How to Use a Yoga Swing? Beginners Guide

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If you just got initiated and wondering How to Use a Yoga Swing? How it helps and other basic questions.

This article is going to help you a lot. Here we will be talking about different ways of using a yoga swing their respective benefit.

How to Use a Yoga Swing

What Do Yoga Swings Do?

If you want to add some variation to your yogi life, or if you are bored of doing the same old asanas, then it is time to go aerial! Welcome to the world of yoga circus, which would help you in more ways than one. You need a trapeze or yoga swing for that aerial activity! To master the skill, the first step is to learn How to Use a Yoga Swing. It is super cool and would ensure that your spine is healthy!

A yoga swing allows you to hang from it in different ways. With the right assistance, you would be able to strengthen your muscles, deepen your stretches and refine your postures. If you are thinking that the therapeutic benefits of this hammock are restricted, then you are certainly wrong.

It comes with multiple solutions for different ailments, which is evident as the yogis are so fond of aerial yoga. If you religiously practice with the help of your yoga swing, then you will be able to bid goodbye to the backaches. Apart from these, this all-natural spine traction system can even help you with building core and upper body strength and can even send fresh oxygen to the brain.

It also adds support to already complicated postures. You can lay back in cross position on the swing, try chair in the cross posture, you can try shoulder stretch in wrist wrap, plank with the feet in hammock style, star inversion posture, etc. But you can carry on with all these once you get a hang of it! We would always recommend professional assistance for the same.

You should also know that you can’t use it if you have certain conditions such as sinus, spinal issues, head issues, etc. However, while some people may say this, but your weight is not necessarily a factor for using a yoga swing. But two people can’t use the same swing at once – that is dangerous.

Now coming to the main topic…

How to Use a Yoga Swing to Stretch Your Spinal

How to Use a Yoga Swing to Stretch Your Spinal

Yoga swings can be used in many ways to achieve a wide range of benefits. We will talk about most asked questions on how to use it.

How can a beginner use it and how to adjust the sling for a comfy seat?

If you are a beginner, then use a stool for using it. At first, you should adjust the base of the seat and then sit on the strap. To get down, grab the handles and lower yourself slowly.

This suspended system of ropes and fabric can improve your health and life in so many different ways. It is a great therapy for relaxation as well, especially if you are a fitness freak or have certain fitness goals in mind.

Once you are on it, it is extremely essential to adjust the same according to your comfort level. If your trainer is there, then no worries. Otherwise, you have to do it yourself and have to ensure that you comfortably sit on it. Following the same, pull down the plastic clips to create a tighter seat!

A yoga swing can be secured and suspended from a tree limb in your garden, door jam, cross beam, etc. However, it would be better if you have an expert with you. Tie it up properly following the instructions.

How to use it for strengthening?

For developing core strength, you can extend your body into the straps until you can feel resistance.

After then you can suspend the body and do the plank pose. Ask your yoga teacher to help. Then you can use the ropes to do pull-ups. Not that difficult after all, right?

How to use it for inversions?

For inversion (such as handstand, headstand, etc.), you can use the swing to support your pelvic region. After that, you can extend your limbs by using the handles and ropes of the swing.

This would help you create the inverted Goddess pose, which is quite popular. You can now decompress your spine by doing different postures. However, take help from a seasoned trainer to prevent injuries.

How to use the yoga swing for backbends

How to use the yoga swing for backbends?

For backbends, you can use the swing by creating a wider strap. Practice the wheel pose on it and make sure you support your pelvis with the swing. When you are suspending from the swing, then you can form a camel pose.

If you want to try Scorpion pose, you can position your pelvis on the wide straps and use the ropes to experiment more with your backbends.

How to tie the swing for a warrior sequence?

For this, you can use the swing to stretch out your arms properly. Sit properly on your hips, you should loop your arms through the sling. Use your arms to find the balance while setting your left foot back. Bend your front knee at a maximum of 90 degrees and take slow breaths.

For warrior 2 backbend, you need to lift your arms above your head and hold the swing above with straight arms. After that, you need to slowly lean back and look up with your eyes. Make sure you have a steady hold on the ground with your legs.

So these are a few ways you can use your yoga swing. We hope that now that you know it all, you will use the swing to your full advantage. Buy one and make your body do wonders. With the little bit of extra support, you can actually bring out the hidden yogi inside you. With such hectic schedules and u healthy lifestyles, come backache, spine issues, etc.

If you train the right parts of your body well with the help of a yoga swing, then you can stay away from various kinds of diseases.

Please feel free to let us know if you want any more information on this. We will be glad to include it here. You can reach us out by commenting in the comment box below.

This is a great video from Youtube which teaches how to use the swing to beginners. You can follow these techniques

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