Why I’m offering this… here’s my story

If you feel like I did after first qualifying as a yoga teacher, that this crazy industry is a complete minefield, you’re RIGHT! It’s hard to navigate… but there’s support available.

You can expect this 3 month Empower Online Mentoring Programme to bridge the gap between your Yoga Teacher Training and understanding your business within the Yoga industry. It’s for those choosing abundant, intelligent entrepreneurship over imposter syndrome, burnout, exhaustion and confusion.

What do I know?

My legal career turned global banking corporate marketing and events career taught me a lot of advocacy and business skills. In the past few years since transitioning into a full time self-employed yoga career I’ve seen and experienced a LOT – the good the bad and the ugly… success, jealousy, abundance, bullying, a #metoo incident by a client, gaining multiple brand sponsorships, both great and awful collaborations, yoga teacher trainings, leading workshops, writing yoga and wellness articles for UK companies, leading a load of daily classes a week and working super hard for little reward, working for others, working for myself, setting up my own classes and events, teaching corporate yoga, private yoga, yoga for surfing, karma yoga, teaching for big brands, working in surf camps, moving abroad as a yoga teacher, advanced teacher training, yoga modelling, and taking the leap into the retreat industry, now leading retreats internationally in Italy, Ibiza, Greece, Morocco and at home (UK ??) also assisting on 200HR Yoga Teacher Trainings. Phew…

I’ve gained this experience, learned a lot the hard way (which you don’t have to!) and that’s why I’m so open to sharing and caring and boosting you. We are stronger together. You are not alone. Let’s find our way through this crazy industry together and get you on track to an abundant, thriving life.

If you have questions, concerns, enquiries about where you’re going or what to do with your business, take a look at my 3 month Empower Online Mentoring Programme below and to book your FREE 15 minute initial consultation. I can’t wait to talk!

Who is this for?

The 3 month Empower Online Mentoring Programme is designed for yoga teachers to develop entrepreneurship. You desire to be abundant, thriving in your business, to have enough reach whilst keeping an authentic and unique voice. You need support on getting completely crystal clear about your brand, your service, what you’re doing and why.

If you’re dedicated, ready to take that leap of faith by actively investing in seriously pursuing your offering, teaching skills, developing confidence, business acumen and knowledge, nurturing your creativity, maintaining your passion and keeping it fresh vs burnout, confusion and depletion – this is for you!

There’s no way around it – the work to be done is yours. Don’t expect a breeze – there will be homework, action points and regular contact to keep things ticking over smoothly. Starting, running and maintaining your own business takes WORK but when it’s your own, the rewards (and I’m not just talking money) are so so SO BEAUTIFUL.

What happens during the programme?

During Empower, the mentoring sessions take place via recorded live online group calls once every 2 weeks. Before our first online meeting I’ll ask for your current situation, what’s working well/not well, what are your expectations and goals around the programme if any. Why have you chosen this Empower Programme. Then via our calls we start an in-depth discussion covering 6 key modules. 

All the content and assignments are housed within our Private Facebook Group. Each live call is recorded and therefore available to you for a lifetime.  I offer you homework and action points via our Private Facebook Group. These are optional but the more you put into it the more you get out of it.

I’ll challenge you to work hard, put yourself outside of your comfort zone and really get things going. It takes hard work which is why I’ll motivate you by my customised guidance. You can expect to be fully supported – for the duration of the programme you are welcome to contact me with your specific questions/concerns/issues outside of our calls. Feel free to message within the private Facebook Group and I’ll get back to you.

Give an example of what we will talk about?

  • Find your confident, empowered true voice.
  • Identify your unique offering and service – what do you want to do, why and for who?
  • Build your brand. Embrace authentic marketing, honouring mindfulness in your online presence and knowing your value
  • Enhance your business acumen, knowledge around pricing, collaborations, venues, workshops, retreats, studios – the list goes on
  • Keep it fresh – your own love of yoga, your practice, your self-care
  • Other personal specifics can be customised to your own needs.

Is the Empower Programme right for me?

Empower is designed to move you onto a trajectory of a more abundant life. I’m talking quality of professional and personal life, the health of your body and overall well-being. Filling your cup first so you can teach a beautiful class, workshop or retreat for paying clients and still have plenty of joyful time for yourself, your chosen lifestyle and your family.

Take a look below at which one speaks to you. Do you want to feel empowered, confident, refreshed?

The Investment

Real investment=Real Return. Same in life, same in business. It’s the law of attraction!

It’s always the right time to grow, invest, transform. It starts with YOU. There IS space for you and the world needs YOUR service. Rather than schlepping around every gym, spa, studio, why not learn how to maximise return on your time and make back what you invest in this 10x over through manifesting your ideas into reality.

I’m not a yoga teacher… but this speaks to me?

Then let’s talk. Perhaps you might be interested in becoming a yoga teacher or you have a business idea (or already started one), or wish for a new way of life that you’d like some support and guidance with. If my offering resonates with you, let’s see where this can go.


  • “My first mentoring session with Catherine really helped me to understand what my personal and professional short and long term goals were. The written, visual and practical exercises have helped me achieve clarity and motivation. We had a thorough session with fun and achievable exercises designed to help me continue on my journey until our next meeting. Catherine is supportive, communicative and professional but at the same time I felt like I was talking to an old friend! Can’t wait for my next session!”

  • “Life is what you make it. Easy to say; not to implement – and this is where mentorship can help you to success BUT the key is to find the right mentor, and I was very lucky to meet Catherine. Her support, guidance, inspiration and positive thinking helped me to clarify what I want on my Yoga path, how I cam improve as a Yoga teacher, but most importantly – to recognise and appreciate what I have already learned and achieved. Our monthly calls helped me to stay focussed on my Yoga journey, and our notes from the sessions are a good reminder/action plan to continue my own Yoga practice and develop further as a Yoga teacher.”

  • “I owe you so much because you motivated me to keep going! The motivation has lasted and lasted because I still have resources to practice/learn from and tips to keep implementing in every cass! I now look forward to teaching because I see every class as a learning experience too… as opposed to shying away and looking for excuses to cancelling each one as I did before. THANK YOU!” 

  • “It was absolutely lovely speaking with you with such ease and openness, thank you. You’ve given me lots of think about which I’m excited to explore. I have a tendency to get a little overwhelmed so I’ll need to pick one action point to be my logical starting point and go from there! I looking forward to speaking again next month!” 



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3 Month Online Mentoring Programme

COURSE DATES: 26 April – 19 July

o  6 live-stream recorded 60-90 min calls

o  6 modules including audio + video content, homework and assignments

o  Access to our exclusive Private Facebook Group 

o  1 30 min check-in follow-up session on 19 July 

o  Maximum intake – 10 people


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Need a little more individual support on top?


o  Video Analysis – record a 1 hour class of you teaching (with permission from your students) receive detailed feedback on unleveling your teaching

o  2 x private 1-1 Mentoring sessions (in person option if possible)

o  3 month Empower Online Mentoring Programme


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Choose from either:

o  Video Analysis – record a 1 hour class of you teaching (with permission from your students) receive detailed feedback on unleveling your teaching


o  2 x private 1-1 Mentoring sessions (in person option if possible)

Either option includes:

o  3 month Empower Online Mentoring Programme




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