Best Yoga Shoes for High Arches: 6 Best Collection For 2023

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If You Are Looking For Best Yoga Shoes For High Arches You Are On The Right Page. We Researched The Space For 38 Long Hours To Come Up With Our Top 6 Suggestions. Best Part Is We Also Tell You Which One We Like The Most.

A yogi can give in his or her best if he or she is wearing the right activewear and the right pair of yoga shoes.

Best Yoga Shoes for High Arches

How Did We Find the Best Yoga Shoes for High Arches?

However, you have to understand that not all foot is the same and some have special requirements.

If you have a high arch, you need to choose a pair of comfortable shoes that would provide stability, arch support and adequate cushioning.

Remember that if your feet hurt, you won’t be able to concentrate or put in your best. No one can push his or her limits if the most important part of the body, the foundation of the body.

So the right footwear is a must! In this blog, we are going to talk about the best yoga shoes for high arches.

Thus, we have curated the list of top six shoes  that are ideal for anyone with high arches. No longer do you need to wear the usual ones, which do not cater to your special needs. 

With hundreds of options out there, choosing the right pair can be overwhelming. We researched extensively for about 38 hours with the real users, before coming up with this final list. We really hope that you like our compilation and find it helpful.

If you are eager to know which one made the top space from our research, here you go…

What are the Best Yoga Shoes for High Arches

1. Vibram Women’s Alitza Loop Cross-Trainer Shoe


  • The high degree of arch support is all hearts
  • You will ample grip and protection with this pair of shoes
  • You will feel free and flexible in it, and it allows you to practice all postures at ease
  • The breathable fabric would ensure that your feet don’t smell
  • It is not bulky. Chances of injuries also reduce with this amazing pair


This stunning pair of red shoes would not only help your arched feet but would also help you create a fashion statement.

Whether you are just on the basic level of yoga class or doing high-intensity ones, you would be super comfy in these shoes.

We heart it more because of the design and universally flattering color! Other features such as rubber sole, zero drops, serrated blade lug design, and polyester mesh upper side also impress.

Even if you are doing outdoor yoga on the grass, then also you will be able to enjoy the practice because of its comfort.

2. Brooks PureCadence Women’s Running Shoe


  • It offers great alignment and makes sure that you are comfy
  • The flexible sole is a plus
  • People with high arches prefer this pair


Perfect for ladies with high arches, this one from Brooks is fashionable, comfortable and just apt for yoga sessions.

They can be used as running shoes as well. It will provide you the right amount of stability along with flexibility. It is available in a lot of other colors as well.

Brooks sports shoes are designed in a way to make every workout session fun and exciting. It is definitely worth your investment!

3. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoe


  • Great support
  • Brand says it all
  • Provides nice support while you are active
  • Great for high arches


Nike – doesn’t the name say it all? This plush pair might seem a little expensive for the pockets but trust us, it is totally worth it.

It is available in various hues and is perfect for a person with high arches. The rubber sole makes it so comfy that you would never want to take them off. Flymesh upper construction also has our hearts.

People with orthotics swear by this amazing pair.

It is airy as well as light. The extra padding would ensure that you always feel cozy. Never compromise on your yoga shoes as otherwise, you have to pay in the long run.

Avoiding what your feet is telling you while working out is a big no-no. If it is paining, you need to understand why and have to invest in a good pair of premium shoes.

4. ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 18 Running Shoe


  • Enhanced gait efficiency
  • Flexible as well as cozy
  • Not at all heavy
  • Decent shock absorption


Made of breathable material, the construction enhances the foot’s natural gait from heel-strike to toe-off. The durability will surely impress you and you will understand that this is worth your money.

The cool blue color matches with almost every outfit. It looks very sporty and is very light. Who wants bulky shoes while working out?

You will feel at ease while wearing them and we bet on that! Guidance Trusstic System Technology also impresses.

5. Altra Women’s Torin 3.0 Running-Shoes


  • It comes with a footshape toe box
  • It has 6mm Contour Footbed
  • Perfect for hot yoga as well because of its ventilation
  • Good pick for women with wide feet as well
  • It is extremely stylish and would complement your sporty vibe


Although it is a pair of running shoes, you can wear it for your Pilates, Zumba or yoga sessions as well. It will serve the purpose of all your requirements.

Women with high arches would simply love it because of its comfort and stability.

It is fully cushioned and we love the zero-drop platform. The inside is so plush and comfortable. Big goodbye to post-workout aching feet!

Now your feet would also be happy with you because of your smart choice.

6. Ahnu Women’s Yoga FlexArch Support


  • Tie-up, smart design
  • Can be used for multiple sports
  • An EVA rubber outsole is lightweight but at the same time, provides support


This top-notch pair from this amazing brand is a steal. If you buy online, you will get it at a good price as well. Made with supreme technology, it provides breathability and ensures that you get the maximum support.

Its padding is so comfortable. You can move your ankle, heel, and toe just the way you want.

This Flex yoga shoe is made with the purpose of this holistic practice in mind. You can wear it outdoors as well as in your yoga studio.

The arch support and the grippy sole have our hearts and thus, it makes it to the top of our list. Expect to get a lot of praises if you wear these.


So these are our top six picks for yoga shoes for high arches. We have paid heed to high arch support as the lack of the same can lead to chronic discomfort as well as injuries. We have also made sure that the shoes look stylish enough to help you make a fashion statement.

They have ample cushion so that you are cozy even when performing difficult poses. The shoes provide enough stability and are also made of comfortable fabric. Take your pick now!

This intense workout session can drastically help you achieve a better mind and body. Follow it religiously. We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog. 

We will love it if you like something from our selection and find it useful.

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