7 Best Yoga DVDs for Elderly Beginners Over 50

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If You Are Looking To Buy The Best Yoga DVDs For Beginners Over 50 Years Age, You Are On The Right Page. We Have Researched This Space For 68 Long Hours To Select Our Top 7 Collection. This Will Make Your Job A Lot Easier. So, Stay Tuned. 

Yoga is a holistic approach to health and a wonderful practice. It helps the body by loosening the muscles and joints, increasing immunity, and lung capacity. It can also reduce stress for an overall better mental health condition.

The magical thing about it is that anyone can try it. You can be of any age, anywhere, with basic or very little knowledge of it and yet can take part in it anytime.

Even if you are someone who is above 50, you can always try to learn yoga. It is not as much taxing as a classic gym. Also, it keeps the diseases and discomforts that come with ageing, at bay.

Best Yoga DVDs for Elderly Beginners Over 50

Which is the Best Yoga DVD for Beginners Over 50 (and for Seniors)?

Still, if you are someone who is going to enter the golden age of their life, you owe a life of comfort and happiness. Although you know you should work out but the energy level is a bit low. You do not have enough time to go out to a yoga studio and start from scratch.

For you, learning from the comfort of your own home would be really great. Also, you may need some extra care, like holding a pose for quite some time or repeating the same pose a few times.

However, learners over 50 may get embarrassed by this, even though they may be new to this. For this, there is a great option, actually.

Our team of yoga experts have selected a list of the best yoga DVDs for beginners over 50. With them, you do not need to rush to a studio. Instead, learn at your own time and pace comfortably.

1. Yoga Over 50

From the house of BodyWisdom, this DVD by Barbara Benagh is one of the best among its peers. Do get your hand on it if you are over 50 and planning to begin the yoga journey. Barbara has quite a few years under her belt as an instructor.

It is clearly evident from the routines she demonstrated, which includes seated poses, sun salutations, yoga on a chair, meditation, etc. It is specifically targeted to individuals over 50.

You can build strength and flexibility without taxing yourself too much. There are 8 major workout routines in this DVD, which are quite customizable, and ranges from 20 minutes to 60 minutes. It will be really beneficial if you practice these yogas gently yet daily.

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What we like in it ?

  • The breathing techniques shown by Barbara is effective to calm the mind and increase concentration.
  • The different time levels in the DVD are a major plus, as you can choose the one that suits your endurance level.
  • The gentle routine and gradual improvement assure that there little to no chance of injury.
  • Suitable for beginners over 50.


  • The DVD is region restricted. So, check before buying if it will play in your area.
  • Some poses are held for a long time, which can be a bit tough for beginners.

2. Gentle Yoga for Mid-Life (40s-70s)

The yoga series is shot amidst nature with 7 basic routines. Even if you are just a beginner, all of them would be a good fit for you. Jane Adams selected the routines of this DVD with specific goals.

The energizing morning routine, a routine for mid-day relief from work, a calming evening, etc, help to plan your sessions easily. Besides, the routines aim to boost the core strength and balance of the standing poses.

With simple stretching and basic style, Jane guides you to the hundred poses. As the DVD is specifically made for people over 40 till 70, it is quite easy to navigate. Just pick the part that suits your need as well as the time of the day, and you are ready to go.

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What we like in it ?

  • The yoga routines involve basic stretching and then gradually progress, so you do not strain yourself.
  • It also has a specific relax section, which is enough to revitalize and rest.
  • There are targetted routines for exclusive mid-life needs.
  • The instruction video is shot at the beautiful background of Glacier National Park, which is a nice environment for practising yoga, and it has a positive impact on the mind.


  • You cannot skip the introduction part.
  • Do not buy only episode 1 of this DVD but buy all of them together to save money.

3. AM/PM Yoga For Beginners

From the legendary Jane Fonda, this DVD is actually a fan-favourite. The goal of this DVD is to build strength, improve flexibility, and relax the body. The time-based exercise has specific goals.

The AM yoga makes you energized and PM workouts have a goal to help you relax, release stress. In this DVD, Jane starts with light stretching and basic yoga pose, followed by lightweight training. It is a great option for anyone over 50 who are beginners.

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What we like in it ?

  • It is a combination of yoga and traditional weight training, so it increases stability and tightens the core.
  • The DVD has a person doing an easier version of the poses by Jane, for those who are total beginners.
  • Improves flexibility.


  • Unlike traditional yoga, you need some props beside the yoga mat, like a towel, chair, light weights, etc.

4. Gentle Yoga For All Levels

This DVD is unique in many aspects and also one of the best works by Jessica Smith. The routines are easy to follow, for anyone who is a beginner.

The most special part of this DVD is that the sessions are focused on specific body parts at a time. There are targetted routines to work on the shoulders, neck, back muscles, knees, and hips.

Thus, when you have some trouble or pain in a specific part of a limb, you can practice the asana and relieve the muscles.

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What we like in it ?

