How To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mats? 3 Simple Ways Of Cleaning

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If You Are Wondering About How To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mats? Then This Article Is For You. Here, We Take You Through The Simple Step By Step Process To Help Understand How To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mats. Stay Tuned.

Irrespective of where you practice yoga, indoors or outdoors, the benefits of using a yoga mat are undisputed.

They are specially designed to prevent accidents during performing asanas or stretching which could happen due to slipping on sweat. They also provide a comfortable base which isn’t too soft or too hard for you to land on.

How To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mats

How Are Lululemon Yoga Mats Made?

Yoga Mats by Lululemon are manufactured using material and technology ensuring you have a firm grip during your sessions. These mats are made of natural fibre and polyurethane –the latter is used as a coating and provides anti-slip qualities.

Polyurethane also absorbs sweat and moisture well. In addition to this, they have an antimicrobial additive which helps to prevent the growth of mildew and mold on the mat.

Why Cleaning Your Yoga Mat Regularly Is Important

A yoga mat is something that you come in very close physical contact with. Your skin touches it and since yoga involves a lot of breathing exercises, you breathe in whatever microscopic products lie on the mat too.

Lululemon Yoga Mats are specially meant for those practicing hot yoga. This means it takes on sweat and oil from the body in each session. All of this makes the yoga mat a perfect home to bacteria, mould and other harmful germs.

If you do not clean your mat on time and in a proper way, not only do you run the risk of developing skin infections, you could also inhale germs and get respiratory problems.

You May Want to Use a Yoga Mat Cleanser

However, people with latex allergy should avoid using these mats as they contain small amount of latex as well. Each brand of yoga mat uses a different mix of raw materials and those determine the cleaning procedure of the mat.

Needless to say, unclean yoga mats start emitting foul smell after a point. Now imagine, you are beginning a session with much excitement and suddenly you get this intolerable smell.

Your mental peace is gone for a toss and your session gets ruined completely. It’s going to be worse if you practice in a group, in a studio. Not only will you be disturbed, but you will also be bothering everyone else around you too.

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How Frequently Should You Clean Your Yoga Mat

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Yoga Mat

Cleaning your yoga mat should become a part of your daily life – a part of your yoga sessions. It is best if you can wipe your yoga mat clean before and after every session, especially after. This would mean that sweat doesn’t stay deposited on it for long and germs don’t get time to develop.

It would also mean that you don’t have to opt for deep cleaning sessions too often. Some people don’t like the smell of natural rubber that comes from the mat.

Regular cleaning would mean that this smell is gone with time. However, you must never leave your yoga mat out in the sun for drying.

3 Different Ways of Cleaning Lululemon Yoga Mats 

There are a couple of different ways which you can use to clean your Lululemon Yoga Mat. They are as follows:

Cleaning With Essential Oils

Essential oils are known for their pleasing smell but a lot of people are unaware of their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The following mixture makes use of these features.

You will need – about 4 ounces of water, ¼ cup witch hazel, tea tree oil and lavender oil. Pour the water in a bowl, add witch hazel and then pour about two drops of tea tree oil and lavender oil respectively.

Tea tree oil helps in fighting with germs and lavender oil adds the freshness of cleaning by virtue of its smell. You can also add some other essential oils such as lemongrass, peppermint and eucalyptus.

All of these have their own benefits along with pleasing smells which leave your mat feeling fresh. A mix of more than two essential oils is also welcome. Keep in mind the kind of fragrances you like before adding the oils to the solution.

Now pour this blend into a spray bottle, spray it on to the mat and use a damp cloth or paper towel or microfiber towel and wipe the mat from end to end. Now spread out your mat in a well-ventilated space and roll it only when it is completely dry or mold is likely to develop again.

You should be careful to not spray the solution on the studio floor as the oils will make it slippery. Keep the bottle a couple of inches away from your mat and then spray to avoid this.

Cleaning With Baking Soda and Lemon

Put about one teaspoon of baking soda in a bowl and add 5 to 10 drops of lemon juice to it. Once the bubbles start to appear, add about a cup of water to it and mix it well. You can pour this on the mat and wipe it with a piece of cloth.

You can also dip your cloth into this mixture and scrub the mat with it. Allow the mat to rest for a few minutes. Wash it with warm water and then dry it. How does this solution work?

Baking soda adds the much needed light abrasion without causing any damage to the mat and lemon helps in killing the bacteria. If you enjoy the smell of lemon, you can also add a few drops of lemon essential oil for the fresh fragrance.

Readymade Cleaning Solutions

These are available in the market for sanitizing yoga mats. They are easily available online as well on all major shopping sites. There are chemical solutions as well as organic ones.

There could well be days on which you are feeling lazy or don’t have the time to make solutions at home – ready cleansers are for such days.

These are usually made following all government guidelines and do not cause harm to your skin. You can also check the ingredients before your purchase in case you are allergic to certain products.

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When Should You Clean Your Mat

When Should You Clean Your Mat

Well, when your mat begins to stink or you see marks on it, there probably is a lot of germs and dirt on it and you shouldn’t wait for these signs. As mentioned earlier, it is best to make cleaning your mat a part of your daily sessions.

Clean mats last longer and have better grip. The best part of Lululemon Yoga Mats is that they are reversible. They come in different thicknesses too which means you have a variety to choose from.

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A Few Points To Remember

  1. Remember to not use too much force or rub the mat a lot
  2. Do not use rough scrubbers or steel wool and the like when cleaning the mat. These will cause permanent and irreversible damage.
  3. Dry your yoga mat by hanging it from the shower curtain rod or any high rack or rod. Or you may simply spread it open in a well-ventilated space where it won’t come in direct contact with sunlight.

The sun’s UV rays cause harm to yoga mats and they are also at risk of getting their color faded. Treat your mat with kindness and it would reward you equally.

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