Best Yoga And Fitness Tops For Large Busts

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Breasts come in a lot of sizes and things can get a little complicated when you are more than a 34B! And you love your yoga. Exercising or practicing yoga can become difficult without the right tank top. But we have the perfect solution for you in this blog.

We have compiled a list of various yoga tops for large busts. And trust us, we are not talking about those ugly ones! We have dug deeper into the world of workout tank tops and found out the perfect ones that will support your big bust as well as make you feel like a diva!

You can’t help but feel great whenever you wear them. Your workout routine will no longer be the same with one of these incredible yoga tops.

“If You Are Looking For Yoga Tops For Large Busts, You Are On The Right Page. We Reviewed The Best Six Products And Made It A Lot Easier And Less Time Consuming  For You To Buy”

Best Yoga And Fitness Tops For Large Busts

Yoga Tops For Large Bust: How We Selected our Top Picks

Apart from the perfect support, you also need to pick a tank that would fit you well and would hide your problem areas (as the opposite can make you conscious and uncomfortable).

The top shouldn’t be too loose or too tight and should be crafted with the most comfortable material, which would make you feel easy breezy.

If you are eager to know which one comes above everyone else, here is your answer.

What are the Best Yoga Tops for Large and Big Busts

1. Neleus Women’s Racer back Yoga Workout Tank Top


  • Affordable  
  • 4 Way Stretch  
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight 


Amazing tank top with wide shoulder straps for the maximum support. No longer do you feel the itchiness and uneasiness when you will wear this flexible and incredible tank top. It will provide extra support and the right amount of modesty.

This Neleus Women’s Racer back Yoga Workout Tank Top is hard to beat when it comes to women with larger busts.

If your entire life has been spent wearing the wrong tank top with the wrong strap, trust us, your suffering ends here.

For the maximum support, coverage, compression, and style, pick this one.

Do not worry about the finishing touch as the brand is known for its quality. It’s Racer back style with bound edges and flat lock seams are what we prefer. It enhances breath ability and can be worn for more intense workouts too.

The tank top is a combination of style, usability as well as performance. Your Yoga classes would be a delight from now on if you wear this.

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2. Women’s Tech Stretch Yoga Tops


  • Tech Stretch
  • Moisture Wicking 
  • Breathable
  • Scoop Neck
  • Affordable


Perfectly designed to support heavy cup sizes, this yoga top has this amazing moisture-wicking feature, which would help you stay dry.

Being sweaty and wet is not a good feeling, right?

This one will soon become your fav yoga tank top because of the fashionable design and high support. Also, the skin-friendly fabric is to die for. 

It is made of spandex and polyester, the latter being the more dominating fabric in the mix. 

We prefer because of the slim feminine silhouette, reflective logo on the hemline and wicking breathable fabric. 

Whether you run, jog, do yoga or Pilates, this would be your go-to active wear. The short sleeves ensure that it hides all the areas you are uncomfortable about. No peek-a-boo while you jump, run or stretch!

You will always feel fresh and energized when you wear this one. Avoid that gross feeling every time you work out with this amazing workout clothing.You should go for this one if moisture wick is your preference! The light-weighted jersey would make your yoga sessions so much enjoyable. The clean neck taping is what we heart. Moreover, its scoop neck with short sleeves makes it look fashionable.

This top hides age and hence a lot of older women prefer this. If you are specifically looking for tops for older women, do check out our post on Yoga Tops for Older Women.

3. icyzone Women Yoga Tank Top with Built in Bra


  • Stylish
  • Flat lock stitch  
  • Cross Back 
  • Build in Bra
  • Affordable


Super stylish and cool, this one also has extra room for coverage. Your active wear doesn’t need to be boring anymore.

It comes with a built-in bra, which makes it a two-in-one solution for you.

This is a Yoga Top that You Can Wear to Dinner!

Make a style statement even when you are just exercising.We personally heart it. It will give you the wanted support, as well as the sexy back would help you grab all the attention! You will feel so gorgeous once you wear it. You would never want to miss your Pilates or Yoga sessions again. 

The top also dries out quickly and the crisscross back straps would let you twist without any hindrance. Even if you sweat a lot, the fabric would ensure that you are dry and cool. Achieve a streamlined look with this super-stylish tank top. Once you buy this, we assure it wouldn’t be your last purchase.

It is so sexy that you can even wear it to dinner! Or to the mall!

The combination of spandex, Nylon, and Polyester makes it sit on the skin very comfortably. It is lightweight and is crafted with precision. The intricate detailing will impress you for sure.

We love it as it would help you practice the most difficult poses in the easiest ways. We are also impressed by its moisture-wicking power fabric. icyzone is a brand that never compromises on fashion while keeping things the most comfortable. 

