What Not To Wear for Your Yoga Class?

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Now that you have made up your mind to bid goodbye to those late-night parties, avoid those oily fries and sweets, meditate and take a step towards a holistic approach of life, make sure you do it right. Step into 2020 with yoga and its amazing benefits.

However, to do it right, you have to be aware of the yoga etiquette and maintain it properly to make the most out of it.

By now, we are sure that you have looked up the internet to find out the nearest yoga class, have ordered a yoga mat and a towel, etc. But how can you forget about what to wear to your yoga class? While you would find plenty of blogs on what to wear, there are not much on what you should avoid wearing to your yoga class.

So do yourself a favor – read this blog to find out what not to wear for your yoga sesh.  Now the key to the perfect yoga attire is three factors – moisture-wicking, comfortable and proper fit.

If you are under the misconception that yoga means those boring, baggy tees and out of shape pants, then get rid of the idea now! Your activewear needs some serious makeover now. Pick fashionable outfits without compromising on the aforementioned key factors.

Here are some of the items that you can give a pass when you hit the studio.

What Not To Wear for Your Yoga Class

What Not to Wear to Yoga

1. Short and Loose Shorts

Yes, they are great if you are doing some strength training at home, but it is not the right choice for studio or outdoor yoga.

You can even keep them for running but yoga is not the right place to wear them. You can feel awkward while lifting your legs in the air in those skimpy shorts or when you are bending forward.

2. Lace Underwear – A Big No-no!

Your workout session is definitely not the time to look too fancy! Keep those lace undies in your closet and switch to moisture-wicking, breathable and light fabrics.

Wearing cotton panties can also be a bad idea as they tend to get heavy with sweat and do not dry out fast.

3. Light-colored, Thin Leggings

If you own a pair of leggings in white or beige and think that it is perfect for your yoga class, then think twice. You should also reconsider if the fabric is too thin for comfort! You don’t want to be conscious about your camel toe or don’t want your undies to be seen by all and sundry, right?

Opting for bottoms made of thin material can lead to accidents! Check for holes in the crotch area and see if the stitching can be relied on or not.

Wear thick, dark-colored leggings or track pants to avoid all these issues. It should be fitted and it would be great if you pick one with pockets. You should also stay away from inelastic tight pants as they can restrict your movements and make you feel uneasy.

It would be better if you try them once before buying. If you are buying online, then it would be better to try them out before you hit the class.

We always recommend people to go for branded, high-waisted, fitted leggings with pockets.

4. Loose Tops or Tanks

No, loose is not great. You should go for fitted, nice tees and tanks. You don’t want the tee to ride up every time you go for a pose!

It is so embarrassing and this would even distract you from putting your 100%. Don’t let the wrong top disrupt your workout session. We always vote for long, fitted tanks that are light, cozy and durable.

There are plenty of options out there so take your time while choosing.

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5. Revealing tops

Yes, it is okay to go for a tank with a large armhole or a backless yoga top, but some amount of modesty is required when you are choosing a yoga top or yoga tank.

A deep neck tee can be kept for a dinner date or movie. Make sure that you do not feel conscious while doing it.

6. Say “No!” to Your Regular Bra

You shouldn’t wear your everyday bra for your yoga class. You see that certain exercises have certain requirements.

Irrespective of whether you are doing yoga, Pilates, Zumba or gym, you should wear a proper sports bra, which would give you the required support and comfort. These are made of special fabrics as well, which would dry out fast by absorbing sweat.

You shouldn’t wear underwired, fancy undergarments and keep them for later. Choose simple yet cute designs, but more importantly, pay heed to comfort.


While picking your yoga clothes, do not settle for thick fabrics or fabrics that do not dry out fast. You need breathable yet moisture-wicking materials. We always vote for spandex, nylon, polyester, etc. Wearing thick fabrics or wearing clothes can make you feel uncomfortable can even lead to skin allergies and rashes on your body.

You shouldn’t also wear clothes that are too tight for comfort. Think properly fitted ones and not tight. Check the size chart before placing your order and you are good to go.

Bottom-line is that you must stay away from these aforementioned wardrobe blunders and stick to plain, lightweight, flexible, and comfy yoga clothes. You have no idea how the right outfit can create a major difference. Thanks to all the activewear brands, you can get fashionable and stylish outfits now. From sexy leggings to eye-catching, neon sports bra – you name it, you get it.

Without the right clothes, the session might seem like a burden and not something to be enjoyed. Make sure you feel at ease and have fun at the class. And yes, do not forget to carry a nice yoga towel, a yoga mat, and a rubber band to tie your hair up in a bun.

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