6 Best Workout Leggings That Aren’t See Through

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If You Are Looking For Best Workout Leggings That Aren’t See Through You Are On The Right Page.

We Researched The Space For 29 Long Hours To Come Up With Our Top 6 Suggestions. All Of These Are Great In Their Own Right, But We Give You A Winner Too.

Non-See-Through Leggings: Comfortable and Desirable 

A comfortable pair of leggings is your go to outfit whenever you’re thinking of working out, isn’t it? It is impossible to imagine working out in any other outfit except for a nicely fitted pair of leggings, which keeps you comfortable and flexible during your workout session.

So, what you do is head out to buy that perfect pair for yourself. But, before looking around you keep a check list of criteria in your head which the perfect workout leggings should match up to entirely.

And as we venture out to buy the perfect pair of workout leggings, the most important criterion in our check-list is that it should not be of a sheer material- that is a huge no-no for us when we are looking for comfort.

A see through legging is something we are clearly not looking for when we are looking for comfort. And thus, you walk into the store and look out for the best workout leggings that aren’t see through. We all know how it is must in every woman’s workout wardrobe.

So, if you are frantically looking up online for the perfect pair of gorgeous leggings or yoga pants which aren’t see through, then you are absolutely in the right place.

Here is a list of 6 best workout leggings which are not see through and these will definitely help you add to your coolest and brand new workout attire. Buy the one for you, and you are all set to hit the gym!

Here goes our winner…

Best Workout Leggings

What are the Best Not See Through Leggings?

1. Alo Women’s High-Waist Workout Leggings

Nothing can get more comfortable than a pair of high-rise workout leggings which has an airbrush feel to it. And so, one such legging is the High Waist Airbrush Leggings brought to you by Alo.

Alo is a brand which has been in the market for quite some time now and is known for making yoga and workout apparels for women which are a perfect blend of utility, style and sustenance.

Rated highly by users, the Alo High Waist Workout Leggings for women are not only non-see-through, but also very comfortable in terms of fabric, durability and performance.

This is indeed an excellent pair for women who are working out or doing yoga. This particular legging from Alo comes with a Pull on Closure which keeps the elastic high waist pants put- which means while stretching and moving, you do not need to worry about it falling down.

Is available in a number of colours and all of these come in a non-sheer fabric and hence no see-through! These high waist leggings from Alo is a woman’s best friend as it is made of nylon and spandex but gives it a cotton-smooth feel!

With this high-waist leggings be sure to get full coverage and comfort when you are up and about with them on!

Don’t let them come in your way of achieving a better mind and body. It is reasonably priced as well. This one gets 5.0 from us. It makes it to the top of our list.

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What we like in it ?

  • It is Pull On closure 
  • Machine Wash
  • Stretch-fabric yoga pant with flat-locked comfort seaming and no side seams featuring logo hit at left knee
  • 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex 


  • For some people the size may get to big too handle comfortably   

2. EkoSoft Hi-Level Legging

The eKO Soft Hi-Level Leggings is one another favourite option of ours in the non-see-through category of leggings. Oozing comfort, durability and sustenance, these leggings come in a high-waist design which flatters your waist line when you wear it.

Made of soft fabric, the Eko Soft Hi-Level Legging comes in decorative curved side details and is stitched intricately with natural side seams giving it a decorative look.

The soft fabric is composed of Modal, Cotton, Poly and Elastane which makes it insanely comfortable, durable and also does not require much of a hassle in order to take care of them for longer garment shelf life. The materials used to make the EkoSoft Hi-Level Leggings are not only comfortable for you but is also kinder to the earth.

 It is available in a smart and suave heather pine colour which makes the leggings look quirky and you look fiercely hot. And yes, you need not worry about exposing any part of your leg or posterior as these are completely non-see-through and believe us when we say you are going to rock those squats in this one.

So go ahead and get the Eko Soft Hi-Level Leggings for yourself to work it, squat it and burn it!

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What we like in it ?

  • Double peached fabric brings incredible softness and comfort 
  • Rise: Ultra High-rise
  • Four-way stretch fabric
  • HeiQ technology for moisture management


  • We could’t find any major negative in this

3. 3D Printed High-Waist Leggings

This 3D printed High-Waist Legging is one of our best picks. With high ratings from users this leggings from Lover-Beauty makes it to our list of top six.

Of course, these are non-see-through and very comfortable to wear, but the most important feature of this 3D Printed High-Waist Leggings come with a high waist-band.

The material is made of nylon and spandex which keeps it hugging, flattering every curve of your body. The high quality fabric is extremely breathable, soft and definitely a top-notch comfortable pair of leggings for your workout or yoga sessions.

This 3D Printed High Waist Leggings from Lover-Beauty comes in two different shades of black and is true to size. The 3D printing technology used to make this pair makes it possible to fit all or many sizes.

It gives a 4 way stretch to achieve 300% elongation further providing it with instant recovery after pulling out. The high waist band keeps the legging in place no matter what the movement is and prevents it from rolling down.

