How To Keep Lint Off Black Pants: 3 DIY Quick and Easy Ways

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“If You Are Tired Of Lints And Wondering How To Keep Lint Off Black Pants, Here Is A Quick And Easy Guide For You. We Will Talk About Simple Ways To Keep It Away.”

We can all agree on one fact, can we? That lint is bugging! 

They’re super bugging! Especially when they are on black or some other colored pants or clothes. So, we have specifically focused this article on how to keep lint off black pants.

How To Keep Lint Off Black Pants

What is lint?

Lint is nothing but broken loose threads that create fuzzy blobs on your clothes- and that is quite frustrating. They are small grey fuzz which appear on the surface of clothes after a couple of washes.

They are highly visible on dark clothes especially. Lint is nothing but soft fibers which loosen from clothes, combine with dirt and settle down on the surface of other clothes making their appearance highly unpleasant.

However, one should not think that lint appear only on old clothes. They appear on new clothes too, and that happens during the process of manufacturing. On the other hand, lint appears on old clothes after they have undergone a couple of wash cycles.

So, if you are finding it impossible to remove all those fuzzy fibers from your favorite pair of black pants, then this article is going to guide you through three different ways on how to keep lint off your black pants!

What to Keep in Consideration about lint

We all know what lint can do to your cloths! What is even more frustrating and painful is removing them, especially from dark colored clothes. 

Lint rollers are the easiest way to get rid of those black, gray or white fuzzy speckles. However, there are ways which can help you prevent from that lint getting formed in the first place.

Avoiding that will not only help you from increasing the garment shelf life of your dark colored clothes but will also help to keep the black pants appear sleeker, cleaner, neater and professional.

So, here are three DIY steps which you can take up to get rid of lint of your black pants.

3 DIY Simple Steps to Keep off Lints

Simple Steps to Keep off Lints

1. Use Simple Household Items

Scotch Tapes

This is the most easiest and convenient way to keep your black clothes off that lint. And, you will be shocked to know that this can be done using a common household object which is a scotch tape! 

Yes, you heard that right! All you need is a scotch tape or any kind of sticky adhesive tape to remove the lint.

First, what you need to do is to fold over a piece of tape in such a way, that you obtain two sticky sides. And then, with one sticky side on your finger use it to remove all the lint from your favorite black/ dark colored clothing.

If you need to remove lint from a large area, then you can also go for using a sticky contact paper or even adhesive drawer liners. All you got to do is press and roll it over the affected area until all that lint is removed.

Pumice Stone

Another household object that can be used conveniently to remove lint is a pumice stone. Removing lint is quite similar to getting rid of dead skin off your feet. So why don’t you try running your pumice stone over your clothes so a remove lint from your clothing. And it does work!

However, you must first try doing it on a small area and the move onto larger areas. This will help you understand the pressure that is to be exerted on the fabric. Do not use pumice stone on silk, thin nylon or any other kind of delicate materials as they have a great chance of snagging.

Damp Dryer Sheet

Like a scotch tape or a pumice stone, you can also use a damp dryer sheet to remove the lint of your black clothing. This DIY method is quite effective too where you rub the damp dryer sheet over the clothing until you have all the lint removed.

Hair Dryer

In case, you have a dryer at home you can also use that to remove the lint.All you need to do is put the dryer on ‘air only’ mode, throw in the clothes into the dryer along with a clean dryer sheet and start it. At the end of the cycle, be sure to receive a lint free batch of clothes from the dryer.

Another method which can help you remove lint from your black pants is running it through the washing machine. If you feel that the fabric of the clothing is prone to shedding, then all you need to do is to turn it inside out and then washing it in the washing machine.

This is one way you can prevent lint on your clothes. If the clothing item is already affected by lint, then wash it with the right side out to remove all that frustrating lint off it.

2. Using Lint Rollers to Remove Lints 

A lint roller is the second easiest and convenient way to remove lint from your clothing. A lint roller is a product made to effectively get rid of the lint off your clothing.

Its mechanism runs on a sticky adhesive paper which is rolled on the roller and that sticky pad is what runs over the clothing to remove the lint. You will find a good lint roller in your local market or you can even buy it online.

A large lint roller of course covers a large area of your clothing removing all the lint at one go. You could also go for a smaller lint roller which is especially convenient when you are travelling or you’re on the go. A small lint roller is more than good enough for small patches of lint that is noticeable on your clothing.

Once you have bought a lint roller, roll it over your clothing (or black pants) which at first must be placed properly on a raised surface or table. Then, you use the lint roller in long strokes on the lint-affected patches and all the lint will be easily removed.

If your black pants have major lint issues, then you might even have to roll the lint roller over it for quite a few times. With every use try and keep the sticky paper as fresh as possible as this will make your work easier and better.

Once used, keep the lint roller in an easily accessible area where you can just grab and use. Smaller lint rollers can also be kept in your bags, purses or desks for quick and effective removal of lint whenever needed.

3. Prevent Lints: Know How to Do That

The third way to remove lint from your black pant is by preventing lint on your piece of clothing. The primary thing to do in order to prevent lint on your clothes is to not wash them too often.

Washing causes more lint as it loosens the threads leading to those unpleasant fuzzy blobs. So, try and avoid over-washing your clothes by wearing them one or two times before giving it for a wash. In case of sweaty clothes, dry them air out so that you do not need to wash them every time you wear.

To prevent lint developing on your clothes, also avoid putting them in dryer too often. This can again cause lint. So, instead, you can hang your clothes and air-dry them. This will reduced the chance of lint by a great margin.

In case you must use the dryer to dry your black clothing, then make sure that you have cleaned all the lint from your machine before using it for a new set of clothes. Make sure that the lint trap is absolutely clean, dry and empty.

Check for lint in other parts of the dryer to prevent your black clothing (black pants) coming out of the dryer totally attacked and covered by lint.


Lint is an obnoxious thing that we have to deal with in our daily lives! There is nothing we can do but deal with it by either preventing them or removing them.

We understand how these fuzzy blobs have made your life hell and for that we have come up with this article on how to keep lint off black pants. Discussed in here are a few ways you can keep lint off and there are number of other ways too- like hand washing your clothes or even using an anti-static spray before you put your dark-coloured clothing in the dryer.

Apply these methods in your daily life and these will help you make your life easier and also help you to increase your garment shelf life.