Yoga involves much more physical exercises and postures than meditation.

So, if you need to do rigorous exercise to lose some weight or get your body toned and your muscles flexible, then yoga might be the ideal option for you. If you don’t want to engage much in physical exercises, and only want to focus on mental health and peace, then meditation would be the ideal one for you.

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Concluding Thoughts 

At the end both yoga and meditation can both be beneficial for you. Both yoga and meditation have positive effects which could help one’s physical and mental growth. The purpose or goal due to which you are planning to engage in these practices would determine the best one for you. If you need certain clarity of perception in your life, meditation would come to your solution.

If you need to decrease your body ache or pain and also find inner peace within yourself, yoga would be your ideal choice. Most specialists recommend to incorporate both these practices in your daily regime and extract the best from both the worlds. Ultimately, it’s up to you to investigate which one will be useful for you and in what ways.

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