What Should Men Wear To Yoga?

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Yoga is just not for women. Men do yoga too. Know more about What Should Men Wear To Yoga and the clothing that are needed for this practice.

Though there are no fixed set of rules regarding the choice of clothes for yoga classes, however, certain kinds of clothes are more comfortable than others in this regard. Comfort is the key factor to keep in mind when choosing yoga clothes.

Some men use the same clothes for the gym and yoga. Though it might not be entirely wrong but in most cases, yoga involves a lot of stretching and your gym clothes might not be appropriate for this. Yoga clothes need to be stretchable in order to aid in such movements.

What Should Men Wear To Yoga

What do I wear to yoga as a guy?

Pictures and posts on social media might be intimidating when it comes to choosing yoga clothes. Real people don’t always look like they just walked off a set when they get ready for their yoga class. Besides, personal choices will also differ.

While some prefer moisture-wicking materials, others prefer cool organic fabrics. Some men feel comfortable in loose clothes while others want well-fitted outfits. Unless you wear the right kind of clothes, you won’t be able to work out properly – your clothes should never be distracting you.

Those of you who are setting out to buy your first set of yoga clothes can go through the following list of suggestions to find out which is the right choice for them.

Men’s Yoga Bottom Wear

Yoga pants or yoga shorts? Long shorts or short shorts? Tight pants or loose fitted pants? The debate is endless and the choice is ultimately yours. Let us shed some light on this to help you decide.

Yoga Leggings

Yoga Sweatpants

Yoga pants are not very different from track or jogging pants except that they are a little less loose which ensures that they stay put when moving or stretching. There are leggings and usual pants – the former being tighter and fitted. 

If you are choosing yoga pants with a tie waist, then remember to not hang the string too low or else you can trip on it. It could also tickle you and make you uncomfortable during class.

Also, if you are choosing pants with pockets, don’t keep things like keys inside or you are very likely to get hurt.

Yoga Shorts For Men

Yoga Shorts With Pockets

Long Yoga Shorts

A lot of men find shorts more comfortable to wear for yoga classes rather than pants as the former is more airy particularly if one is doing Hot Yoga. Basketball shorts do the job for some men and to avoid undue exposure, they opt to wear cycling shorts underneath.

Those who give preference to short length can try rugby shorts as they give the much needed freedom but don’t slide during poses such as headstands.

Men’s Yoga Top Wear

The three main items of top yoga wear for men are muscle tees, tank tops and loose shirts. Find out more about them below:

Men’s Muscle Tees

Men’s Loose T-Shirts

Muscle tees look similar to t shirts but are sleeveless and cut at the widest part of the arm. They are similar to tank tops except that they often have bigger armholes. Muscle tees are also snug fitting which means wearing them helps you in monitoring body movements better.

If you are someone who isn’t comfortable in showing off your arms to your fellow yogis during class, you ought to go for loose t-shirts in moisture-wicking materials or breathable cotton fabrics. You can choose from the full sleeve and short-sleeved options depending on the weather and the kind of yoga you do.

Tank tops are loose, sleeveless t shirt like tops that end near the waist. They are best for men who sweat a lot and are not uncomfortable in baring their underarms. The best brands available online generally use skin friendly and organic materials so that the user doesn’t face any skin problems.

Men’s Yoga Accessories

There are a lot of accessories that aid in performing yoga smoothly. Some of these are listed below:


Yoga Gloves And Yoga Socks

Sweatbands help to keep your hair and head sweat under control so that you aren’t distracted or get annoyed by stinging eyes. They are non-slip and skin-friendly.

Since yoga is a lot about balancing and holding poses, slippery hands and feet can lead to major accidents. You can use these irrespective of whether you use a yoga mat or not, as sweaty hands and feet can slip on the mat too.

Depending on your preference, you can choose gloves and socks with or without padding. The latter gives you the comfort of working out bare feet or barehanded so that there is no sense of discomfort whereas the former gives you additional support.

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Finding the Right Yoga Clothes for Men

In hot yoga, the room is artificially heated so that flexibility of the yogi is increased and sweating is induced. Though the easily thought of option would be the shortest pair of shorts, experts suggest wearing long shorts or the medium-length ones.

Things to Remember When Choosing the Right Attire for Yoga

Choosing yoga clothes for men can be a daunting task considering the huge options that exist for men. So what are some factors that you must consider when finally choosing your yoga clothes?

  1. Concentrate more on lower body flexibility and freedom. Yoga poses almost always involve moving or engaging the legs in some way which means that unless your legs are free and can move comfortably, you won’t be able to complete your pose with success.

    Whichever kind of pants you wear, they shouldn’t restrict your movement. Unless you are going for shorts, choose pants that aren’t too baggy.

  2. Choose between light and breathable fabrics or moisture-wicking ones when finding the right t-shirt or pants for yourself. No matter which one you choose, be sure that sweat doesn’t accumulate as you work out.

    Materials such as cotton can get heavier by absorbing sweat and thus become uncomfortable till the time you complete a few poses. However, if you have found something that is lightweight and you only prefer cotton, then that is what you should choose.

  3. Also, try and avoid t-shirts with hoods as they can be distracting during certain poses such as the downward dog and the like.

  4. Also, try and avoid t-shirts with hoods as they can be distracting during certain poses such as the downward dog and the like.

  5. Above everything else, your yoga clothes should represent your personality just like your other clothes. If you enjoy wearing tight fitted clothes, don’t feel shy of wearing such attire to the yoga class.

    The only advice is to avoid wearing baggy clothes as they feel heavier during a workout and will come in the way of you and your trainer from viewing your postures properly.

  6. Don’t go for the cheapest option available. If you have signed up for a yoga class, it is likely that you are going to attend it for a few months if not more. Investing in good quality clothes is a must as these will last you longer and help you concentrate on your yoga more by keeping you comfortable.

Tightly fitted garments are better for hot yoga along with moisture-wicking fabrics

Those of you who are planning to wear running shorts to your hot yoga sessions must wear compression underwear with it unless you want to flash everyone in the room!

When you are working out, be it at the gym or performing yoga, all you should ideally concentrate on is your body and mind. When performing yoga, take a look at your postures, follow the prescribed breathing pattern and concentrate. None of this can be done with success if you are feeling uncomfortable.

This is where the importance of finding the right clothes lies. As a man, you need to remember that you aren’t going there to impress the ladies or to look handsome. Thus, even if a tee or a pair of pants are of the colour you don’t like, what matters is if they fit properly and allow you to work out well.

What do I wear to yoga as a guy


When you are stretching, your clothes should be able to give you that space so that you don’t feel restricted or fear them tearing at the joints. Yoga is based on stretching, holding poses and balancing.

For example, imagine you are trying to do lunges for the first time and your pants are too tight. Not only would it be embarrassing, but it would also be a waste of time and enthusiasm. Your body should be free to perform all poses without any hindrances.

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