Best 6 Yoga Tops that Stay Put During Inversions

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Whether it is hot yoga or your relaxing yoga sessions focusing on mindfulness, it is very important that your yoga gear is perfect. Otherwise, it can be really awkward and you might end up missing the classes.

And you don’t want that! One of the most important things that you should check is if the yoga tops are staying put or not even during the inversion sessions.

In this blog, we have picked some of the best yoga tops that stay put. Looking for a bonus point? Well, these tops are so fashion-forward that you can even wear them at other times of the day. Say goodbyes to your uncooperative tees and welcome these amazing yoga tops that would make your yoga lessons exciting.

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It will help you practice the postures in peace without you having to worry about your top riding up and revealing your body! Moreover, some women feel uncomfortable in revealing some body parts. A rightly fitted yoga top is nothing but a necessity for them.

If you are eager to know which one made the top space from our research…

Yoga Tops that Stay Put During Inversions

What are the Best Yoga Tops That Stay Put During Inversions

1. Lululemon Cool Racerback


  • It has 92% Nylon, 8% LYCRA® Elastane  
  • This versatile tank has a slim racerback that stays put 
  • Added LYCRA fibre moves with you and stays in great shape
  • Tight fit, hip length. 


Pink is Love! – Top for Every Occasion. If you want a bright pink outfit that won’t ride up as well as make you look pretty, then this racerback from Lululemon is all you need.

The combination of Nylon and Lycra makes the tank top super comfortable on the skin. It stays put and moves with you while you are getting all sweaty!

What more? They are available in a variety of other colours so you can opt for them as well. If you are looking for premium fabric and the right outfit for your yoga class, then this is it. There is no need to look any further.

For a regular look, pair it up with your favorite jeans or pants. You can easily wear it to the mall, for dinner, etc. and look fantastic!

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2. The Right Option for Your Budget


  • Size running Larger, If you prefer a “Tightly Fit” 
  • So easy to move while practicing Ashtanga 
  • Stretchy fabric helps move without restrictions for a comfortable fit
  • Soft, breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics keep you dry and comfortable
  •  Perfect option during various indoor activities and outdoor excursions, such as: yoga, sports, running, cross training and etc 


If you want to go light on the pockets yet invest in something that would work for your yoga classes, then this pack of three compression tank tops would serve the purpose.

Do not struggle with your regular tees as they lack some serious features that are required when you are working out. This is activewear which you can depend on without any doubts.

This unique set of apparel would ensure that your stretches and postures are smooth. The mixture of polyester and spandex ensures that you feel great while wearing them. The fabric is stretchable hence no worries! Since the fabric is moisture-wicking, you can ever wear it while doing hot yoga.

The classic black, elegant grey and royal blue colours also ensure that you look fashionable every time you step into the yoga studio.

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3. Tank top for heavy bust


  • It has Imported 
  • It has Elastic closure
  • The 100% Machine Wash
  • Chakara (gear will) performance stretch jersey
  • V-neck Tank with self bonded straps Interior shelf bra with mesh lining and brushed elastic


If you have a heavy bust, then this is the one you should sign up for. Women with heavy bust hate tops that ride up and they feel frustrated as well when they don’t come across one.

But your search ends here with this one. This sky blue tank top made of Nylon and Lycra elastane is a great choice if you also want apparel to stay put.

It can even be washed in the machine and comes with comfy self-bonded straps. The criss-cross back detail is to die for! The tank tops come with removable modesty cups and have an interior shelf bra with brushed elastic and mesh lining.

Pair it up with your favourite track pants and hit the studio in the most fashionable and comfortable way.

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4. Crop top with plenty of room


  • High neck, mesh back, crop top, sleeveless and a flattering style
  • Soft cute sports crop tank top, perfect for yoga, workout, active or casual at home
  • Lightweight, stretchy, airy fabric engineered to quickly wick away moisture and help keep you dry
  • Pair perfectly with your favorite pants, leggings, shorts for a fashion and elegant look.


If you want a crop top that has plenty of room, ideal for relaxing yoga and asanas, then you can go for this stunning piece. This white mesh crop top is loose and comes with a mesh back.

Why just yoga? You can wear this to your dance class or cardio class as well. Made with a lot of care, the fabric would ensure that you are dry and comfy.

The high neck design and white hue make it look extremely elegant when paired with a stylish pair of shorts or leggings. The sheer mesh back with a big armhole would ensure that you are cool while performing even the most rigorous training!

The side split hem makes this looser and gives you plenty of room to breathe. This would surely make you create a fashion statement in the classiest way.

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5. Sleeveless yoga top


  • Open back design with cool soft mesh
  • Open or tie back design shirt, cute, sexy and sports, offer you a awesome vision and cool feelling
  • Super soft fabric, breathable, easy to care, comfortable and cute, great for sports yoga workout
  • Perfect tank tops for yoga, running, exercise, fitness, gym and any type of workout or everyday wear


If you don’t want your top not to ride up and at the same time, keep you cool, then this amazing Mippo mesh tank top can help you and how! Ideal for a little bit of skin show, this stylish bright pink top should make sure you look good while doing your fav exercise.

Let your cute sports bra play a little peek-a-boo from behind the mesh. Ideal for women who are looking for a sleeveless option.

The breathable fabric ensures that you feel cool while working out. The fancy knit detail in the back helps you adjust the tightness according to your type of workout.

The length ensures that you don’t feel embarrassed while doing the most difficult postures! This one is a top pick for every health enthusiast.

However, make sure you check the size guide of the brand rather than relying on the amazon size chart.

The best part is that the brand, Mippo understands the necessities of workout gear or activewear. So make your choice wisely and settle for only the best!

6. For the Perfect Fit


  • Luon fabric is soft, sweat wicking, and four way stretch.
  • Built in shelf bra with optional removable cups included. Tight fit, hip length.
  • Luon 87% Nylon, 13% Lycra Elastane.


If you like your activewear to be tightly fitted, then this blue-thin, strapped, the racerback tank would surely impress you.

The fabric is super soft and has a sweat-wicking feature, making it perfect for even outdoor sessions or hot yoga. Its four-way stretch feature ensures that you love your yoga classes like never before!

Although it is a little on the expensive side, we believe it is worth the investment. It comes with a fabulous shelf bra with optional removable cups.

If you are a passionate yogi, then do not let an uncomfortable gear come in your way. Practice your asanas with the right apparel so that you can make the most out of it. Trust us, even your guru would agree with us.

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Why You Need Tops That Stay Put

Who wants her yoga top to ride up while practicing the postures? It is so uncomfortable and embarrassing when you are in class. The right apparel can make your classes so much fun and enjoyable.

Inversion is common activity in yoga so, yoga tops that do not stay put might create a lot of embarrassment for you and even if you are doing it alone, who wants their eyes to get covered with their tops during inversions? 

So, it always make sense to go for tops that do not ride up during inversions if you are serious about yoga. 


Here are some frequently asked questions answered for you. 

Can I wear These Tops Outside Yoga ?

Yes obviously you can. If you want to wear a fit look they are really helpful. Also you can layer them up with casual shirts or tops. 

Are These Good For Vinyasa Workout?

Yes, these are quite effective for Vinyasa and Hot yoga too. 


So this was our compilation of top yoga tops that stay put. We hope that you have found your pick from this. No longer do you have to hop from one store to another to find your ideal yoga wear as we are here to help you.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog. Long Length Yoga TopsTo know more about the best activewear out there, kindly keep an eye on this blog section.

This intense workout session can drastically help you achieve a better mind and body. Follow it religiously. We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog. 

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