Available at a very reasonable price, you can go for this high-waist comfortable legging for your daily workout session which isn’t see-through at all. No need to worry about that bit, for sure!

What we like in it ?

  • 3D Printing Pants: High resilience fabric with specific Senselast 3D printing tech to make it possible to fit all or many sizes. 
  • Suitable for yoga, sports, running, fitness, any type of exercise or everyday use.
  • 4 way stretch achieve 300% elongation and instant recovery after pulling out. High resilience fabric with Senselast 3D printing. High waisted design can make it saty on the way and prevent roll down.
  • It is very easy to maintain


  • We could’t find any major negative in this

4. Fold Back Cuff Legging

No matter how you move- whether you bend, fold or stretch- this fold back cuff legging should be your go-to working out gear. This is a versatile pair of leggings which is not at all see-through and is made from a high compressive fabric, which makes it comfortable and very sturdy.

It lifts and sculpts your legs and posterior wherever necessary and gives a flattering curve to the lower portion of your body. The fold-over cuff detail gives it a super-cute edge to the whole look of the leggings. Style it with your favourite pair of upper and you are good to go.

This fold back cuff legging is available in one colour and is made of nylon and elastane which gives it a flawless, smooth and a seamless look. It also comes with a pocket in the waistband area which makes it all the more convenient.

The high rise style makes this legging all the more comfortable for your body and you do not have to worry about it rolling down from your waist. Made from plant-based materials, this legging has a prolonged shelf life and does not require much effort to maintain these.

All you need to keep in mind is that you do not dry clean them as that might hinder with the breathability and the performance of the pair. Offer yourself with a fun and unique pair of leggings for your next workout or yoga session.

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What we like in it ?

  • Elastane, Polyester 
  • Super-stretch jersey
  • 87% polyester/13% spandex
  • Wash cold


  • For some people the size may get to big too handle comfortably    

5. Dual Pocket, Tummy Control Leggings

Available in a pack of two, these non-see-through leggings are what we vouch for. So, if you are up and about looking for those perfect pair, then you must go for these. The non-see-through feature is not the only reason why these pairs are attractive.

They also come with dual pockets on either side which will help you keep your hands free during your workout sessions. The pockets also come with side zippers which takes the convenience quotient a notch higher!

The 4 way stretch non-see-through fabric is perfect for wearing it for your workout sessions or even otherwise, if you are looking for comfortable attire with not much of a hassle.

These high waist leggings are made of highest quality fabrics which are specially designed to absorb moisture from the body and thus providing all the more comfort! These are available in a variety of colours and the tummy control waistband gives you a sleeker and a flawless look without riding up or down during activity.

What we like in it ?

  • Elastic & Drawstring closure  
  • Two side pockets on the running pants can leave your hands free when doing workout. 
  • Using 4 way Stretch & Non See-through Fabric. Perfect for Running, exercise, fitness, any type of workout, or everyday use. 
  • These ODODOS Dual Pocket High Waist Workout Pants for women are made from the highest quality fabrics designed to remove moisture from your body, providing maximum comfort.


  • We could’t find any major negative in this

6. Engineered Print Legging

This vibrant, colourful and quirky print legging is THE one if you are looking for a workout gear to feel the vibrations and pulse of your heavy workout or yoga session.

Like the others, this engineered print legging is non-see-through, mid waist and is made of materials which give nothing but comfort to your body when you wear it. It comes with a four-way stretch which gives you more than enough space for movement and flexibility even if you are wearing them just for travelling or other purposes.

This engineered galaxy print legging is made of polyester and elastane and also comes with contoured waist construction and a built-in pocket. Rated highly by users, this legging is great for comfort and is also excessively durable.

Just don’t dry clean in order to increase the shelf life of the garment. These leggings are great for yoga, squatting or running giving ample flexibility to the material and you.

So, if you want to add some fun and pop of colour to your boring workout sessions, then this pair of leggings is just the perfect one for you! Go for it!

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What we like in it ?

  • It is Machine Wash  
  • Contoured waistband construction with built-in media pocket
  • Double-layer gusset  
  • Four-way stretch fabric 


  • We could’t find any major negative in this


So, to draw a conclusion, we must let you know that in order to buy the best workout leggings that aren’t see through you must make sure to consider the quality and the materials of the fabric.

Leggings which come lined with fleece are usually less transparent. However, there are incredibly thin and well-made leggings too which are opaque and are also extremely comfortable.

Go for these 6 best workout leggings mentioned above to add comfort and versatility in your workout wardrobe or for any other daily activity you choose to wear them for. If you are stepping out to buy a pair of leggings for yourself, run a few mini tests like bending and stretching to avoid giving everyone a run for your show.

And if you are planning to buy them online, then make sure you go for the top-rated merchandise which are provided with elaborate user review. These things will help you understand about the product better.

So, what are you ladies waiting for? Go ahead, and buy those perfect pair of comfortable leggings which aren’t see through- because that is exactly what you are looking for!