How To Make Yoga Pants Tighter? Simple DIY Hacks

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We understand how difficult it is to part away from your favourite pair of yoga pants because they have stretched out over time with regular wash and use.

So, the question that might be lingering in your mind is how to make yoga pants tighter ? If that is the case, you are on the right page. 

Here in this article we will talk about simple DIY ways at home to make your stretched yoga pants tighter. Stay tuned. 

How To Make Yoga Pants Tighter

Why Do Yoga Pants Get Stretched?

Yoga pants stretch out for a number of reasons- they might lose out on their elasticity because they haven’t been washed correctly as per the manufacturer’s label or have been washed too many times.

They even tend to stretch out with regular use and sometimes because you have lost some weight yourself!

And now that your long-loved yoga pants have stretched out, there is no way they want stay put on your waist giving you that sleek contoured look which it gave at one point of time.

Yoga pants are made of different fabrics and materials- some are made of cotton while some are made of nylon and polyester. But one common material which is blended with the above mentioned materials is spandex (or elastane) and it is this spandex that stretches out.

But don’t you need to worry at all! Yoga pants can be resized (read made tighter) to make those pair well fit once again.

In this article we shall discuss about how to make yoga pants tighter with the help of 3 DIY methods if they stretching out has happened majorly in the waist area!

What are some ways to shrink yoga pants?

Method 1: Sewing your Yoga Pants Tighter (Legs)

Well, do not let the title of the method throw you off. This method is absolutely a DIY method which does not require you to be a master at sewing

Also, this would not even take an hour of your time to get your yoga pants tighter otherwise which would have if you had to take this to your tailor.

All that you need to have for this method are- sewing pins, sewing needle or sewing machine and thread.

What are some ways to shrink yoga pants
  1. First, take your yoga pants, turn them upside down and try them on. Once you wear pull the extra amount of fabric towards the outside of the seams on each leg respectively.

    However, make sure that you do not pull the fabric too hard. Pull it gently. Then starting from the waist start pinning the extra fabric downward towards your ankles. But be sure to leave a considerable amount of fabric so that you can remove them comfortably in order to start working on them.

    Also, try and sit down before you remove your pants. This will ensure that the yoga pants will be equally comfortable in a seated position after you’ve tightened them.

  2. Once you have measured how much your yoga pants must be tightened with the sewing pins remove them and place them on a flat surface and make sure to place them inside out- this is because that is the side your sewing must be done.

  3. And now comes the most important step. Start sewing a brand new seam line parallel to the outside of the line which you have made with the pins.

    Start sewing from the waist and work downward towards the ankle. However, your sewing line will be determined whether you are going for a hand stitch or a machine stitch.

    In case you are going for hand stitch then your stitch must be straight while if you are going for machine stitch then make sure to do a zigzag stitch. The zigzag stitch ensures that the stitches are well-locked and intertwined in order to make it stronger and durable.

    Once your stitching has been done till the ankle, turn around your yoga pants and sew them working upwards from the ankle to the waist.

  4. Once the stitches have been done from both the sides, remove the temporary seam (created by the pins) try them on once again- this time too try them inside out.

    If you feel that your yoga pants have come to right size and are providing you with a snug fit then remove the yoga pants and cut off the extra portion of the fabric which is gathered beyond the new seam line. However, do not cut it right from where the seam is.

    Leave a little bit of fabric beyond the stitching. This will ensure that the stitch gets enough support to hold onto the fabric.

  5. And in the last step, all you have to do is make a fold over of the extra fabric and iron them for a comfortable seam. If you do not iron and set it in place, it might end up digging into your skin and this is super-uncomfortable.

    And voila, your favourite yoga pants have now become your favourite once again giving you the snug and body hugging fit that you’ve always loved.

Method 2: Making your Yoga Pants Tighter (Waist)

If your favourite pair of yoga pants seems to have stretched out near the waist, then this solution will be the quickest and easiest to get them tighter. This method too requires a little bit of sewing, but then again you don’t need to be a master at that.

All that you need to go about with this method are: a sewing machine/ can be done by hand, an elastic measuring the width of the waist, tread, scissors, straight pins and a safety pin.

Making your Yoga Pants Tighter (Waist)
  1. Your first task is to get the elastic width right- cut it an inch longer than the length of the waist of your yoga pants and then put the safety at the end of the elastic.

  2. The next step is to create a casing for the elastic band. For that, all you’ve got to do is zigzag around the waistband of your yoga pants about a quarter inch extra of the width of your new elastic band- and your casing is ready! Simple, huh?

  3. The next step is to create a casing for the elastic band. For that, all you’ve got to do is zigzag around the waistband of your yoga pants about a quarter inch extra of the width of your new elastic band- and your casing is ready! Simple, huh?

  4. Pull the elastic band all through the length of the waist of your yoga pants making sure that the elastic band is not getting twisted or turned inside the casing.

  5. Once it has gone through the entire length, bring it out of the other end of the hole and put a safety pin to meet the two ends of the elastic.

  6. Stitch the both ends together back and forth a number of times to make the stitch stronger and the ends of your elastic are joined! Pull your yoga pants to the sides holding the waist to evenly distribute the waistband.

  7. Well, your job doesn’t end here. Now go onto making a few stitches through the thickness on each side of your yoga pants to avoid curling or twisting of the elastic that you’ve just put in. Then stitch up the hole through which the elastic is running. This will ensure that the elastic stays in place no matter how much you move.

And ahoy! It won’t even seem like your favourite yoga pant has gone ‘under the knife’ and has just received an alteration. Only that now it will stay put on your waist. Try it on and see it for yourself! That does sure feel better, right?


We all have that pair of yoga pants that we just love and losing them to stretching is just not what we desire. It turns you nuts, right!

So, these simple methods of how to make yoga pants tighter will definitely help you to fix them both in length and in waist.

Now all that slipping down of your yoga pants or the fabric gathers around the legs are now under control and you are good to go ahead wearing them and running about in the town or hitting the gym once again!