How To Get Into Yoga And Start Doing Yoga At Home?

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If you are willing to get into yoga and start doing yoga at home, but not really sure where to start and how to plunge into it, then this article is for you.

Here we talk about the mental and other preparations that you need to take to starting doing yoga at home and eventually turn it to be a virtuous habit. Stay Tuned. 

How To Get Into Yoga And Start Doing Yoga At Home

Yoga: The Modern Fitness Phenomenon

Yoga is often referred to as a ‘modern fitness phenomenon’ but it is literally a thousand years old. As paradoxical as it may seem, it is actually true. Yoga has become to be quite a popular form of exercise that combines various aspects of our existence- breathing, movement, and meditation (the focus of mind).

Yoga is not only a form of exercise, but it is also praised for the spiritual benefits that it extends to the practitioner.

With all the physical and spiritual benefits that yoga provides us with, you might be intrigued to try it out too. That’s a very good place to start, we must say.

So, if you are taking your first step to perform yoga, taking a yoga class can be quite overwhelming and you may be confused as to where to begin from in the first place.

So, lets start by answering a few basic questions here.

How To Get Into Practicing Yoga? 

The best way to start doing yoga or learn about it is by attending a proper yoga class. But if you’re feeling a little nervous about it, start with doing a little study about it which will help you know more about the practice.

Here are the following things that you must know about yoga before getting onto practicing it. Also, keeping these points in mind will create internal urge to get you started. 

How Is Yoga Beneficial To Us?

Yoga is not only beneficial for us physically, but also spiritually. It helps us develop both our body and our mind. It is important that you do not get engaged just with the physical aspect of it or become competitive or intimidated by it at all.

Yoga is actually very welcoming and open to beginners and newcomers, so enjoy every bit of it as you embark upon this journey. Also read our popular post in Yoga Therapy.

How To Learn Yoga?

While most people choose to learn and practice yoga by attending professional yoga classes under expert supervision, you can also choose to start with it at home.

Beginners classes are indeed a great way to learn about it, its various styles and which style suits you and your body particularly, but there’s no harm in starting on your own at home. For that you need to do a thorough research to help you go about it.

What To Get Before Starting To Practice Yoga?

Yoga is all about patience and being in the moment. It is important that you feel the enthusiasm and motivation to do it. Even if you choose to do yoga at home, start on with getting proper yoga clothes which are comfortable.

Make sure that they help you stay comfortable no matter what pose you are choosing to do. Also get a yoga mat for yourself. Other yoga props depend if you want to buy them right at the very moment or not. You can buy them later too. But a yoga mat is important.

How To Know The Meaning Of The Yoga Terms?

Another most essential feature of starting to do yoga is not only to know about it but also know the real meaning of it and its terms.

While yoga studios introduce you to these, if you are choosing to do on your own, gather your knowledge through research. Researching always helps, doesn’t it? But don’t worry at all and don’t get intimidated by it.

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How To Start Doing Yoga 

How To Start Doing Yoga? 

Yoga is all about developing both our body and our mind and for that regular practice is super-important. So, it makes sense to know how to get into the groove of Yoga. 

Practicing yoga regularly helps us to improve on our body and muscle flexibility, balance, strength and stamina, along with developing our mindfulness and consciousness.

It is this mental dimension of yoga that sets it apart from any other pure physical training and thus leaving you with a resonating feeling from within.

To start with doing yoga, a training regimen is very important. It is important that duration is set along with the exercises to be performed and the number of repetitions of them.

If you are choosing to practice at home even 10 minutes of performing yoga on a daily basis provides us with health benefits. You can even go ahead and combine your home practice sessions with an hour-long weekly yoga class.

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Things And Concepts That You Need To Know Before You Start Doing Yoga

OK, here are few things that you must know before you start doing yoga.

Yoga Classes

Professional yoga classes in a yoga studio are the best way to start doing yoga and that is why experts always recommend doing that. Yoga classes not only help you to acquire more knowledge about the practice but also keep you in the practice on a regular basis.

There are various independent yoga studios and there are also national brands that one may choose to go for. There are also places like health clubs, spas and community centers which teach yoga and they are good places too.

These places form a great introductory yoga classes for beginners. However, if you are looking for a larger and broader spectrum of yoga and yoga classes then these places are less likely to offer that. So, look out for some great yoga classes near you to begin with the practice.

Yoga Styles

Yoga is diverse and it comes with a number of styles and every other new variation is emerging all the time. However, a beginner yoga class introduces you to different styles and as you progress you may choose specifically which style to go for based on your needs and requirements. Some of the broad yoga styles which are popular are:

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Gentle/Restorative Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Hot Yoga
  • Ashtanga
  • Anusara
  • Iyengar

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Yoga Gear And Clothing

The essentials that are required to start doing yoga are very basic. All you need is a flat, comfortable space and a bottle of water to keep you hydrated.

