Best Yoga Pants for Long Legs: Recommended by Experts

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Looking for workout wear or yoga pants is equally difficult for a tall woman like it is for a small-built woman. Whether you are tall or short, you have to face the hassle of finding the perfect pair of legging with the correct length.

When you are a tall woman out shopping for bottom wear you feel as if the hemlines of pants and leggings have already been pre-shrunk. But, with the current fashion trends brands have become more aware and are making clothes (especially pants) for all body types.

Even though it is still quite difficult to find, but it is actually getting better. Nowadays there are a number of options available in terms of size, style and design for tall women, but you have to look for them carefully. So, here we have prepared a list of the 6 best yoga pants for long legs and hope to make your search a little easier and hassle-free.

Some of us love yoga pants for its versatility- not only can they be worn as active wears, but can be teamed up with other clothing for daily casual wear. They are comfortable to move around in and look fashionable no matter what you wear with and how you carry it.

Tall women often face a recurring problem of their leggings or yoga pants being too short for them. But, you have nothing to worry about anymore. Here is a compact list of the best six pairs of yoga pants for long legs, which will not disappoint you in terms of comfort, size or length.

We will first take you through the short features of each of the selected ones and then we will be describing them one by one in far more details.

If you are in a real hurry the short feature table will be of help.

Best Yoga Pants for Long Legs

Which are the Best Yoga Pants for Tall Women?

1. Lululemon Super High Rise Yoga Pants

This super-high waist yoga pants by Lululemon gives you that extra coverage and support to your body stretching them to the limits without obstructing your movement in anyway.

From running, jogging and squatting to high-kicks, this pair has your back. Made of cottony-soft, full on Luon fabric, this pair of yoga pants is an epitome of comfort hugging on to your body with the right amount of tightness. 

The contouring of the pants give a flattering look to your body and it comes with a 36’ seam which makes it perfect for tall women.

The non-see through fabric gives a 4 way stretch and it also comes with a broad waistband with pockets. The broad waistband helps it to keep it put on your waist without rolling down for your yoga practice or beyond.

This you can team with a tunic and pair of boots and you are all set to step out for your lunch date with your girls right after your yoga class.

2. Lululemon 7/8 Yoga Pants

Available in a variety of colors, Lululemon has brought these 7/8 length yoga pants especially for tall women.

Made of polyester and lycra spandex, this pair of Lululemon Yoga Pants give incredible comfort, support and a four way active stretch.

The material is absolutely non-transparent and so you do not have to worry about a show in the public. 

This one fits snugly on your body giving you a sleek and contoured look. The high rise design comes with a broad waistband which sits smoothly on your waist preventing from a roll-down no matter how you move.

The flat seams helps to keep the chafe in check and therefore you do not have to worry about camel toes also. Very user friendly, this 7/8 yoga pants by Lululemon is great for all body types and you do not have to think about any kind of muffin gathers around your waist and ankle.

Team it up with your favorite active wear t-shirt and sneakers and you are ready to go up and about on the streets.

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3. Kadyluxe Long Yoga Pants

Users have rated the Kadyluxe Long Yoga Pants very highly because of its comfort, fit, durability and affordability. Made of polyester and elastane, this pair of yoga pants fits true to its size.

Extremely versatile and stylish, this yoga pants from Kadyluxe is a great active wear for your gym and yoga workout sessions or even for running errands or going out and about in the town. 

Designed conveniently, this pair of long yoga pant comes with two pockets on both legs and also to enhance your curves while holding in the troubled areas without feeling any weight on your body.

The fabric gives you a full coverage and support making it all the more comfortable for you for you to move about giving you a snug fit all around. The seams are perfectly placed and the soft touch of the fabric will make you fall in love with it all the more.

This legging is bound to become your favorite, the moment you put them on. Gliding over your body, the Kadyluxe Long Yoga Pants is a great option for women with long legs.

4. Manduka Women’s Racer Leggings

Available in two different quirky colors and prints, this pair of mesh pocket leggings is a great option for women with long legs.

Made of nylon and elastane, this pair comes with a novelty power mesh design on side panels for ventilation.

The power mesh is used in the high-sweat zones of your body which keeps the legging dry by increasing breath-ability of the item. 

It comes with side pockets which make this pair highly convenient and this pair is great for doing hot yoga. The high waistband is broad and comfortably tight helping you to keep the leggings put in its place without rolling up or down. 

The centre seam which runs through the crotch-area also helps to prevent formation of camel-toe during your heavy workout sessions.

However, this pair must not be dry cleaned as that might wick the fabric and also reduce its durability. Yoga pants such as these must always be hand washed and hung dried.

5. Manduka Essential High Line

This pair of high waist yoga pants is a must have in your wardrobe.

It is super comfortable and extremely durable for both regular use as well as for thorough workout sessions.

Made of polyester and elastane the fabric of this pair is soft and smooth giving you complete support and coverage from all sides. 

The inseam of this is 36’ long which makes it perfect for women with long legs. This might be a little difficult for short-built women as the extra fabric will tend to gather around the ankles or waist.

The fabric is absolutely non-transparent and therefore you do not have to worry about any kind of public display.

The fabric also gives a 4 way stretch leveraging you to move about however you want to- you can jump, run, jog, squat or bend or do whatever that you feel like in this super-flexible pair.

Also, taking care of it is absolutely hassle-free and if taken proper care of, this might even last you a lifetime.

6. Manduka Essential Pocket Yoga Pants

Made of recycled polyester and spandex, this is one of the most comfortable leggings a long legged woman would find.

The fabric gives it a body-hugging fit which makes your body look sleek and contoured while giving full coverage and support. 

It comes with a fold over the waist design which helps it stay in put in the right place no matter how much you move.

Durable, soft and smooth this is a great option of yoga pants for tall women which can be worn both as casual wear or an active wear. For shorter women, this pair might be a little problematic since the inseam runs long and there might be gathers around the ankle.

But for tall women this is a great buy. Move however you want to- bend, squat, jump and run these will make you fill comfortable all round. The non-transparent fabric will not keep you worried about the public display during your workout sessions.

However, make sure of taking care of this pair as per the manufacturers’ advice. This will ensure longevity of the shelf life of the garment. This high-rise yoga pants in different colors is a must-have in your wardrobe.


All of the above mentioned yoga pants are specially designed for women 5 feet 7 and taller and therefore a great buy for women with long legs.

We understand how annoying it gets when you order something an ankle-length legging but receive what is a capri instead.

So, this list will gives you a list of the best yoga pants for long legs. You do not have to face any kind of disappointment if you go ahead and buy from this list. It is not always necessary that you have to spend a fortune to buy the perfect pair of leggings.

These are affordable, durable and comfortable and you can go ahead with one of them with no questions asked.

Happy Shopping.

We will love it if you like something from our selection and find it useful.

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