How To Roll Pants or Yoga Pants for Travel: Easy DIY Tricks

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If you want to know How To Roll Pants for Travel, this article will answer your query in detail and in a step by step manner.

Traveling is exciting (read super-exciting), but packing your suitcase for a long trip can be exhausting. After all, you want to carry almost your entire cupboard in one suitcase, don’t you? So you lookup for a perfect combo of compressing them for optimum space while being able to see what you are carrying in a glance.

All you want to do is pack any type of outfit in such a way that you do not disturb your clothes or the dynamics of your suitcase in any way.

Since you are planning to take your gorgeous and casual pairs of trousers for the trip, you desperately want to keep them in a way that they do not wrinkle. So, here we are to help you out with three genius tricks about how to roll pants and this will forever change your packing skills making you a master at this skill.

This will save you time, energy, space and most importantly your travel sanity. If you roll them and pack them all properly then you no longer have to worry about ironing them at the time of the wear.

Broadly speaking, the primary trick is to fold them along the seams in order to avoid unwanted creases. The technique of ‘rolling pants’ is highly effective, especially for jeans and casual cotton pants.

How To Roll Yoga Pants for Travel

Clever Ways to Fold Yoga Pants for Travel

First and foremost, you have to decide on the pants you are hell-bent upon carrying are. This is important because formal pants are made of special fabrics that require folding and not rolling. Denim can be easily rolled, but business pants need to be folded or creases and wrinkles tend to appear on them.

Similarly, pants made of the pure cotton fabric must also be folded as they pick up unwanted creases quickly.

Also, you must consider not carrying already wrinkly and creased pants. They are going to look worse when they come out of your luggage. Therefore, carrying ironed pants is the only solution. Ironing your pants before packing will help you wear them straight out of your bag when you arrive at your destination.

Detailed Steps to Roll Pants for Travel

Method 1: Folding

First, you’ll need to take your formal pants or cotton pants (Since we are showing how to fold here and not roll) and then lay them on a flat surface- straightened, flat and smoothed out perfectly. Use the floor or some hard ground for the best results. Make sure to smooth out any crease if you want to fold them neatly.

Then, make the folding in half- bringing one leg over to the other- making sure the legs are overlapping. The fold must be done in such a way that it is right in the middle just over the seam near the crotch area.

Further straighten out the legs- again, to avoid creases. In case of dress pants with crease or pleats in the middle then make sure to fold them along the crotch to keep the crease or pleat in its correct place.

The third step is to bring the cuff area up to the waist by folding them in half once again, but this time vertically. Straighten out the pants once again to avoid wrinkles making their way into the fold. Run your hands pressing them over the fabric only to make sure that the folds are nice, flat and smooth.

The last step is to fold the pants once more. This time all you have to do is bring the edges of the waist and the cuffs down to meet the bottom of the fold. And voila! Your pants are ready to be packed! Folding pants in this way will ensure that the crease occurring due to the fold strategically appears only on your knees and thighs.

After all one crease is much better than thousands of them, preserving the neatness of your pants. If done correctly, you might not even have to iron them.

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Detailed Steps to Roll Pants for Travel

Method 2: Rolling

Here again, the primary step is to pick out the pant or pants which can be rolled- pants which you do not mind having some wrinkles on. Therefore, jeans, leggings, and activewear are specific types of pants that can be rolled.

This method is the easiest and the quickest way to pack pants providing you with maximum storage space in your suitcase as rolling items take up much less room than the ones which are folded. In case of rolling too, start out with ironed pants to avoid wrinkles as much as possible.

First, you have to lay the pants on a flat surface. Once again, choose the floor or some hard surface for doing this. Once you have laid them out, press your hands hard over the legs and smooth them out to remove extra creases.

Then, fold the pants placing one leg over the other through the middle near the crotch in order to fold them perfectly in half. Once again, run your hands over the fabric to smooth out the creases further.

Then all you need to do is start rolling from the waist using your fingertips till you reach the cuffs. This will bring out a neat roll of your pants that can easily be snuggled into your suitcase taking up a minimum amount of space. However, as you roll, smooth out the fabric with your hands as you go to achieve a crease-free fabric.

Also, make sure that you roll down loosely. Rolls that are tightly made usually end up creasing more than when rolled tightly.

Method 3: Packing Pants the Most Effective Way

If you are racking your brains over, thinking if folding or rolling will damage your pants or you have to wear them right when you arrive without having the time to iron them, then we say always go for a suit bag. Suit bags are always helpful as it lets you pack/ carry your pants vertically without having to fold them.

This will ensure there are no creases or wrinkles at all. While carrying them in a suit bag, make sure that you drape the pants on a hanger (the one which will not damage the fabric in any way) and keep them neatly on the suit bag so that they are falling completely straight, without having even the slightest of wrinkles on them.

By now you know, the pants you have rolled are somewhat casual from the ones which you are carrying as business/ formal pants. So tuck your rolled pants towards the bottom of the suitcase only to keep the formal folded pants on top. Packing it this way will ensure that they stay wrinkle-free.

You don’t mind the casual pants getting a few wrinkles, don’t you? The folded pants on top won’t get creased, crushed or wrinkled on your travel if you place them right at the top when you see your suitcase is getting almost full.

However, don’t place shoes or any other heavy items on top of those folded pants. Then your purpose of carrying wrinkle-free pants will be lost.

Another genius trick which we think will help you go a long way (we also mean it literally) is placing your items in a dry-cleaner bag. This will help you with an extra layer of protection and will definitely keep your freshly-ironed pants from creasing in the suitcase.


In short, we can say that rolling and folding your pants correctly will definitely help you create a better and more organized bag while keeping your pairs crease-free and wrinkle-free as much as possible.

It will also help you to maximize space and help you tuck in more clothing. Packing properly isn’t some talent. You just need to know how to do it in the correct way.

Rolling and folding is the best way to pack your clothes, especially your pants. So, hope this guide has helped you walk through your packing without any exhaustion with you mastering at how to roll yoga pants for travel.

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