  • There are targetted yoga sessions, with three of them focusing on body parts and one of them on full-body stretching.
  • The yoga showed here promotes balance, and improves the core strength.
  • The customizable menu and routine give some freedom to the yogi.


  • As a single part of the body-focusing video takes around 30 minutes of time each, it is not possible to have a full-body workout in a day if you are in a hurry, or do not have the energy.
  • If you are a senior with some injury, you cannot follow all the routines.

5. Complete Yoga for Beginners

A magnificent tie-up between the Yoga industry giant Gaiam and the modern-day yoga guru Rodney Yee, this DVD is an all-round source of information. It is one of the best DVDs for beginners, of all ages- may they be young or elder.

Even if you have some years of yoga experience, you would enjoy this and have a great workout. The DVD is made up of some basic yoga routines to make you familiar with the art of yoga.

These are the stepping stones to keep your body fit and flexible. Practice them regularly, and you will be rewarded with a rejuvenated body and soul.

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What we like in it ?

  • If you are a beginner, there is a guide for you on this DVD that explains the basic yoga poses and terms.
  • The routines are a bit fast, which makes the heart and muscles active. You will sweat a lot, and built up the body co-ordination along with agility.
  • The lessons on this DVD increases the flexibility in the body. Also, it is good to release the stress and remove pains of the elder body.


  • Sometimes, the fast-paced routines can be a bit hard to follow. So, you may have to stop and rewind them.
  • In some parts, the volume is too low, so you have to watch the screen carefully to not miss any details.

6. Yoga For Inflexible People

This is a mega-collection of 3 DVDs, which has more than 50 routines for beginners. It is made for people who do not have yoga experience. So, this one perfectly suits the beginners over 50.

As a result, they start with 35 routines in the first disk, which deal with introductory yoga. When you go to the second disk, you will find 10 gentle slow flow yoga routines for beginners.

The goal is to increase flexibility and relaxation. The last disk has 12 routines for everyone in positions of sitting, standing, and laying down.

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What we like in it ?

  • As it is targetted to inflexible people, it does not put too much strain on the body of the people over 50.
  • The three DVDs together, cover almost all the beginners’ aspects of yoga, so you can adapt to your level.
  • Suitable for every beginner; flexible and inflexible one.


  • If you have any surgical interventions on your joint or suffer from arthritis, you cannot follow all the routines with ease.
  • Some of the poses are quite fast and no gap between movements.

7. Prime of Life Yoga – Level One

Prime of Life Yoga by Larry Payne is undoubtedly one of the best yoga DVD for beginners over 50. The lessons are here with the goal to treat the body, and it helps to cure the common breathing troubles like chronic cold and allergies too.

Level one, as the name suggests is the first part of the series. As a result, it deals with poses suited for beginners.

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What we like in it ?

  • The DVD has both 20 minute and 40-minute programs. You can select the one that you find most suited for you.
  • It has an added audio disk of the routine. So you can just listen to them at a louder sound, without the video.
  • The instructions are clear, in detail, and easy to understand. It is perfect for beginners even if they are over 50 and do not want any distractions.


  • We could’t find any major negative in this.

How do I find the right DVDs for Beginners Over 50?

  • Check The Narrative
    The narrative and poses shown should be very clear. If you are trying yoga for the first time, a step-by-step guide can help you to perfect the poses, without facing any injury. Hence it is a must-have feature.

    • Soothing Music
      The background music should be relaxing to calm the mind. However, check before buying that it is not too loud. Else, it can cover the audio instructions, so you would have to look up to the screen again and again.

    • Decide Your Goal
      The goal should be building up your strength gradually. A harsh routine will tire your muscles and will exert pressure on the joints. It may hurt you physically and would be really harmful.

    • Make Sure You Buy The Correct One
      Beginners in yoga over 50 DVDs should not focus on weight loss or any hard physical activity but a holistic growth instead. A rapid change in this age level will not last long. Hence, the goal should be a long-impact growth for better health.
    Is Doing Yoga Good Over 50

    Frequently asked questions

    What Type Of Yoga Is Best For Seniors?

    If you are experienced and have the body condition, it is up to you. For a beginner senior, restorative, chair, and hatha yoga will be good.

    Is Doing Yoga Good Over 50?

    Yoga has many benefits for people over 50. It gives them a healthy body and a sound mind. They stay free from geriatric problems and live happily. So, yes, it is very good.

    How Many Days In A Week Should You Practice Yoga?

    You can practice yoga 6-7 days a week to make it a part of your life. However, you should start with 3 days a week if you are a beginner.

    Does Yoga Change Your Body Shape?

    Yes. Not drastically, but gradually, you lose fat and the muscles develop. You create a lean and flexible body.


    Even if you are past your prime, you can start yoga, anytime, anywhere. Getting the best yoga DVD for beginners over 50 is a sensitive job, as you want to stay fit, yet not hurt yourself in the process.

    For this reason, you can easily go for AM/PM Yoga by Jane Fonda or Yoga over 50 for Barbara Benagh without a doubt. We like it, hope you do too!

    We will love it if you like something from our selection and find it useful.

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