While any kind of fitness clothing work fine to perform yoga, you can choose to get proper yoga clothing too- the ones with ample stretch and minimum bulk. This is important whether you choose to do yoga at home or in a yoga studio.

A comfortable pair of yoga leggings and a comfortable upper wear is all you need. As far as yoga gears are concerned, get yourself a yoga mat or you can wait until you’ve got recommendations from your instructor.

The rest of the yoga gears or yoga props that you keep hearing about is not needed right away. Your instructor will advise you to get them as and when you need. Yoga studios usually provide yoga mat and yoga props, but you can get your own too!

Yoga Terms

Like we know yoga to be rich in style, it is also rich in terms and yoga specific vocabulary. Most of the yoga terms are Sanskrit names.

Learning new terms in a new language might seem to be super confusing at first but as a beginner it is this part of learning is fun too. Learning the basic terms of yoga is a part of your development process and therefore it is important that you do so when you start doing yoga.

There are general yoga terms as well as names of specific poses too! In all, it provides you with an overall learning. Some of the common words of yoga that you often seem to hear early on, are:

  • Asanas: The physical poses and postures
  • Pranayama: A specialized breathing technique and a key component of yoga.
  • Om: An elemental chant helping to canter and focus on your mind
  • Child’s Pose: A basic pose of yoga which is taught in the beginner’s class itself.
  • Savasana: The pose where one lies still in a state of relaxation
  • NamasteAn honorable salutation at the beginning and end of the class; usually to the trainer and the fellow practitioners. Read What Namaste Means in Yoga and What Is Yoga Nidra?

Ok, now coming the main question that seem to trouble everyone specially at the beginning.

How To Start Doing Yoga At Home; 9 Tips To Help

How To Start Doing Yoga At Home: 9 Tips To Help

If you have decided on starting or practicing yoga at home, here are a few tips you must keep in mind.

1. Choose A Convenient Time

Practicing yoga in the morning is always the best as our energy levels are highest during this time of the day.

However, you may choose any time as per your convenience. You may even choose to do it in the evening as it will refresh your mind and let go of all the stress that you’ve collected throughout the day.

2. Choose A Comfortable Place

It is important to choose a small, private and a comfortable space for your daily yoga practice. You can also choose any quiet space at your home where you are not likely to be disturbed. No matter what the space is, make sure that it is clean, well-ventilated and free of too many objects.

3. Practice On Empty Stomach

Yoga provides best results when performed on empty stomach. A minimum gap of 2-3 hours is needed to perform yoga between meals.

4. Comfortable and Simple Yoga Wear

While performing yoga at home or anywhere, for a matter of fact, choose simple and comfortable pieces of clothing which will not restrict your movement and give you ample stretch. Remove all jewelery and make up while practicing yoga.

5. Warm Up Prior to Yoga Postures

Warming up before getting onto yoga posture is an absolute must. This prevents muscles from injuring or straining. Warming up and doing a few stretches brings flexibility to your body before moving onto intense yoga postures.

6. Don’t Be Too Hard On Your Body

When you start your practice, start with simple and easy yoga poses and gradually flow into the more intense ones. Respecting your own body while performing yoga is absolutely necessary.

7. Be Consistent

Practicing yoga at home becomes difficult for most people with all the engagements around. But it is important that a consistency is maintained and is practiced every day. It is important to make it a part of your daily schedule and make a habit out of it.

8. You May Choose To Do Yoga With Your Friends And Family

Practicing yoga everyday like a scheduled task can get boring or you may become lazy. So, you can always go ahead and try doing yoga with your friends and family.

9. Incorporate Various Yoga Techniques

When you are practicing yoga at home, it is important that you practice various poses and breathing techniques. Fixing a set of asanas to be practiced everyday always helps. This way you end up treating your body like a complete package!

You may choose to practice or start doing yoga at home, but it is always advisable to learn and practice yoga under the supervision of a trained yoga teacher. In case of any medical condition, practicing is advisable only after doctor’s consultation.


So, we hope you are clearer about how to get into yoga and how to start doing yoga at home. Here are a few last comments from our side. 

Yoga is no religion. It is a disciple. It is a practice. Yoga isn’t “too hard” or “too easy”. Yoga is a practice that is for everyone at every level and is capable of fitting into any lifestyle.

So, if you are thinking of starting to practice yoga, you’ll soon discover how inclusive and uplifting yoga is and can be.

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