Best Yoga Mats for Toddlers: Recommended by Experts

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Yoga mats are specifically designed for people that want to do yoga poses and it helps them for not slipping during their yoga routine. There’s a reason it used to be called a sticky mat.

The thickness of a yoga mat is for the level of comfort while doing yoga. Such qualities can also be found on mats for toddler that helps in developing the habit of practicing yoga. With different variety of mats available on the market, it’s always a good idea to pick a mat that your child will soon feel accustomed to.

As yoga mats create a sense of boundary, personal space and a ritual space, it’s essential to have one where ever you do yoga, so people may not breach your laid out boundary.

Best Yoga Mats for Toddlers

Which yoga mat is best for kids?

Thanks to overwhelming variety of choices, it often gets quite difficult to find the best yoga products for your need. Moreover, as we are not everyday buyers we often end up with wrong choices. 

We understand that when it comes to yoga mats for your toddlers you just cannot go wrong. So, to make things easier our most experienced researched team browsed through all the products available online and their reviews to come up with these suggestions. 

At the end, we vetted our choices with the real people who have used it. The whole process took around 36 hours of primary and secondary research.

So, all in all you can say that we have minimized the chances of going wrong when you select something from our top list of yoga mats for toddlers.. 

So, without wasting any time lets go through the list. 

1. Gaiam kids Yoga Mat

These mats are specifically designed and targeted for toddlers and children alike, ranged from the ages 5-8 and are made to be entertaining for the child practicing yoga.

It lets the child have a healthy outlet that coaches the infant attentiveness, equilibrium and peace of mind, even if the child is being silly cause that what’s kids do after all.

As kids are active and prance about, this mat is especially firm in it’s stickiness to the ground to provide the child with a secure grip. With this purchase, you’ll also get a free video that’ll get the child and well acquainted with the mat.

The mat comes in different patterns such as dinosaurs, cute owl designs, giraffes and multiple other cute animals that the children will have fun associating with. The designs are very gender neutral that are even better for children as it’ll be appealing to them and their friends that might use it later on.

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What we like in it ?

  • Non Slip surface for optimal grip
  • Non toxic chemicals that won’t be a harm to child later on
  • Bonus Kids yoga video class to help get the child started
  • Perfectly portable
  • Gender neutral designs
  • Easy to clean


  • A bit thin for some children
  • May carry smell if left stored to long

2. Sivan Health and Fitness Kids Yoga Mat

These mats are designed for a variety of children who have different active levels. This mat is made of such and excellent quality that adults may even use it as a substitute. It is a bright black and kid sized that’ll let the child get attached to it pretty quickly

This mat is great for children of all types, whether it’s for just toning exercises, yoga, exercises or playtimes and is well equipped to provide for children that may be dancers, athletes etc

It comes with memory foaming and is ultra thick meaning the child will be comfortable throughout their usage, it also means that the mat will be exactly tailored to them the more they use it.

It has a nice grip, it will ensure that the child will e balanced throughout their yoga practice, exercise or any activity they may be performing on the mat.

Best of all it comes with a strap, making it portable, easily carriable and is easily cleanable, which makes it parent’s best friend in terms of taking care of it.

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What we like in it ?

  • Ideal for all activities other than yoga
  • Soft padding that is great for comfort
  • Non Slip surface that is ideal for all exerting and relaxing activities alike
  • Usable by adults too
  • Memory Foaming


  • Gets damaged if not handled correctly
  • Comes only in black color

3. Yogi Junior Kids Yoga Mat

Precisely designed for the younger generation, these mats are ideal for children to perfect their poses in yoga. It is the perfect mixture of enjoyment, security and durability that no other mat can provide on the market.

This mat is ideal for children of all ages, preferably aged 7 but gets the job done for all sizes and ages. These mats are great to use in school for sleeping mats, in yoga studios to teach the young about the meditative practices and the poses that are associated with them.

It has a double layered design that provides great gripping ability, great comfort and if you feel like you’re bored with one side, you can flip it over to and it’ll still have the same great result.

This product comes with a mat carrier as well as a strap which makes it easily carriable and portable, providing ease to parent and children alike

It is made from Thermo Plastic Elastomer which is very safety friendly plus this mat is bio degradable, 100 % eco friendly and recyclable.

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What we like in it ?

  • Extremely light weight and durable
  • Non toxic, is recyclable and bio degradable
  • Grip on both sides makes it excellent for a balanced session of physical activity
  • Comes with strap and mat carrier making it portable
  • Easy to clean up


  • Some shipments have a problem with corners rolling inwards

4. Yoga Direct Fun Yoga Mat

Yoga for kids is a growing brand in the field of providing children with fun, classy and worthy products especially in terms of yoga mats.

These mats come in three wholesome designs that will warm your heart up as well as the child’s, whether it’s an orange sun, purple butterflies or blue turtles that’ll be decorating the floor.

With the different animals designed on the mats, the children will have fun mimicking their favorite animal ensuring fun and reliability at the same time.

The mats are soft and comfortably thick for any child to have a blast doing their yoga practice sessions on it.

The mats have rounded edges to them so that they may help sticking to floor and give a smooth feel to them. They are also reliably sticky so that any child that may be excitedly doing their yoga sessions don’t trip and fall over.

With bright colors that are visually appealing to the child, rounded edges that make the mat feel more safe and feel more comfortable and it’s great grip is a ticket to a fun time doing Pilates practice.

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What we like in it ?

  • Soft and comfortable material is used
  • Rounded edges for better grip
  • Safe from chemicals
  • Made for toddlers


  • Thinner than other mats

5. Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kids Yoga Mat

Even the teenage mutant ninja turtles join the healthy habit of yoga, after all you need a sound body and mind to become a ninja.

