Best 8 Yoga Mat Bags: Recommended by Experts

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Yoga Mat Bags are a integral part of your yoga regime and hence, everyone goes through a phase where he or she will search for the best Yoga Mat Bags in the market. 

However, with thousands of options out there, you can be a little confused and sometimes it takes up a long time to make up your mind. Which is kind of a waste of time. 

Don’t worry. We decided to do the hard research on your part to come up with the 8 best Yoga Mat Bags available in the market. It took our team almost 68 hours to review and talk to the real users to come up with this list. 

So, here we have brought to you a list of the top 8 yoga mat bags and this will help you buying the best ones for yourself as per your choice.

So, without wasting any time lets go through the list. 

Best Yoga Mat Bags

Which are the Best Yoga Mat Bags?

1. Gaiam Full-Zip Yoga Mat Bag

The Gaiam Full-Zip yoga mat bag tops our list for a variety of reasons. It is designed very highly in a practical way and comes with a soft construction.

However, the soft construction should not make you doubt its durability, because it is excessively durable and runs best for those who want to buy one for a longer period of time. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap which allows the user to customize the length of the bag as per their needs and requirements.

The zipper of the bag runs full length which makes putting your yoga mat in and out super-easy and super-convenient. The additional feature which makes us love this particular yoga bag is the cargo pocket it comes with.

This will help you stash your little belongings without having to carry separate bags for all those things.

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What we like in it ?

  • Full-Zip Closure
  • Cargo Pocket
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Soft Construction
  • High Durability
  • Available in a variety of Colours


  • This one isn’t suitable for bulky yoga mats but serves the purpose of holding a standard sized yoga mat
  • Pocket is too small to hold anything but your keys, phone or your ipod

2. Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bag

The Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bag is designed specifically in such a way that these bags are gender neutral and makes it easy and convenient for you to carry your yoga mat around everywhere. This bag not only serves as a yoga carrier bag but can also be used as a gym bag or for any other purposes.

This makes the bag highly versatile. It also comes with two-pocket design- one large pocket for you to carry your sipper and other stuff and also there’s an availability of a smaller sized pocket in the interior which helps you stash your important belongings.

This yoga mat bag from Ewedoos is made from high quality canvas and is designed to be carried around like a tote. With a wide and long strap the bag does not strain your hand no matter how heavy it is.

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What we like in it ?

  • Availability of variety of colours and patterns
  • Long wide strap
  • Durable
  • Two Pockets- One large and one small (both with zipper)


  • The main holder does not come with a zip which can be helpful for some while not for few- depends on what you’re using it for
  • Does not hold the yoga mat vertically

3. Elenture Full-Zip Yoga Mat Bag

The full-zip yoga mat bag from Elenture is designed perfectly for all the yoga enthusiasts out there.

With a full-zip feature, it allows you to put in and take out your yoga mat easily and comfortably while further helping you to keep it secured and organized especially when you have to move with.

This one too comes with an adjustable strap. With a length of 26 inches and a diameter of 6.5 inches it can hold all types of yoga mats.

However, it is always advisable to confirm the size of the yoga mat before heading out and buying any yoga mat bag. 

The large and expandable front pocket is perfect for stashing your belongings and it also comes with an additional side pocket.

The fact that it is made of organic cotton makes it washable and provides you with comfort and high durability.

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What we like in it ?

  • Full-Zip Closure
  • Made of organic cotton
  • 2 pockets- one large and one the side
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Available in a variety of colours and patterns


  • Cannot be machine washed, tumble dried or dry cleaned. Can only be hand washed and that too with water temperature less than 30 degrees Celsius
  • Not suitable for bulky or too thick yoga mats

4. Yoga Sak Yoga Mat Bag

The yoga bag from Yoga Sak might be slightly on the higher side of the price range but users have acclaimed it to be one of the best because it covers all your yoga needs.

 Apart from having the capacity of holding a yoga mat it also has spacious room in the rear compartment for your other yoga props like your yoga block, shoes, towel etc.

It also comes with an additional built in water bottle holder, I.D holder and a hidden pocket for keeping your valuable belongings safe and secure.

The durability and the strength of this yoga bag is ensured by the material with which it is made of- 420D Twill Polyester.

This yoga bag perfectly keeps all your yoga workout supplies consolidated in one place. 

Unlike other yoga bags this yoga bag can be carried like a backpack which makes carrying more practical and convenient! Complementing your active lifestyle, this is indeed on of the best.

What we like in it ?

  • Durable
  • Backpack Style with Adjustable Straps
  • Multiple pockets
  • In-built water bottle holder


  • The Velcro closure is not as secured as a zip closure

5. Peace Yoga Large Yoga Mat Bag

This adjustable gym tote bag from Peace Yoga ensures that it keeps your hands free from excess baggage and helps you carry your yoga mats and other props conveniently to your yoga studio or gym or wherever that you’re planning to have your yoga session.

As a multi-functional carrier it is designed with a dimension of 29.50″ x 7″ x 12.50″ which provides you with a whole lot of space and allows you to carry even your large yoga mat conveniently.

