Which Types of Bra Should You Wear for Yoga?

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When it comes to practicing yoga, most women commit the major blunder of not paying attention to the inner wear, primarily a yoga bra.

Not wearing a fitted sports bra can cause permanent damage to the breast tissue and can also lead to severe backaches. When you are stretching out or doing rigorous exercises, the breasts would be all over the place, thus leaving you uncomfortable and in pain.

Even if you have a small cup size, then also you need to wear a proper sports bra. However, there is another option – wearing tops or tanks that come with built-in pads

These are also a great option if you have small to medium-sized cups. In this blog, we are going to help you get rid of the age-old query:

Which Types of Bra Should You Wear for Yoga

Should you wear a bra for a yoga class or not? 

Sports bras provide much more support than the fancy bras that you wear to parties or the daily bras you wear to work. If you do without a proper bra, you would be pressurizing your breast tissue to an extent that it would cause a high level of discomfort. 

It can even cause sagging, which you don’t want! So choose wisely and wear the right active wear. Women with large breasts are more at risk because without any support they can even face upper back and neck tension.

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So why should you wear a sports bra for your yoga sessions?

  • To Avoid Pain: Well, the first reason is that not wearing one can cause extreme pain. You can even get headaches, neck aches, etc. And no, your underwire bra is not the correct option for your workout!

  • To Avoid Stretch Marks: Secondly, if you don’t wear one, the shape of your breasts can change and it can also leave ugly stretch marks. This might happen over a long period of time, but yes, it is better to be safe than sorry.

    Prevent tissue damage from the best sports bras out there. You can also try camisoles with padded bras within. Choose something that would hold your ladies in place even when the workout is intense. It should be able to hold you even when you are doing the back bends, side bends, etc.

  • To Feel More Confident: Lastly, wearing proper attire would make you feel confident. You won’t feel any kind of restriction, distraction or discomfort when you are practicing the most difficult postures. So yes, these are the main three reasons why you should wear a sports bra.

What is the Best Type of Bra for Yoga?

Plenty of women prefer wearing just their bras to the studio and if that is what you want, you need to take special care of aesthetics. A cute print is also required if you are going to layer it up with a pretty, transparent tank top.

Choosing breathable, moisture-wicking fabric also makes sense as you don’t want to get all wet and messy after an intense Bikram session. 

1. FITTIN Racerback Sports Bras for Intense Sessions

Why just yoga, you can do this sports bra for other vigorous workout classes as well. This provides enough support to the breasts and is very comfy, thanks to the nylon, spandex and polyester mixture.

The super-soft fabric would hug your gentle area with care. With pull-on closure, this racer back sports bra would even look good if you wear it with a backless tank top. It would even soak up your sweat, leaving you dry and comfy.

2. Fruit of the Loom Sports Bra

If you are a small chested woman, then you can go for this set of 3 Fruit of the loom Women’s sports bra. Trust us, they are super soft and would provide just the right coverage for your bust.

This is ideal to wear for low to medium intensity yoga sessions. With the right support, you would be able to deliver your best. It will help you stay put and perform exercises without any hindrance.

3. Champion Women’s Spot Comfort Full-Support Sport Bra

With plenty of positive reviews in its bag, this one is a dream-come-true for large-busted women. If you have large breasts, then settle for this sports bra without any second thoughts.

The gel-infused adjustable straps would help you stay away from skin cuts and rashes. It is ideal for hot yoga as the mesh panels provide ventilation.

Made of premium fabric, we vote for this one. Wear it once and you would understand the difference automatically.

4. icyzone Padded Strappy Sports Bra

If you want to make a statement and flaunt your back, then this strappy bra would be the right pick for you. And just because it is fashionable, do not assume that it doesn’t provide support.

It is even made of moisture-wicking fabric, which allows you to dry out even after a hot yoga class. The fabric would contour your body, making you look and feel sexy! Goodbye wires and hello sexy skin show!

icyzone is a brand that needs no introduction. It has created a rage in the world of active-wear and sports bra is just one of their unique products.

5. Women’s Nike Swoosh Sports Bra for Hot Sessions

Nike – the name says it all. With dri-fit technology and the perfect gift that you can ever wish for, this one is an ideal pick for your hot yoga classes. Just pair it up with a nice pair of leggings to look plush and hot.

Straps create stabilizing tension, which reduces bounce. The bra allows all kinds of movements. The medium level support and snug compression fit are loved by so many women across the world.

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6. Gaiam Women’s Strappy Racerback Yoga Tank Top With Bra

For people who want to skip the bra and go for just one a top-cum-bra, this option from Gaiam would surely impress them. The built-in medium impact wireless sports bra would provide you the required support for yoga.

It is even great for running, CrossFit, etc. The relaxed fit enables all kinds of motions. You can even remove the pads when necessary. It would also help you remain dry. The length is perfect for women who prefer longer tops.

However, some customers say that the fabric is not right for every sweaty class.


So now that you know whether you should wear a bra for your yoga sessions or not and also what types of bra to wear, we hope that you would be able to make the right choice!

Just to sum up everything before we finish.

Do you need to wear a bra for yoga? Oh, yes you must. 

What bras to wear from Yoga ? Go for sports bras specially made for sweaty sessions. 

What are the best bra to buy for yoga? Look at our 6 examples above. 🙂