How To Wash Lululemon Yoga Pants? A Step By Step Guide

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If You Are Wondering About How To Wash Lululemon Yoga Pants? Then This Article Is For You.

Here, We Take You Through The Simple Step By Step Process To Help Understand How To Wash Your Yoga Mat In Your Washer. Stay Tuned.

How To Wash Lululemon Yoga Pants

Why do You need To Wash Your Yoga Pants?

Lululemon, an apparel company which makes yoga-inspired athletic and technical clothing is most known for its super comfortable yoga pants. They also manufacture sports bras, jackets, shorts, leggings, tops and shirts.

Their comfort and longevity not only make them a favourite among yogis worldwide but also lure them to use these garments, while running errands or during those lazy weekends.

A standard Lululemon yoga pant will cost you around $20 more than other available brands in the market but this definitely comes with a reason. Those who use these pants swear by it and know how long a pair can last.

However, just like any other exquisite product, these pants will only be with you for a really long time if you look after them well. This essentially means washing the yoga pants on time and in a proper way.

Kinds Of Fabrics Used By Lululemon

There are a number of fabrics which the company manufactures and uses according to the demands of the garment they are making and here they are:


This is their signature fabric, famous for its four-way stretch. Not only is it soft, but it also has amazing moisture-wicking capacity. It is used for making pants, joggers, tights and jackets.


Again a four-way stretch fabric, this one finds most usage in sports bras, yoga pants, leggings and more.


One of the most comfortable fabrics by Lululemon, this one feels like air on the skin thanks to its buttery soft texture. It is used for jackets, pants, leggings, crop tops and more.


Another extremely light and soft material, this one is more appropriate for high-intensity workout sessions. The Nulux line includes cropped pants, sports bras and tights among others.


While all fabrics used by Lululemon have great wicking features, this one is particularly suitable for high humidity areas as it dries faster than the rest, despite being a double knit fabric.

The double-layer in fact helps moisture to dry on the outside while the inner layer keeps the wearer cool. Everlux leggings are among the company’s most popular products but it is also used for cropped pants, shorts and more.


This one is a strong fabric with a two-way stretch. Similar to the rest of the fabrics, it is water repellant and moisture-wicking.

Apart from these, Lululemon also uses other fabrics such as Warpstreme, Rulu, Boolux, Cashlux and Merino Wool.  While the sheer variety of fabrics can be overwhelming, their wash and care instructions are roughly similar.

Wash Lululemon Yoga Pants Perfectly

Simple 4 Step Process to Wash Lululemon Yoga Pants Perfectly

Deep cleaning ensures that your gear is clean from within. Deep cleaning Lululemon Yoga Pants involve a step by step procedure. Following these steps will ensure that your gear lasts long and stays durable.


Pre-soaking helps in loosening the dirt and stains. This is especially advised for pants which have spots or are stinking. Waistbands and hemlines are areas to focus on. Fill up a washtub or basin with cold water, mix mild detergent and use your hands to ensure that there are no lumps.

Now add the yoga pants to the basin and let it soak for 10-15 minutes. Those who want to use natural ingredients for a light wash may mix baking soda or vinegar with the water and soak in a similar fashion.


You may choose to machine wash or handwash your pair.

Machine Washing

It is best advised to use a mesh bag when washing your yoga pants in a washing machine. This prevents the fabric from stretching too much and helps in retaining its longevity and elasticity.

Turn your yoga pants inside out before placing them in the machine. This is suggested for two reasons – most of the dirt and sweat on pants is on the inside and also because yoga pants make a fashion statement which is maintained by their outer appearance.

That is likely to be damaged by constant friction. Select the delicate cycle of your washing machine and use only cold water. Add 1-2 scoopfuls of the detergent, depending on how dirty your pants are – 2 scoops being the ideal amount for very soiled ones.

Hand Washing

This is indeed the safest method to clean your yoga pants, especially those made from Luon. Fill up a washbasin with cold water; add the requisite amount of detergent and agitate the water to mix it well. Now soak your pants in it for about 30 minutes.

If you have pre-soaked the pants, you don’t need to soak them any longer. You can gently rub areas which have accumulated dirt but never use abrasives or brushes. Rinse the pants under running cold water and ensure that all residues of soap are gone.

Never wring these pants – you may simply press them on both sides to remove the excess water.

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Air-drying is the best bud of your Lululemon pants. The heat of dryers adversely affects the elasticity of yoga pants, wicking abilities and reduces their lives. You may lay them flat away from direct sunlight or even hang them from a clothesline.

Nonetheless, there might be days when air drying isn’t an option – you may use the dryer as Lululemon says that all their garments are pre-shrunk. Just remember to not make this is a practice.


Laundry bags or breathable cotton bags are great for storing both your clean and unclean yoga outfits. Use these to separate the soiled ones from the fresh so that you don’t get confused nor are the garments left strewn.

Fold your yoga pants as soon as they are dry to prevent them from developing unpleasant creases caused by dumping one above the other carelessly.

A few Crucial Points Related To Maintaining Yoga Pants

Here are some very important additional points related to cleaning and maintaining your yoga pants:

  1. As in the case of all other garments, separate yoga clothes before washing, according to their materials and colours. It is best if brighter colours can be washed as separate single pieces and once before the first wear. Avoid washing darker colours with lighter ones.
  2. Keep wet brighter coloured garments away from the rest.
  3. Always wash your pants inside out.
  4. Wash your yoga pants with other synthetic materials but never with cotton or towels and the like. Cotton fluff gets attached to the fabric.
  5. As surprising as it may seem, fabric softeners damage these fabrics. The softener latches on to the fabric and adversely affects its wicking capabilities.
  6. Choose powder detergents over liquid ones for cleaning yoga pants. There are sports cleaners or detergents available in the market meant specifically for washing such garments.
  7. Never, even by mistake, use hot water. Stick to cold water all the time and choose detergents which work in cold water.
  8. Do not use optical brighteners or detergents with fragrances. These do not clean the fabric and only helps in trapping the sweat and germs by clogging the pores. The sweat-absorbing capacities of your pants will be damaged forever.
  9. Do not wash yoga garments with other hard fabrics such as denim or those having zippers or Velcro. If your yoga clothing has zippers or Velcro, remember to close them before washing.


When cared for properly, Lululemon yoga pants will last for years and you will never want to change your brand again. It is one of the best brands in the world of yoga and maintaining them properly (by following these steps) will increase its durability to a great extent.

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