It comes with an adjustable strap and a pocket and is crafted with a unique design which helps you to easily access the bag even when you’re commuting. Made of pure cotton material this yoga bag is durable and helps to retain its shape.

Also available in a variety of colours each of these bags comes with an exclusive Peace Yoga print design.

This spacious yoga bag fits any standard yoga mat and even those which are up to 0.5 inches thick and 24 inches wide.

What we like in it ?

  • Adjustable Straps
  • Durable
  • Tote Bag style
  • Large size
  • Spacious
  • Pockets


  • Needs to be hand washed and in cold water. Colour may run
  • The Velcro snap might not appear to be as secure as a zip closure

6. Imarana Yoga Mat Backpack

Finally we have found a yoga mat bag that leaves all your belongings secured and is super easy to pack- well it’s the Yoga Backpack from Imarana.

This yoga backpack fits almost all yoga mats except those which are more than 26 inches wide. This one is superiorly designed for any standard sized mats and they go in and out of the bag very conveniently.

It not only comes with a water bottle holder but many other compartments allowing you pack and organize your things neatly.

The straps are adjustable and you can customize the bag’s length as per your needs and requirements keeping it loose or snug against your body.

The most unique features of the yoga backpack from Imaranaare that the strap is solidly constructed with double-stitched seams which make it quite wide and therefore comfortable on the shoulders.

Made of superior quality material, this bag is not only functional but is also very stylish and versatile. It comes with a zip closure all the way around for easy and convenient access.

What we like in it ?

  • Adjustable Straps
  • Cross-body Backpack Carrier
  • Multiple pockets
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Gender Neutral


7. Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag

The Kindfolk yoga mat Duffel Bag is incredibly well made with high quality canvas and is highly durable which makes it perfect for everyday use.

Highly functional, this bag is designed to be very versatile and spacious and therefore can be used for other purposes as well. It has more than enough space to hold mats which are up to 26 inches long and along with it you can carry your other stuff too without putting a hell lot of load on your arms.

You can even carry two yoga mats at the same time along with your yoga blocks, straps, towels, shoes etc.

The most attractive feature of the Kindfolk Duffel Yoga Bag is that you can buy it along with their other accessories in a bundle which includes a badge holder with lanyard, a cosmetic bag and two pouches.

These will even help you carry your other belongings safely to your gym or studio. Made of man-made leather this yoga mat duffel bag is the perfect accessory for all yogis.

What we like in it ?

  • Duffel Bag style carrier
  • Non-Adjustable straps
  • Printed and patterned canvas
  • Zip Closure
  • With Pockets


  • The non-adjustable straps make it a little inconvenient
  • Not suitable for carrying while hiking or biking because of the shape and the size

8. YogaAddict Large Yoga Mat Bag

With one of the lowest price in our roundups, this large Yoga Mat Bag is one of the bestsellers.

With adjustable shoulder straps, this bag is very easy to use and carried around. You can customize the length of the bag according to your needs by making changes in the adjustable straps. 

This helps you with comfortable movement while walking to your gym or yoga studio. In simple solid colours and no prints and patters, these yoga bags are sober, elegant and classy.

They come with expandable front pockets which gives you the space to stash all your belongings including your ipad and your kindle.

Made from extremely durable premium polyester, this yoga bag is highly functional, spacious and light to carry. 

Along with the zippered compartment outside, it comes with a mesh zippered pocket inside. The full zip closure makes putting your yoga mat in and taking it out very easy.

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What we like in it ?

  • Full-Zip Closure
  • Durable
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Fits almost all standard size yoga mats
  • Available in assorted colours


  • Users have complained about the zippers being too small which makes it a little inconvenient to pull during opening and closure of the bag

Why You Need Yoga Mat Bags?

While heading to your yoga classes, carrying your yoga mat is plain awkward and for that you need a yoga bag that fits your mat perfectly. No matter how bulky or light your yoga mat is, it is important that you find the best suitable bag for you to carry it around.

Yoga mat bags not only make short distance transportation easier and convenient but also make it very easy for you to travel with. This way you won’t have any excuse to justify why you haven’t been working out during your travel days. A good and a perfect quality yoga bag will not put any strain on your body when going for your sessions.

So, to help you find the right yoga bag we have rounded up the top 8 yoga mat bags for you and it doesn’t always have to burn a hole in your pocket. The following designs and variety of yoga mat that we have listed below will keep your mat secured and your trip to your yoga class leisurely.

Why You Need Yoga Mat Bags


Yoga is all about developing physical strength and flexibility of the body and for maximum results it is important that you use premium quality yoga props which include yoga mat. And to carry that yoga mat, you definitely need a holder or a space which makes travelling to your gym or studio easy and less awkward.

So, this roundup list will help you choose the perfect one for yourself but make your choice depending on how adequately it protects the mat.

Also, yoga is a lifetime practice therefore it is always better to go for the one which will last longer and will give you more than enough storage space for you to carry around your things. So, select the best one from this top 8 yoga bag list and you’re good to go.

This intense workout session can drastically help you achieve a better mind and body. Follow it religiously. We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog. 

We will love it if you like something from our selection and find it useful.

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