10 Yoga Mat Alternatives That Are Easily Available At Home

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If you are looking for yoga mat alternatives, this is the post for you. We have discussed 9 other items that can do the job for you.

The best part is they are all available at home and you can easily use them to save on the cost of a yoga mat.

Let’s start by setting our expectations right.

Yoga Mat Alternatives That Are Easily Available At Home

Yoga Mat Alternatives: Pros And Cons And What To Expect?

A complete workout of body, mind, and soul- Yoga has innumerable benefits. It rejuvenates you completely, strengthens you, and to the top that, it demands very little props, unlike other kinds of workout regimes and physical activities. Since most of the yoga poses are done sitting or lying down, the first thing which comes to the mind as needed yoga equipment is a Yoga Mat.

It is a myth that if you cannot find a good mat, it will result in a number of problems. You may end up hurting your back or other kinds of strains, which may discourage a beginner. Hence, everyone generally tries to find a good quality mat before starting yoga

Still, there lies the problem. Buying a mat, which is top of the line can be quite costly, and you may not be prepared to spend that amount right at the beginning. Moreover, if you are stuck at home and there is no delivery going on in your zone, you may have no option to get your hands on a quality yoga mat Do not let that dishearten you.

As it turns out, Yoga mats, however necessary, is not irreplaceable.

Even if you manage to buy one, you cannot carry one while traveling, for you to enjoy a few yoga poses in the lap of nature. To let your inner yogi free no matter where you are, you can make do with a number of things that are lying around your house or are used in your day to day life.

It may not be able to offer protection on all kinds of surfaces like a yoga mat can, but surely it will do a job good enough. If you progress to an advanced stage or let the passion of yoga lead you in your life, you can go for a classy mat model. Until then, a non-conventional yoga mat replacement can help to stand in for a classic yoga mat, so that you can start practicing.

Here are our top picks that can be used as an effective substitute for a yoga mat.

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10 Best Yoga Mat Alternatives

Yoga Mat Alternatives Pros And Cons And What To Expect

# 1 Rolled Up Beach Towel

Besides lounging or sunbathing, a towel is a multipurpose tool; not only for hitchhikers but also for yogis. In general, they serve as a good workout tool and even better as substitutes for a yoga mat.

Lay a few towels or roll one up on a hard floor to create a base. With trials, select the padding level as per to your liking and start with the Yoga poses.

You will find this go-to-tool quite easy and comfortable to use and probably the best among the other yoga mat alternatives.

# 2 Woven Blankets

If you have time on your hand and some extra throw blankets stored in your loft, do go for this option. Take them together and fold them in a rectangular shape to get your handy mat replacement.

However, do not depend on them too much if you are planning to try some advanced yoga poses. It cannot offer much grip, but it will have enough cushion to protect basic and beginner yoga poses.

# 3 Grass Lawns

If you want to go all-natural, nothing can be better than a green and grassy cushion of the lawn. Besides, yoga in the outdoor is quite beneficial for both the body and mind.

It can help you to reconnect with nature. Of course, it all depends on the grass length and density. While short grass has the chance of mud, longer grass can create a tangle that can hurt the heel.

For the best experience, you can start in your backyard if you have a grass cover there, to your own perfection. As an added benefit, the feeling of grass on the bare feet while doing various poses and asana flows will take your practice to a whole new level.

# 4 The Beach

If you wish to take the natural ambiance up a notch, the beach is always a great option. The sunlit soft sand gently touched by the pristine marine waves- a beach can be a perfect place to go out and practice yoga in the outdoors.

You can complete your sessions with a bathing suit, which will allow you to move freely. Then, to wash away all the tiredness, take a dip in the sea- sounds exciting, isn’t it?

# 5 The Bed And Mattress

Even in worst-case scenarios when you are at home with no way to go out, do not worry at all. In fact, you do not even have to get out of bed to start the day with yoga.

Provided that you have a mattress with good backbone support, it can function as a nice substitute for a yoga mat. Even though the bed is not as steady as the floor, it can offer balance and help to strengthen the core.

Still, it must be kept in mind that only sitting or lying down yogic positions are better suited when you are practicing it on the bed.

# 6 Carpet

If the bed is not to your liking, come down and try it on the carpet. It has a cushioning effect to some extent, and you do not have to open it every day.

During winters, when you cannot even go out- that should not stop you from working out. Carpets offer better heat control to the extent, that they are sometimes, even better than the mat.

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# 7 Wooden Floor

If you are tired of extra paddings and balancing works, you can always go for the wooden floors.

The kneeling pose of yoga can be a bit of a bother in this case, but if you are doing the standing or flowing poses, it can provide great balance on the arms and a stable surface for the various body movements. In this case, go barefoot for a better grip on the floor.

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# 8 Grippy Socks

People use yoga mats for better support and to keep the foot planted firmly so that they can hold the asana poses. You can try to use a pair of grippy socks for the same effect.

If you are planning to do yoga on tiles, marble or hardwood, slipping on a pair of grippy socks can be an easy alternative to mats.

# 9 Bath Mat

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear about a bath mat is a wet floor. However, for this very reason, you can use it as a replacement for the yoga mat.

It sticks to the floor and can absorb moisture, that too quite efficiently. Under the feet, it feels quite cozy too. Do you need anything more to use as a perfect yoga mat replacement?

#10 Last But Not The Least, A Big Rock 

If you know how to use it, even a big rock in the backyard can replace your yoga mat.

This is none other than Hounarable Prime Mister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, performing his daily yoga rituals with a largish rock in his backyard.


To sum it all up, a number of things which we use in our daily lives can be used as a yoga mat replacement. Provided, that they are not slippery.

Too much cushioning can be a problem too, as it can affect balance and posture. Keep in mind the safety issues and you will do just great even without mats. You can always do-it-yourself to create the most-suited mat replacement for you.

If you own a mat already, great! But even if you do not have one, don’t let it stop you from going through a blissful Yoga journey.

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