Best Yoga Towels: With Grips, For Hot Yoga Or Regular Yoga

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Your sweaty yoga sesh can help you flush out all the toxins from the body and also escape all the stresses of the day. Hot yoga and other forms of intense yoga lessons can teach your mindfulness and help you achieve better health.

However, this can lead to one more thing…err, plenty of sweat! And that can lead to a slip and slide incident in the middle of your yoga studio. Who wants that? This is the reason why you should invest in yoga towels with grips.

If You Are Looking For Best Yoga Towels With Grips, For Hot Yoga Or Normal Yoga Sessions, You Are On The Right Page. We Reviewed The Best Six Products And Made It A Lot Easier And Less Time Consuming  For You To Buy

Best Yoga Towels

Understanding Yoga The Needs For Yoga Towels

The right towel can help you survive the sweatiest practices, without having to face embarrassments in your class.

Once you lay your yoga towel on the top of the mat, you don’t need to worry about placing your hands and legs in the perfect position. The towel creates a non-slip surface, and no, that doesn’t mean you have to burn a hole in your pockets.

In this blog, we are picking some of the best yoga towels with grip, perfect for the extra stability you need for your poses. They are made with special fabrics, which would ensure your safety. We have talked with a lot of yoga instructors and have finalized this list.

What is the best yoga towel with grips?

1. Manduka Yoga Mat Towel


  • The 72” x 26.5” eQua hold performance  
  • Unique frog dot pattern  
  • Highly durable
  • Machine wash 


Manduka has built a reputation for over twenty years and there is a reason why they are known for their high performance, premium PRO Mat.

No more sweaty and uncomfy when you are doing your Bikram or hot yoga.

Even for the hottest classes, this Manduka yoga mat towel is the best pick.

So, in a nutshell, you should go for it because of its affordability, quick-dry fabric, and non-slip skidless nub technology.

It will keep your mat in place. Boost your practice in more than one way with this premium yoga towel! Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Manduka – the brand says it all. The brand knows how to bring out the yogi in you.

2. Sticky Grip Yoga Towel


  • Sticky Grip Bottom  
  • Super Soft & Absorbent 
  • Durable & Easy Care


You can easily carry it to your studio as it is so lightweight. It is easy to maintain as well. You can even get a discount if you buy more than one.

Sweat-absorbent and non-slip, this hot yoga towel is another one from our list.

We think it is perfect for your yoga sessions as it looks cool as well.

It will absorb your sweat and help you keep balanced while doing difficult postures. Wanna know the brownie point?

Well, it comes with a premium sticky silicone grip bottom. It is durable and the microfiber towel has got our hearts. The towel works perfectly on even XL mats.

3. Adorence Non-Slip Yoga Towel


  • Upgraded Non Slip  
  • Prevents Scrolling  
  • Premium Material
  • Machine Washable 


It is a great purchase if you are a student or a yoga teacher. We heart it more because of the design. Super cool to carry to the studio!

If you have a flexible budget, then this colorful, quirky and vibrant quick-dry towel is what you need to get your hands on.

It is highly absorbent, lightweight, and would help you boost your balance.

This Yoga Mat Towel is made of innovative Microfiber Material which is both soft and moisture winking, great for absorbing sweat sessions like Bikram, hot yoga & Pilate, and keeping your yoga mat underneath clean and dry.

The microfiber towel absorbs twice as much as standard cotton and dries in half the time. With the Complimentary Carry Bag, you can easily organize the towel and put it in your hand bag or backpack, do your yoga anywhere at any time you like.

4. Yogitoes Manduka Yoga Towel


  • Anti-Slip Bottom  
  • Superior Quality  
  • Multiple Uses
  • Eco-Friendly 


It is actually made from 4+ recycled plastic water bottles, which makes it unique. If you purchase this mat, you are doing your bit for the environment as well. All dyes used for this are free of AZO, lead, and heavy metals.

This one’s design would surely melt your heart. It has rubber bottom grip dots, which we dig for when we pick good yoga towels.

This is 68ninch long, enough for an adult.

Moreover, it is so lightweight! We are giving it a thumbs up for its Patented Skidless Technology.

 It is ultra-absorbent so it is time to bid goodbye to sweaty sessions. What more? You can even take it to the beach.

It is lightweight as well so that your gym bag doesn’t become heavy.

5. Shandali Sticky Fiber Hot Yoga Towel


  • Eco-Silicone  
  • Stay Safe And Injury-Free 
  • A Stronger Body
  • Achieve A Deeper Practice  


Stay healthy and fit with this towel as it allows a stable and solid foundation for intense exercises. Even if you are using a common yoga mat, then also it helps in creating a hygienic layer between you and the mat.

With hundreds of good reviews in its bag, Shandali hot yoga towel has been the go-to towel for lots of yogis, yoga trainers, and health enthusiasts.

It is a super absorbent addition to your yoga practice.

If you want to upgrade your practice and ease your movement without the fear of slipping and hurting yourself, then this is the one you should sign up for.

It is made with microfiber and is available in a very feminine, soft pink hue. The web grip at the bottom needs to be mentioned. This is a step towards a better and healthy lifestyle.

It gives you just the right support and also acts as a comfortable cushion. It absorbs all the sweat in no time! Shandali towels have been a fav of many because they get to practice the most difficult postures without any fear.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Yoga Towel

  • Quality Of The Fabric: When it comes to best yoga towels, the quality of the cotton used matters the most. The fabric quality makes sure its sweat absorbant power as well as the friction with your skin. Higher the absobing power and the softer it is the better. 

  • Gripping Ability: A good towel even helps in improving grip. We think that it is a mandate to carry a yoga towel to your studio.

  • Towel Size: Yes, size does matter here as well. The bigger the size the easier it is to use and handle. Also, your yoga twel should be big enough to cover your mat. So, do pay attention to length and breadth of it while buying a towel. 


Is It The Same As Normal Towel?

Ofcourse not. This is the reason why they are sold exclusively as hot yoga towels. They provide ample grip, which is not possible by any random towel out there. It also absorbs your sweat a lot faster than an ordinary towel. You wouldn’t regret purchasing it.

How Can I Improve The Grip Of My Towel?

Apart from looking for towels with silicone nubs, you can also spray a little water on your yoga towel so that the grip improves.

Why Do I Need A Yoga Towel?

Firstly, you need a yoga towel to act as a hygienic barrier, to absorb your sweat and even improve the grip so that you don’t slide on the mat. It can also protect you from all the dirt and grime that are there on the mat.

Why Not A Normal Towel?

A normal towel would not cater to yoga-related requirements such as absorbing perspiration, increasing grip, et al. Towels that are specifically made for yoga related purposes are made to cater to all these needs.

Soaking remains the top job for normal towels, a lot gets added when it comes to Yoga or Pilates Towel.

Can I Make My Towel More Grippy?

We have seen this question coming from people who sweat a lot! If you spray some water on your yoga towel before the class begins, then you can start your practice with better grip! This is a easy yet very effective tip to make your towel more Grippy.

Concluding Thoughts

So these are our top five picks for best yoga towels for hot yoga or normal sessions. We have considered several factors before taking our picks and we hope that you have found what you were looking for.

A yoga towel is different from a normal one and can enhance your practice in multiple ways. It should be easy to carry and should act as a velvety cushion as well apart from helping you stay stable. You can practise even the most difficult postures on it without being afraid of sliding.

To know more about hot yoga towels, yoga tops or gym mats, kindly keep an eye on this blog section.

So are you all ready to shop?