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Next Course Dates:
4 October – 20 December 2020

Welcome to the Empower Programme

An online mentorship course to bridge the gap between your Yoga Teacher Training and establishing yourself within the Yoga Industry. 

This is everything you’re note taught on a Yoga Teacher Training. How to develop your confidence by overcoming your own limitations, how to develop your unique teaching voice, build your brand, your offerings, your niche, attract your ideal clients, take your work online and create an abundant life within this ever-growing market.

Unlike me, you don’t have to navigate this journey alone without guidance and support. Whether you have another job or not, this in an opportunity for newly qualified yoga teachers to understand the entrepreneurial side to their talents whilst undergoing deep inner transformational work, so they can transition with strength and ease from their yoga teacher training into an impactful, genuine and rewarding yoga teaching career. 

Choose abundant, intelligent entrepreneurship combined with exceptional teaching to make the most impact for your self, your life and your clients who await your special gifts. 

Six Online Modules

Including live calls and self-paced course content covering entrepreneurship, creativity and transformation

Exercises and Homework

Fun tutorials and content to complete on your own to help you move forward

Community Support

Key to confidence, progression and productivity is accountability. Our private facebook group is where we stay in touch.

Payment Plans

Flexible individual arrangements available

Recordings for Life

All course content is recorded for you to keep and return to throughout your career


Prepare to be pushed outside your comfort zone and make back this investment MANY times over

Investment Options


The Full Empower Programme

  • – 6 online modules
    – Private Facebook group
    – Videos, templates and guides to keep



The Full Empower Programme PLUS

60 mins Class Critique
OR 2 x Private Mentoring Sessions



The Full Empower Programme GOLD

60 mins Class Critique
AND 2 x private mentoring sessions


Yoga with Catherine


The Empower Programme was birthed two years ago when I began privately mentoring Yoga Teachers interested to understand how I was so quickly scaling my business, accelerating into the retreat industry and finding such loyal clients who consistently returned time and again for my offerings. 

Before transitioning into my full time yoga teaching career, I had a legal career as a Barrister followed by a corporate career in a global financial services. I was lucky to have learned these invaluable advocacy skills and developed a business acumen that set me on a trajectory to an abundant life being of impactful service in a Yogic spiritual way. 

I’d like to say it was easy. It wasn’t. When I qualified I felt extremely alone in the industry. I didn’t move into this industry to play small with a “side hobby” of teaching yoga. I had moved into this business to change my life and the lives of others through healing work and sustainable business.

I looked afar with huge ambition towards the incredible yoga teachers doing BIG service work whilst doing what they love and making an incredible impact on the wellbeing of their loyal clients. These teachers are my inspiration who’ve helped me expand and overcome my own lack mentality limitations and imposter syndrome blocks. Standing in my power, honouring my true value and worth, showing up with my true authentic voice and being brave enough to share my message with the world is deeply magnetic, attractive and radiant.

It’s these powerful methods, techniques and tools I’ll share with you on the Programme to help you show the world what you’re made of, what you have that’s unique and special by being of true service! 

I’ve seen and experienced a LOT – the good the bad and the ugly… success, jealousy, abundance, bullying, even a #metoo incident by a client. I’ve gained multiple brand sponsorships (both great and awful collaborations) and been through numerous yoga teacher trainings across the globe with world class teachers as well as assisting on 200HR trainings. I’ve taught workshops, written yoga and wellness articles, ran events, and taught yoga in all kinds of environments – private yoga, yoga for surfing, karma yoga, corporate yoga, weekly studio classes and run my own international retreats business. 

Throughout all of this I have learned that we are stronger together. I’ve developed a stellar support network as I’ve navigated this industry. You will meet them during the Programme. There is no lack mentality here, no competition and no fear. Rather support, growth, progression and abundance via entrepreneurial support and creative guidance of the kind I wish I’d had as a newly qualified teacher.

If you are ready to use your qualification and help people via your story, via your investment, I got you.

This community has got you.

All in. 

Are you ready? 

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