Toddlers will have a fun time mimicking the poses of their favourite ninja turtle whether it’s the cool leader of the bunch, Leonardo, the rough action craving raphael, the logical of the bunch, Donatello or the goofy but fun Michealanelo.

The mat is made from high density foam that is eco friendly as it is made from polymer resin. It’s latex free and doesn’t contain any phthalates.

The mat has great grip on the floor and is essential for balance as the infants try to balance and practice the poses they’ll have fun doing.

It is lightweight and extremely easy to take it anywhere you want, just roll it and pick it up an viola, you’re well on your way.

It’s extremely easy to clean as well due to the material it is made of, even if the child made a mess while doing his practice session, It isn’t a chore to clean it.

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What we like in it ?

  • Environmentally friendly and has o harmful chemicals that may be a threat to the child.
  • Very mobile and lightweight
  • Easy to clean up after
  • Great grip on the floor, not allowing the child to slip
  • Has one of the four ninja turtles designed onto it, giving a sense of belonging to the child.


  • A bit too thin

6. The Chi Yoga Mat

One of the most versatile yoga mats out there. It’s not only made for children but also for young teens as well. Not only is it designed for various ages but it also comes with it’s own app and games that turns yoga or any other exercise on the mat much more fun than it already was.

The mat has a very easy and simple to follow poster to help exert the child on the map and build up a sweat and other than that you’ll also have the option of downloading the app that’ll provide you with free online videos explaining each and every step of the exercises you’ll be doing, giving you a sense of direction of how to start your child off.

This mat helps build flexibility, confidence, synchronisation between the body and mind and over all a good mood with the help of the designs on the mat. If the child follows, these steps he is guaranteed to come out with a better mood.

This game is eco friendly, they’re lab tested so they aren’t a danger to children.

It is very sturdy and durable compared to other mats out in the market.

What we like in it ?

  • Interactive and fun for the whole family
  • Compact and easy to handle
  • Usable by adults
  • Has free online videos that one can refer too
  • Great robustness


  • Might be a bit confusing for some people
  • Much dependence on the symbols on the mat

Why Special Mats for Toddlers

Yoga is good for the mind, body and the soul, so it’s always a good idea to start as yearly as it gets to help the child solidify this helpful habit. It helps people find a sense of balance and is good for the health and if a child develops this early on, he’ll have an edge that most people won’t have.

Yoga mats are readily available in the market but what people don’t get that the look and feel of each yoga mat is varied from person to person. Different people require different sizes and it’s the same for kids.  As children have a sense of possession, we need to design mats especially for them.

Children usually imprint on people and things and what they imprint on can effect how a child feels about something and if a child feels bad something about in their infancy, that habit is the most difficult to develop further on in their life hence Yoga mats that fit to their size give them a sense of boundary and security which is pivotal for a child to develop the habit wholeheartedly.  

The child will love the mat even more if he can feel safe with it. There are a lot more factors like if the yoga mat has any colors the child can associate with, how soft the mat is, are there any cartoon characters on it cause we don’t want the child to really meditate but let them learn yoga poses and have fun doing it, cause fun is what really matters to children the most.

Which yoga mat is best for kids

How Do I Find the Right Yoga Mats for Kids?

Yoga is one of the most oldest exercises ever recorded and it originally came from India. As it has been popularized and spread across the world, it needs to be done in a sound environment, for that yoga mats are made.

Children learn fastest and the earlier you teach them about something, the quicker they’ll pick something up. Yoga in stills many positive habits and it’s the job of adults to reinforce that.

As every parent wants the best for their children, they’ll have to know that the product they’re choosing will be desired and not harmful to their children, hence a buying guide for toddlers mat was made to give the parents the best idea of what to buy, where to buy and how much they need to spend for their desired product.

7 key points to look at when purchasing a toddlers yoga mat:

  1. They should be portable, easy to roll up and lightweight
  2. They should have a solid grip and should stick to the ground. No one wants their children constantly slipping and falling on their faces
  3.  It should be eco friendly and safe from chemicals. The badly produced mats always have a bad odour with them and are instantly thrown away. Plus, biodegradable is always a plus for the environment.
  4. They need to be robust. Not easily deformed because who wants a mat that’ll lose it’s shape only after a few uses.
  5. Should have great comfort ability as that is the number one thing to see. Comfort ability ensures you stick to your habit.
  6. Easy to clean , as toddlers make a mess, so it’s always preferred by parents that they can easily clean after their offspring
  7. The design should be kid friendly and should have great variety. Children mostly look at animals and imitate the poses made on it which encourages fun learning. There should be bright color that invigorate the child even further and make the scream with joy once you pull out their favorite mat.

What should be the standards for toddlers mats?

There are a lot of things each mat excels in whether it’s comfort-ability, portability or design and we aren’t some internationally licensed mat producers but there is a trend on all the mats reviewed and they are as follows:

What size of the mat is best for kids and toddlers?

Children are small so it stands to reason that small mats should be made that give a feeling of fitting to the children they are being made for

Generally the length of said mats are 52 inches and 60 inches respectively while the width is generally 24 inches at best.

The thickness is varied across the board ranging from ½ inch, 1/4th inch, 1/8th inch, 3mm and 5mm.

As children may be taller so it is generally preferred if the length should be 6 0inches as yoga has many stretching exercises that force the child to expand itself on the mat and stretching out on the mat may cause some problems

The width is perfect for all children  but the thickness should be ½ inch because the thicker the material, the more comfortable it will and the more enjoyable it will be for the child. If soreness results , it may be because of the reason that the child becomes sore because of bad padding due to insufficient thickness on the mat.