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  • Build in Bra  
  • Breathable
  • Stylish 


This high-performance yoga top with a built-in shelf bra would save you while performing all the difficult postures or other forms of exercises, such as cardio and running. 

For optimal support and to feel held in, this is the tank top you should buy without any further thoughts.

It comes with a modest neckline and would never go out of shape. 

The stunning tank top is soft as it is made of extremely breathable fabric. The moisture-wicking quality is pretty impressive. Moreover, the comfortable slip-resistant broad shoulders straps would ensure that the straps don’t hurt your neck.

It provides ample protection to your breasts so that they never lose support. The seamless stitching is to die for and most women opt for this because of the same. It is sturdy as well as durable.

The inserted chest pad can be removed and overall, the tank top is flexible. And yes, do not make that face because the built-in bra can hold large busts easily. We know that you have come across various tank tops with built-in bras that cannot fit beyond a particular size.

The inside under-bust strap is a feature that shouldn’t be overlooked. Not all tank tops out there have this quality. You would love your yoga classes when you wear this. Stretching would be so much easier now. The seamless design is why we heart it. If you want a tank top with a built-in bra, you have no reason to not invest in this.

The sleek design would make you feel so sexy and confident that you would thank us!!

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5. Maternity Workout Tank Tops


  • Full Belly Cover 
  • 4 Way Stretch  
  • Breathable
  • Ultra Soft   


Easy on skin and body. Probably the best yoga tops for expecting women. 

Various color options and stretchable.

Busts can become fuller when you are pregnant. But your pregnancy shouldn’t stop you from working out. In fact, for a healthy and smooth delivery, you should continue with maternity workouts.

Maternity workouts help in improving sleep by eliminating insomnia, accelerating blood circulation, helping you breathe better, etc. It also helps in keeping you calm.

However, you need the perfect athletic wear for it. You can’t just help to continue with your old tank top. This one is a very important investment and thus, we have picked the best for your baby and you.

This LWJ 1982 Maternity Workout Active wear is what we suggest. It is stretchy and wouldn’t sit tight on your skin. The long length would cover your growing belly and can be worn from the first week to the third semester!

Yes, you read that right! So once you invest in this one, you won’t have to worry about buying more as your breasts grow fuller and your tummy increases. However, do not use softeners or bleach on it.The combination of lycra and spandex would ensure that you are comfortable. We highly recommend this tank top because it can stretch up to 45″. Isn’t that amazing? 4-way stretchy Pregnancy Workout Yoga Clothes by LWJ 1982 is the best thing you can opt for during this time of your life. 

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6. COLO Women Workout Tops With Built in Bra and Removable Pad


  • Build In Bra 
  • Removable Pad  
  • Chick Crop Design  


A stylish yoga top with removable pads! Yes, your dream has finally come true. Thanks to COLO Women Yoga Tank Top. The racer-back adds to the awesomeness and we think it is needless to say that it looks fabulous.

The stylish cuff design helps you enjoy full freedom without feeling uncomfortable while you work out.

The best part is that you don’t need to carry this in a separate bag when you go to the studio. You can wear it over your jeans and once you reach the yoga class, just change the pants. The natural sweat-wicking feature would keep you dry.

However, order a larger size if you prefer a loose fit. If you have any confusion, you can refer to the size guide given on the link below.

Highly recommended if you have the requirement of a tank top with removable pads. 

Even yoga teachers love it!

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Right Clothes Solves the Large Bust Related Issues

We have come across many women who have ditched their yoga classes because they feel the lack of support from their yoga tops, suffer from backaches, feel uncomfortable while jumping or doing certain postures, etc. 

You have to understand that your curves have nothing to do with practicing yoga. All you need is the right brand and the right clothing.

Do not let a few extra kilos, large breasts or your pregnancy come in the way of your working out. Enjoy your workout and wear the tank top like a second skin.

The best active wears are made in a way so that you can enjoy your yoga or exercises in the best possible ways. The right clothes can absolutely change the experience. Choosing fabrics that don’t let you breathe or going for tank tops that are too right are some of the common blunders!

The right fitting and the feature that would help your bust stay put in are some of the qualities you should look out for.

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These were our top six picks for yoga tops for large and big busts.

So if you have been ignoring the real reason to skip your yoga classes; if you have been binging on Netflix rather than hitting the yoga studio due to all the embarrassment of lack of support to your bust, then we hope you have found the solution to it in the blog.

Only women with big busts know how difficult and painful it is to work out without the right active wear!

Ill-fitted tank tops or the ones that don’t provide support can be a woman’s biggest nightmare. If you have been staying away from exercising due to this, we hope it will end now.

The best part is that we have picked very attractive tank tops. You do not have to look horrible when you wear them. They are fashionable and cool.

That’s about it from our side for now. If you have any queries, you can write to us and we will try our best to help you find the right yoga clothes and yoga accessories.