How To Wear Yoga Pants Without Underwear Lines or Panty Lines

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If underwear lines or visible panty lines are becoming a major source of irritation for you and you are wondering how to wear yoga pants without underwear lines or panty lines, this article is for you. 

Here we will take you through different simple ways to take care of this and eventually get rid of it once and for all. 

So, here we go. 

Ways to Avoid Panty Lines in Yoga Clothes

10 Ways to Avoid Panty Lines in Yoga Clothes

Underwear lines or visible panty Lines or often referred to as VPL’s are nothing less than a nightmare when it comes to them appearing when you wear a snug and tight fit yoga pant. 

They are so obnoxious that they can ruin your outfit. They are dangerous compared to the invisible panty lines which give you a sleeker, neater and a slender look. So it’s very important that you know ways how to prevent or get rid of those panty lines especially when you wear yoga pants.

The primary step to getting rid of them is choosing the correct style of underwear which will not make those disgusting lines appear.

There are other ways to we shall discuss which will help you to hide them in case they have emerged in order to get a smooth and seamless look.

So, first let us talk about choosing the right underwear when it comes to avoiding those VPL’s and underwear lines.

Choose the Right Underwear

It is extremely important that you choose the right kind of underwear especially when you want to wear them with your yoga pants. The fit needs to be just right.

You cannot wear one that is too tight as that will cause discomfort by digging into your skin and cause unwanted panty lines. On the other hand, wearing one which is loose will also create cloth gathers and those will show up on your yoga pants like wrinkles and bumps.

Now how do you know if your underwear is too tight or too loose? Well, if the elastic bites into your skin then of course it’s too tight for you whereas if excess cloth hovers around your butt and is not providing you with the right kind of support then it’s too loose.

So make sure that you choose one which gives you ample support without digging on to your waist.

Thongs and G Strings are good to go with

The right kind of underwear which you can easily choose to wear with your yoga pants is thongs. Thongs do not have the seams or stitches which regular underwear come with and hence it makes it an ideal choice for a seamless look when wearing under yoga pants. 

G-Strings are also a good option as they have the least amount of fabric. Both of these might not be very good in terms of comfort but will definitely not let you have those panty lines if you are wearing them under tight clothing items. 

However, there are a few points you must remember while wearing a thong:


Check your rear in the mirror by sitting, bending or squatting before stepping out of the house.

The elastic of the thongs tend to expose themselves particularly in these positions especially if you are wearing something of a low-cut in the waist.

And if you see they are showing indeed, then go for high-waist clothing instead of a low-waist one.

Thongs or G-Strings are uncomfortable any way so not getting the right size will make you miserable.

Boy Shorts are a good option if you do not like thongs 

Apart from thongs you can also choose to wear boy shorts which are much more comfortable and wearable than thongs or G-Strings.

Boy shorts also help you prevent from getting those panty lines as they do not cut across your butt unlike bikini-styled underwear. This helps you give a more seamless look when you are wearing them beneath yoga pants or any other tight clothing.

And nothing can be better if you find a boy shorts which does not come with seams! Like thongs, there are a few things that you should also keep in mind.

Make sure that the fit is right giving you the proper support and coverage and which does not dog into your skin.

Seamless Underwear’s are a good option too

Seamless underwear is another option which you can wear under yoga pants or other tight clothing items to not get those panty lines. Seamless panties are quite commonly found these days and they are available in various styles. 

The ones which come in laser-cut edges are the best ones to avoid visible panty lines as they come with very narrow edges. Seamless underwear is usually available in elastic and spandex which do show minimal or no panty lines at all.

However the cotton ones which are great because of the comfort and breathability do not come in seamless style as the fabric is too heavy.

If you are wearing a light coloured bottom wear then try and wear underwear which matches with your skin tone. This is because nude coloured underwear blend very well with your skin and that helps prevent visible panty lines even if your pants, skirt or dress is a bit sheer.

If you are brave enough and your bottom wear is dark coloured then there’s nothing like going commando. This is the only way you can completely eliminate even the chance of those visible panty lines.

However, going commando is only possible when you are wearing pants. We are sure, dresses and skirts won’t demand that and that wouldn’t also keep you comfortable.

Layer it Up with Undergarments

Layer it Up with Undergarments

This is another potent and useful method with which you can hide those disgusting visible panty lines. This helps without toiling a lot to hide visible panty lines.

Wear a Shape-Wear Inside

Shape Wear is a great option to get rid of those visible panty lines. They give you the smooth and slender look that you wish for while wearing tight bottom wear items.

Shapewear helps because they usually run up to your waist and till your mid-thighs and hence there’ll be no chance of panty lines. And if it comes with a tummy control feature then it will also hide those outward bulges.

Wear Tights

If shape wears aren’t your personal choice then you can even go for tights or pantyhose. They also give you the benefit of a smooth look.

However, even if the tights run high up on the waist, they do not give the coverage or support like shape wear does. 

Opt for Long or Half Slips

For dresses and skirts you can opt for long or half-slips. This will give you the smooth look and not let any panty lines be visible over your clothing. However, you should make sure that the slip matches with the colour of your dress or skirt and also make sure that it’s shorter than the length of your dress.

Go for Cloths that Minimize Underwear or Panty Lines

Choosing the right kind of clothes and fabrics is another way you can prevent or get rid of those panty lines.

Wear clothes which do not cling on to your skin. Extremely tight clothes will definitely bring out those panty lines which you are trying to avoid.

Since yoga pants and leggings usually tend to bring out those panty lines, wear a long shirt, tunic or a t-shirt to hide them. In case of skirts, a-line skirts or dresses do not let those panty lines be visible.

Wear garments with thicker and textured fabric. Fabrics like denim and tweed help those panty lines to hide unlike jersey or silk.

You can also go for yoga pants or leggings which come with rear pockets. This too helps.

Printed leggings or yoga pants or any other bottom wear help camouflage. They will camouflage but not disguise them completely. So, it is always better to check before stepping out of the house.

Stay away from transparent pants or pants which come with sheer. Yoga pants and leggings are sometimes transparent so make sure you always go for those which are made of thicker fabrics and are opaque- no matter how much the fabric is stretched.

We hope you are now clear about how to wear yoga pants without underwear lines or panty lines.

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