How To Keep Leggings from Sagging: Simple Precautions and Tricks

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If you got tired of shagging leggings and trying to find the answer of How To Keep Leggings from Sagging, then you are on the right page.

We talk about 3 simple tricks for precaution against it and few tips to fix it in case this has happened already.

How To Keep Leggings from Sagging

Shagging Costs You More Than What You Think

Nothing gets more annoying than saggy leggings. So, all you end up doing on your run or your workout session is pull them back up. They stay quite functional when they are new but with regular use and wash they tend to sag, especially near your waist and in your knee areas. 

You aren’t the only one facing harassment like this where your leggings sag and look awkward and then you have to go and buy another new pair to get the proper fitted look.

This results in a burning hole in your pocket right! Sagging of leggings is a natural occurrence that happens to stretchy and elastic fabrics with daily use and cares no matter what fabric it is made of or of which brand it is.

So, this simple problem of shagging actually makes you shell out a lot more money which we kind of do not understand directly. 

So, before tossing them right away, why don’t we try and figure out some ways to keep these leggings from sagging? Trust us, there are ways to do this and in this article, we are going to tell you about how to keep leggings from sagging so that you can use them for a longer period of time- before turning into those ‘hateful pants’.

Let us dive in to the topic and find out ways which can prevent leggings from sagging and also ways to fix them if they have already started to do so.

What’s the Best Way to Keep Leggings From Shagging

Before we start with the ways, it is very important that you figure out where exactly the sagging has taken place. 

Sagging usually happens near the knee area because of the constant folding and bending. However, it may also happen near the waist. So once that is understood, that will determine the way how you’re going to fix the leggings.

One more aspect that you need to keep in mind is the fabric or material with which your legging is made of. Each kind of fabric has to be treated in different ways. And thus, both these points will determine how to keep leggings from sagging

Detailed Tips and Tricks to Resist Shagging 

Detailed Tips and Tricks to Resist Shagging 

So, here we bring to you a detailed list of tips (read DIY) which are going to really help you to keep your leggings from Sagging even after regular use and a trillion of washes.

Thankfully, there are ways to avoid that sag and it all depends on the way you wash them or care for them.

Right washing is the first step to prevent Shagging

To put this in a nutshell, stretched out or saggy leggings are not basically unsuitable for fitness.

Nothing is more distracting than having to pull up your leggings every time you are running, jogging, squatting or even holding a crow-pose. The easiest solution would be to replace them but that does not seem very practical.

So, the first method to prevent leggings from sagging is to keep a check on how they are being washed.

1. Go by the Garment Care Label

The primary step to keeping your leggings from sagging is to keep in mind the garment care label. Go back and consult that every time you keep it aside for a wash.

Unless the label mentions that you can execute machine wash on the active wear, we suggest don’t go for it. It is always better to hand wash stretchy elastic fabrics. 

For a thorough clean- to get rid of the odour and sweat- we often choose to wash our leggings in hot water. But did you know, that hot water is another reason your leggings are probably getting stretched out.

This happens because stretchy fabrics are composed of elastane- which we often refer to as the spandex material. Therefore washing such material in cold water is always helpful as they not only restore the colour but also preserves the elastane fibers for a longer period of time.

However, you should also keep in mind that in order to dry such fabrics, you should never use heat on them even though you’ve washed it in cold water. This works in the same logic as washing them in hot water- they expand the elastane.

So, it is always better to line dry or air dry leggings if you want to prevent your leggings from sagging. In case you are in a hurry and you need to tumble dry your pair of leggings, then we suggest you do it on the lowest program available.

2. Get The Right Detergent

Well, just to let you know, like heat, the detergent you choose to wash your leggings with also plays a crucial role in the sagging of your leggings. Therefore, it is very important that you choose the right detergent (the correct formula) to prevent your leggings from stretching too much.

For a more DIY approach you can also use baking soda when you wash those leggings in cold water. This will bring out your leggings sparkly clean and odourless.

However, many brands nowadays have come out with potent odour neutralizers in the fabrics of the leggings which are specifically used for sports and active lifestyle.

3. Wash Active Wears Separately

Another very important point that people often forget while washing leggings is that your workout wear or active wear (whatever you may call it) must always be washed separately from your other clothes.

Make sure to turn them inside out so that they sweatiest side directly faces the brunt of the washing. Also make sure to pull up the zippers only to prevent abrasions of any kind 

Thus, if you follow these basic rules you can easily keep your leggings from sagging and increase their garment shelf-life.

As mentioned earlier, leggings usually sag in two places the most- the waist and the knees.

If you keep in mind the above points you can easily avoid shagging in the knee area.

Now let’s talk a little about how leggings can be fixed if they tend to sag around the waist.

Prevent Shagging in the Waist Area

Prevent Shagging in the Waist Area

1. Make a drawstring

Take a shoelace from an old pair of shoes and then make a hole in the front panel of your leggings. Put the shoelace through the hole, get it all around the waist and bring it out from the same hole.

This will create a drawstring and you can easily solve a saggy legging problem if it’s happening around the waist.

2. Wear a Belt

If your leggings come with belt loops, then you can also wear a narrow belt around your waist. This will help you tighten the legging around our waist if it is sagging.

3. Hand Wash and Air Dry

If your leggings aren’t being washed in a proper way, then it will surely lead to sagging as the elastane/ spandex fibers stretch with regular use and wash. Make sure not to wash them in hot water or apply heat while drying them.

Also, it is always better to go for an old-school hand washing system for your leggings until and unless it is already mentioned by the manufacturers that they can be washed in the washing machine.

Air drying is always better than tumble dry. Ly it flat on the clothesline or on the ground and let it take its own time to dry.

If you follow these simple techniques while washing your leggings, they are sure to last longer without sagging or rolling down from your waist with every move that you make.


A pair of legging has the power to uplift your outfit all together, or completely denounce it. Therefore, a perfectly fitted legging is extremely important whether you are wearing them as an active wear or just teaming them up with other outfits.

An ill-fitted or saggy legging will make you look messy and disorganized. So, all you have to do is make sure that your pair of leggings fit you properly and comfortably. And to increase their life, by not letting them sag, all you need to do is keep these hacks and tricks in mind.

Once you start following these points, you will see your leggings are automatically lasting for a longer period of time than they used to.

Now that you are an expert on this, share this knowledge with your family and friends and let them also know about how to keep leggings from sagging.