How To Inflate A Yoga Ball? Step By Step Guide

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If You Are Wondering About How To Blow Up A Yoga Ball Or Inflate It? Then This Article Is For You.

Here, We Take You Through The Simple Step By Step Process To Help Understand How To Blow Up A Yoga Ball. Stay Tuned.

How To Inflate A Yoga Ball

How To Blow Up A Yoga Ball

If you are new to the world of exercise, you might not yet be aware of the uses of a yoga ball though it is possible that you’ve seen it around.

Also referred to as an exercise ball, a yoga ball is made of soft elastic and is not only used for yoga but also in athletic training and for physical therapy too.

Benefits Of Yoga Ball

When used properly, yoga balls involve a number of muscles and thus enable a well-rounded workout. Here are a few benefits one gets out of using yoga balls

Better Spine and Muscle Health

It is great for improving your back and spine health. In fact, the use of the ball began with the intent of improving posture and lessening back pain.

The unstable nature of a ball alerts your muscles when you sit on it, preventing you from falling or slipping. These muscles are the ones that support your spine and such activation will help in relieving your stress and pain.

Increasing Core Strength and Reducing Back Pain

A lot of our physical fitness depends on our core strength. In fact, if your core is strong, you have much lesser chances of getting a back pain. When used correctly, a yoga ball helps to focus on your entire torso and your legs.

The nerves and muscles in these areas work out and thus, you feel less fatigued, have more balance and are able to control the balance of forces across your body.

Better Yoga Postures

Needless to say, a yoga ball will help you in improving your posture. When your torso is working out well, you have better balance and posture and have lesser risks of getting sprains, muscle pulls and falls.

Better Body and Arm Formation

When it comes to athletic training, yoga balls are often used in combination with other machines and weights.

People undergoing such training are simply asked to lift weights while sitting on the ball – this helps in improving core strength and body and arm forms.

What To Keep In Mind Before Inflating A Yoga Ball

Balance is one of the core elements of yoga – it focuses on improving your flexibility and frees up your muscles. Yoga balls play a very important role in this regard as they are meant to be used mainly for this purpose.

So, you too got to achieve the right balance of air pressure in the ball to help it work at its peak performance. Any less or more of Air Pressure will induce in reduced performance matrix. 

Now, lets go to the steps involved in inflating a Yoga Ball.

9 Key Steps To Blow Up A Yoga Ball

  1. If your yoga ball is brand new, you ought to remove it from the packet and let it rest at room temperature for at least two hours before inflating. This normalizes the temperature of the material and allows it to inflate properly faster.
  2. Now take the pointed end of the ball pump and insert it into the ball plug. If your pump is meant to inflate various objects then there could be an adapter to fit its mouth. It comes in a conical shape – fit it on to the nozzle of the pump.
  3. Check if the ball has a white plug inside – remove it using a butter knife or a key or an unused old bank card. Don’t use any sharp objects. Some yoga ball packs include a small plastic prong like object which can be used to remove the plug. You need to squeeze the remover to grip the plug and shake it to get it removed.
  4. Attach the nozzle of the pump to your ball plug.
  5. Those using an electric pump may start to inflate their yoga ball at this point.
  6. If you are using a foot pump, push up and down to inflate the ball. Pump it 80% of its entire capacity. Now re-insert the plug to prevent the air from escaping.
  7. Let your ball rest for a day – the air may expand and the ball will take its shape. If you try to inflate it completely on the very first day, not only will you not get the right results, your yoga ball will also not be in the correct shape.
  8. The next day, remove the ball plug quickly and attach the pump nozzle. Continue to pump as long as the ball isn’t full. Insert the plug again.
  9. Experts recommend that you allow the yoga ball to rest for another day before beginning to use it. They also suggest that it is best to use an electric pump on the first day.

How To Deflate A Yoga Ball

If you have successfully inflated a yoga ball for the first time, you now need to learn how to deflate it with success so that you don’t need anyone’s help. It is simpler than the inflation and here is the step by step guideline

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#1 You need to remove the ball plug in the same way described above.

#2 You can gently sit on the ball or roll it from one side to the other or push it between your legs to remove the air inside. However, remember to never apply excessive force by placing heavy objects or by standing on it, etc.

#3 Most yoga balls contain a little sand inside them. Thus, when deflating, the opening of the ball must face upwards so that the sand lies at the bottom.

#4 You should let the ball sit and the air deflate at its own pace.

#5 If you have a dual-action pump, your job is sorted as it will help you with the deflation too.

#6 Once most of the air is out, flatten the ball on the ground using your hands, removing whatever bit of air is left inside. Place the plug in the intake hole so that you don’t lose it. Cover and keep away.


Remember to never over-inflate the ball as it will cause permanent damage to your yoga ball. Also, air loss will take place with usage – you need to fill it up on and off to keep it in proper shape.

Store your yoga ball in a damp-free place where it doesn’t come in contact with direct strong sunlight. Keep it clean and your yoga sessions are sorted!

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