What are Tricot Pants for Yoga?

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Tricot Pants are quite a buzzword these days though a few understand what it really is.

If you are curious to know what are tricot pants, you will find them here and your curiosity will be quenched once and for all. We also give you a collection of the best 8 tricot pants, just in case you are interested to know.

Ok, so let’s start from the very basics.

What are Tricot Pants for Yoga

What is Tricot Fabric?

Pronounced as ‘tre-kot’, the term has been derived from the French verb ‘tricoter’ which literally means ‘knitting’.

Justified to its name, tricot fabrics are a special kind of fabric which have a very soft, smooth and thin texture. This thin texture is achieved through the process of knitting very fine or single yarns together. They are knitted to form vertical whales on the surface of the fabric and on the back, the knitting is done to form crosswise ribs.

How is Tricot Fabric Constructed?

Just like it’s a special kind of fabric, tricot fabrics are constructed with the help of a special technique too. They are weaved under a flatbed knitting machine as opposed to around or a circular one.

The most attractive feature of tricot fabrics is that they are run-resistant and hence providing the fabric with a wrinkle-free characteristic which drapes beautifully when stitched into a clothing item.

These features make it a perfect fabric to be used to make activewear.

Tricot fabrics are usually knit with single or fine strands of two kinds of materials- nylon and spandex or polyester and spandex. This nylon spandex or polyester spandex blends make it a sturdy and a thick fabric which in turn makes it the greatest fabric to make active or sportswear.

These particular blends of tricot fabrics help it to be moisture-wicking; which means that the fabric will absorb or prevent the excessive sweat that occurs when you work out. It keeps you dry and comfortable for a longer period of time, during your whole workout session.

Another reason why these blends are particularly used for making sportswear is that they do not cling on to the body like other fabrics whether in the presence or absence of sweat.

Sportswear made from tricot fabrics also provides you with full coverage, support and a 4-way active stretch which is again extremely essential for athleisure clothing items. Like other fabrics they do not restrict your movement in any way instead gives free-flowing mobility to your body.

Where is Tricot Fabric Used the Most?

This particular style and manner of knitting lead to a run-resistant knit which creates a zigzag weave on the front and smooth weave at the back.

This specific kind of a weave further allows the fabric not only to be soft and smooth but also helps to make it sturdier, thicker and durable which is perfect for making activewear clothing items.

Tricot fabrics are primarily used to make sport wears which also include swimwear, underwear, gloves and even sport bands like wrist bands, ankle bands, etc.

One of the most important reasons why tricot is used to make sportswear is because this fabric leverages an immense amount of stretch and elasticity which is essential for workout and sports gears. No other fabric can match up to these features of tricot fabrics.

Characteristics of Tricot Fabrics

As explained earlier, tricot is nothing but a warp-knit fabric. But do you know how warp-knitting is different from weft-knitting? Well, there’s not much of a difference apart from the fact that warp-knitting refers to each needle is constantly and continuously looping its own thread.

This, in turn, results in a parallel of loops which create the zigzag and the interlocking effect that we spoke about earlier. This clearly helps us to understand that this special kind of fabric has continuous columns of loops that run in length.

It is theses loops that run in length provide the fabric with the soft and the smooth finish of the fabric on the surface and the textured finish at the back.

It is the warping that creates the structured ribs on the front and the inter-locking crossed ribs at the back. This kind of weaving makes the fabric soft and also durable at the same time.

What is the effect of this knitting on the tricot fabric?

This particular process of knitting results in a fabric that is soft and smooth and also one which does not run easily. It also gives flexibility to the fabric giving it a 4-way active stretch- just the right kind which we need during an excessively complicated workout or sports session.

Unlike low-quality tricot fabrics, the premium quality ones do not build a static charge on the body and thus do not cling on to you in spite of the snug and body-hugging fit.

This ensures that you are cool and comfortable when you wear them- no matter for whatever purpose. However, as boring as the tricot fabric might sound to be, they’re actually available in a variety of colors, prints, and patterns.

Nowadays, manufacturers come up with fun and quirky prints on their fabrics only to make your sports or workout session a little bit more interesting- also to make you feel good and look good.

What are Tricot Pants?

Well, as we have explained earlier, tricot is a warp-knitted type of fabric that is comfortable, soft, flexible and sturdy. Keeping that in mind, we can clearly understand that ‘Tricot Pants’ are nothing but pants which are made of tricot fabrics.

As explained earlier this kind of fabric makes for great sportswear and activewear. Therefore, the yoga pants that we are so fond of putting on- no matter for what reason- are all basically tricot pants made out of the tricot fabric. And by now we all know the reasons why yoga pants of any length are made of tricot fabric.

Let’s refurbish the points, quickly, for a better and a clearer understanding of

What Makes Tricot Pants the Best for Yoga Pants and Active Wears?

Tricot fabrics are sturdy and durable which makes it a perfect material for yoga pants or any kind of sportswear. A high-quality tricot fabric prevents your pants from chafing which may often occur with the regular wash and use and also because of the excessive sweat.

Tricot fabrics are flexible which helps increase your mobility. This special kind of fabric is stretchy which allows you to move however you want to, without putting any restriction in the mobility of your body.

Tricot fabric blends are moisture-wicking which means it prevents your body from excessive sweat and also has the capability to absorb sweat from your body. This keeps you stay cool and comfortable, no matter how much you run, jog, squat or bend.

Tricot fabrics don’t cling onto your body in spite of the snug fit. This keeps us comfortable in spite of all the sweating and keeps us cool!

Most importantly, the warped knit make tricot fabrics opaque unless they are purposely made to be sheer. This feature is essential for fabrics which are used to make athleisure clothing items.

Tricot fabrics retain colors more than any other type of fabric. This makes your printed tricot pants to remain vibrant and colorful for a longer period of time.

Therefore, tricot pants are the best kind of pants you can wear to the gym, to the yoga class, to your sports practice or even casually for lounging around.

They keep you in ultimate comfort, do not restrict or hamper your mobility in any way and are also very long-lasting and durable no matter how roughly you use them.


In a nutshell, we can say that, because of the structured construction, tricot fabrics are sturdy, durable and a great piece of cloth to handle for everyday use. They stand up well for daily rough use thus preventing wear and tear of any kind during your activity.

All these features make it an ideal fabric for snug-fitting, stretch clothing items like tricot pants, swimwear, sportswear, lingerie and sometimes certain types of outerwear too.