Walking vs Running Shoes: Differences And Similarities

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It has , become very important to choose the perfect shoe which would fit your feet perfectly. Different shoes are available in the market for different purposes such as walking, running, trekking.

So all these different activities demand different kinds of shoes which would be ideal for that particular purpose. And, you need to know the differences between these type of shoes which would help you understand the necessity of buying each of the product.

Walking vs Running Shoes

Running vs Walking Shoes 

In case of running shoes, the shoes are much lighter in weight. It has heavy cushion present within it to give the feet the comfort it deserves. The running shoes generally are made up of mesh as it helps in air circulation within the shoe.

As while running, you are required to run at a certain speed due to which you might feel hot, hence the air circulation would help you to keep the shoe airy as well as lighter.

But if you are a runner who needs motion control shoes then you might have to sacrifice on your flexibility a bit. In case of running shoes, a vast range of products are available in the market in different vibrant color as well as price ranges.

Running Shoes: Essential For Runners

Proper cushioning is needed for runners as they give more weight on the ground and move at a much faster speed. Hence, proper comfort is an absolute necessity for them. Air cushioning is a must for running shoes.

A higher heel is essential for a runner. Also flared heels are recommended for runners as it provides the user with much more stability. Proper flexibility is needed for runners. The different type of shoes available for runners:

Running Shoes Essential For Runners

Running Shoe Features

  • Much lighter in weight
  • It offers proper stability for the user
  • Mostly are motion control shoes
  • Allows proper air circulation
  • Cushioning is present which would provide absolute comfort for the user

How to Choose the Best Running Shoes


This type of shoe doesn’t give any extra stability to the person. These shoes are specially designed for those runners whose foot doesn’t move or roll inwards once they move.


This type of show is specifically designed for runners whose foot moves slightly inwards while running, and hence this shoe tries to bring it to a neutral position.


This type of shoe is specifically designed for runners whose foot moves inwards very frequently while running. These shoes have a piece of foam, which is stiff, present inside the shoe than prevents it from moving inwards.


This type of shoe is designed for runners whose foot moves inward heavily a lot of times while running. Hence this shoe gives a certain form of stability to the user and would help to keep your foot aligned in a neutral position.

This type of shoe might be a little heavy than the other ones, but would provide adequate support to the user.

The Different Type Of Shoes Available For Runners

  • 1. Neutral: This type of shoe doesn’t have any extra feature or characteristic present to correct your pace.
  • 2. Stability: This type of shoe is specifically designed for those whose foot moves inward while walking.
  • 3. Motion Control: These type of shoes try to keep your foot in the correct and perfect position while walking.
Understanding Walking Shoes

Understanding Walking Shoes

On the other hand, in case of walking shoes, the shoes are not as light as running shoes. Also it is not breathable or doesn’t provide any system for air circulation as such. The shoe need to be supportive for the user as they need to feel comfort in these shoes.

The walking shoe generally have enough cushioning which would give you enough comfort. The support and comfort it provides would prevent any kind of muscle strain or joint stress while walking. The stability this shoe offers is an ideal option for any individual who prefer walking regularly.

The problem regarding walking shoe is different color of these shoes are not available in the market. Mostly the shoes available are of mute or self color.

Walking Shoes Features

  • Not technologically very advanced
  • Prioritizes comfort over anything else
  • Heavier than running shoes
  • Cushioning present to provide comfort for the user

Essential For Walkers

In case of fitness walkers, the requirements might be a little different. Their purpose won’t be solved with a mere walking shoe. They need specific features too look out for while buying the shoe.

  • Flexibility is a must for walkers.

How to Choose Best Walking Shoes

General Features 

  • Undercut heel is preferred for a fitness walker.
  • The difference between the heel and the toe of the shoe should be the minimum for fitness walkers.
  • Cushioned and lightweight shoes are recommended if you are planning to walk a longer distance at a time.
  • Flex at the forefoot is needed for fitness walkers

There are few significant differences present between walking shoe and running show which an individual has to keep in mind. They are:

Sole Of The Shoe

  • In case of running shoes, it has a much more stiffer sole
  • Walking shoes consists of much more blend


  • Running shoes consists of generally pretty thick heel wedges as it would be able to provide proper comfort and cushion for the individual.
  • The heels present in walking shoes are much more beveled.

Weight Of The Shoe

  • Running shoes are much light in it’s weight and is extremely helpful for running fast.
  • Walking shoes are considered to be more heavy than running shoes but at the same time is not too heavy and won’t create any discomfort for the user.


  • Running shoes consists of mesh which provides proper air circulation which makes the shoe airy
  • Walking shoes don’t consist of any mesh

What Happens When You Wear The Wrong Shoe?

If you wear an incorrect shoe for running, it might cause you leg injury and it might be of serious nature as well. It will also cause a certain amount of discomfort as the person won’t be comfortable in running in that shoe for a longer time.  

But in case of walking, if you wear a wrong or incorrect shoe, it might create discomfort but won’t cause any serious injury or harm to you.


Buying the perfect shoe for the perfect purpose has become essential in this time. While buying a shoe, keep in your mind the purpose, the size you require and the characteristic of your foot while walking or running as that might determine the idea shoe you need for you.

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