Best Yoga Pants for Pregnancy: 8 Best Collection For 2023

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Nothing can match up to the happiness that pregnancy brings to woman. And therefore it is very important to take care and maintain yourself during this crucial period of time- with a proper workout and diet regime.

So, whenever you are looking for active wear especially for your pregnancy period, it is important that you look into its comfort and support technology and design.

After all, these are going to be your best friend for the next nine months. And so, we have brought to you a list of the top 8 yoga pants for pregnancy which have been chosen by our team after 32 hours of research.

If you are eager to know which one made the top space from our research, here it is…

Best Yoga Pants for Pregnancy

What are the Best Yoga Pants for Pregnancy

1. MEXUER Leggings/ Yoga Pants


  • True to its size, these yoga pants fits greatly on your body and you can comfortably grow in them 
  • Fabric: 95% Polyester+5% Spandex, soft and comfortable 
  • Affordable Pricing


With the bold and vibrant prints the Maacie Yoga pants come in our list of the 8 best yoga pants for pregnancy. Made of polyester and spandex, these are super comfortable, durable, affordable and gives top-notch performance in terms of function.

The lightweight and the elasticized waist can be teamed up with any outfit and are perfect for both casual and active wear. The waist band rests over your belly giving you full comfort, coverage and support and you no longer have to worry about it digging in to your skin or making you uncomfortable in any way.

It comes with moisture wicking technology which absorbs sweat keeping you dry for a longer period of time. It is versatile and super cosy and therefore a must-have in your pregnancy closet.

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2. Motherhood Foldover Yoga Pants


  • Made of top quality materials, this pair of yoga pant oozes comfort and that too in a very affordable price 
  • Fold over High Waist 
  • It is Non Transparent
  • It is Boot-Cut Legs


Made of cotton and spandex, the Motherhood Foldover Yoga Pants is a must have basic during your pregnancy. It comes in a wide legged boot-cut design which keeps you comfortable and snug whether you choose to wear it casually or for your workout sessions.

It also comes with a fold over belly which does not slip or roll down no matter how you move. With full coverage, back and belly support these yoga pants are great and they also fit you perfectly.

Comfort, breathability and non-transparency are the synonyms to this product. Rated highly by users, this one is undoubtedly a great choice.

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3. Motherhood Full Length Yoga Pants


  • It is High Waist  
  • Non Transparent
  • Long Length
  • It is Moisture-Wicking
  •  Functional Back Pockets
  •  Machine Washable


Made of cotton, polyester and spandex no yoga pants can be better than the Motherhood yoga pants. Just like the name of the brand suggests, it takes care of the mother by making yoga pants which are specifically required by a soon-to be mother.

Extremely versatile, stylish and comfortable, these yoga pants come with a pull on closure and you can team them up with anything and everything that you want.

You do not have to worry about the non-transparency or breathability of them because it does nothing but is created for all of those. Choose this one as your yoga pants for pregnancy and its soft and cosy fabric will keep you comfortable all day.

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4. Cloya Capri Yoga Pants


  • It is Non Transparent 
  • High Waist
  • It is Capri Length
  • Well-fitted pair of yoga pants which do not slip or fall down


Buying maternity yoga pants is all about finding the right one in which you can grow in comfort. And for that the Cloya Capri Yoga Pants is one such great option. These yoga pants are super comfortable as they are made of nylon and elastane.

The high coverage waist band gives full support to your belly and your back keeping you active all day long. The material is non-transparent an durable and does not stretch no matter how much you grow in them.

You can wear them casually or for your special maternity workouts and you are good to go. Available in a variety of colours and in a very affordable range, these yoga pants are indeed one of the best during pregnancy.

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5. PattyBoutik Maternity Yoga Pants


  • 3D Cutting with Full Panel Coverage  
  • Machine Wash
  • High Waist 
  • It is Non Transparent


Available in two solid colours- dark grey and black- the maternity yoga pants from PattyBoutik comes in 3D cutting with full-panel coverage which helps you by supporting your belly without putting pressure on specific points.

The V-shaped back and the single-layered design leverages for the pulling effect keeping these pants in the right place. It supports the belly without putting pressure on the back.

These yoga pants come in long length and are extremely breathable and durable as the fabric is made of nylon and elastane. Users have highly rated this product for comfort, design style and of course function.

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6. Ripe Wide Legged Yoga Pant


  • Wider Leg  
  • Machine Wash
  • High Waist  
  • Great for hopsital and lounge wear after baby is born 
  • It is Non Transparent


Comfort is of utmost importance when it comes to looking for yoga pants for pregnancy and that is when the Wide Legged Yoga Pant from Ripe should be your first option.

Made of cotton and elastane it is super comfy, cozy and snuggly fits on your body while growing with you and not compressing you. The cotton material keeps the fabric extremely breathable which keeps you comfortable all the more.

It comes in a high waist band design giving full support to your back and legs and also full coverage to your body. The wider leg keeps you airy and breezy without biting onto your skin.

You can wear them anywhere- to workout, to the grocery shop, to dinner and lounge in.

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7. Viosi Over The Belly Yoga Pants


  • Full Coverage with Back and Belly Support  
  • It is Non Transparent
  • Lightweight Fabric


The Viosi Over the Belly Yoga Pants are designed in such a way that the elastic waist band will bend and mould as per your comfort completely covering your belly.

It is made of superior quality polyester and spandex which will be durable even after many wears and washes. The elastic grows and so you do not have to worry about having to throw them away the moment you start growing.

You’ll be superbly comfortable growing in them. It is so light weight and the fabric is so soft and smooth that you will not be able to even feel it on your body.

Available for all sizes, all body types and in a number of colours, these yoga pants are simply the greatest.

8. PattyBoutik Boot-Cut Yoga Pants


  • 3D cutting with full panel coverage 
  • It is Non Transparent
  • V-Shaped Back 
  • Single-Layered Design 


Boot-cut yoga pants are most comfortable to wear during pregnancy. The wide legs keep your body airy and breezy without digging into your skin.

The PattyBoutik Boot-Cut Yoga Pants are therefore a great choice to go for if you are shopping yoga pants for your pregnancy. 

This too comes with a 3D cutting with full panel coverage giving support to your belly and your back. Made of nylon and spandex, the fabric is breathable, durable and most importantly non-transparent.

You can happily and comfortably grow in them and they are machine washable too!

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It is necessary that you stay active by exercising throughout your pregnancy for both your baby’s and your well-being. And now the question arises, what should you wear?

Of course well fitted yoga pants, what else! But maternity workout requires specialized yoga pants which will help you to throw in some of your best squats while giving you proper support to your back and legs.


Everyone wants a good pair of yoga pants and especially when you are pregnant. You want them to be comfortable, flattering and of course non-restrictive during your gestation period.

With all the flying options that you keep seeing around everywhere, might be quite stressful to choose from. So, these are the best ones we’ve got hold on as per users’ ratings and they are surely are the best yoga pants for pregnancy that are available.

Hope this article helps you buying the best for you.

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