Gifts For Yoga Teachers Selected By Yogis

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If you are looking for Best Gifts For Yoga Teachers, you are on the right page. We have selected the best 20 gifts available online for you through our unique research by experienced researchers, that leaves almost no chance for you to go wrong with your choices.

Yoga is not just any random form of workout- it is a lifestyle. It is more like a life-changing experience. And your yoga teacher or your yoga instructor has helped or is helping you through and through to gain this experience.

They are passionate about their work, concerned about their students and most importantly they are the ones who are trying their best to make the society a better and a healthier place to live in- in every little possible way they can. Isn’t this enough of a reason to appreciate their passion and love for yoga?

Gestures never fall short when it comes to appreciating someone for their hard work. Similarly, a thoughtful gift to your yoga instructor will convey their importance in your life and tell them how thankful you are for all the wonderful ways they are trying to improve your life.

So, if you are trying to figure out the best gifts for yoga teachers, you can look at the below gift options. Our buying guide will also help you make a perfect choice!

Best Gifts For Yoga Teachers

We found the gifts mentioned in this list can be categorized in four broad categories. They are:

  1. Yoga Props and Tools
  2. Funny Gag Gifts
  3. Unique Yoga Gifts
  4. Miscellaneous Utility Gifts 

We will take you through the gifts as per these…

Yoga Props And Tools

Your yoga teacher probably has all the props and tools related to yoga in their collection. But, professionals like them, can never have enough of those.

New yoga props are not only useful but are always welcomed with an open heart. Here are a few suggestions, you could go for.

1. Premium Yoga Set Kit

Any yogi or yoga instructor would love this complete 7 piece yoga set.

With all the required yoga props and tools along with a bag, this makes a perfect gift to thank your yoga teacher. They no longer have to worry about carrying their props individually to the studio.

2. Chakra Healing Crystal Mat

If you are really into yoga and your yoga instructor is the motivational force who gets you going, you wouldn’t mind splurging a little on them, would you?

This Chakra Healing Crystal Mat will take care of their well-being just like they do to yours.

3. Yoga Mat Towel

Your yoga teacher probably owns quite a few of these, but this beautifully printed one will be quite a welcoming gift for them.

Made of premium quality materials and with excellent moisture-wicking capabilities, this yoga mat towel is a good choice for a gift.

4. Tibetan Singing Bowls

Yoga is all about being mindful and this Tibetan Singing Bowl is perfect for your on-the-go yoga instructor’s mindfulness.

This is a rather unique gift that you may choose to give your yoga instructor for enhanced creativity, mental clarity and a whole lot of positive energy.

5. Yoga Sandbag

The yoga sandbag is yet another wonderful gift to give your yoga teacher.

This will help them get deeper into their stretches and this one is available in quite a few colors and pattern options.

Funny Gag Gifts For Yoga Teachers 

Your yoga instructor may be your teacher, but if you happen to be close to them- more like friends- you can go for yoga-related gifts which are funny and quirky. You both can share a laugh over these gag gift items.

6. Yogi Cutting Board

No other gift can get funnier than this yogi cutting board. It represents the strength and balance your yoga teacher possesses.

Made of premium quality ash wood- they will enjoy this gift for a long time to come.

7. Funny Yoga Make Up Bag

Your yoga instructor must be having a very busy schedule throughout her day.

This will keep all her essentials in one place so that they come in handy whenever she needs to touch-up or freshen up. It’s quirky and funny just like your yoga teacher.

8. Funny Yoga Artwork

This quirky wall art will be the ideal gift for the awesome yoga teacher in your life. It will help you create a bond with your yoga instructor.

Made of high-quality porcelain it comes with a hook and an easel in the back, ready to hang as a wall décor.

9. “You’re Awesome” Wine Tumbler

“Sometimes you forget you’re awesome, so this is your reminder” wine tumbler beautifully portrays your appreciation for your yoga teacher.

Even if she is not the kind who drinks wine, she can use this to meet her fresh fruit juice and coffee needs.

10. Funny Coach T-Shirt

This “Friends” themed t-shirt perfectly represents the role that your yoga teacher plays in your life.

This cotton, unisex graphic tee is lightweight and comfortable and they can wear it even during their classes with you. You know they are there for you just the way the t-shirt says it.

Unique Yoga Gifts For Yoga Teachers 

Apart from the mainstream yoga gifts, you may even go for items which bring out the encompassing essence of yoga. These gifts will be well-appreciated by your yoga teacher and will be a nice way to thank them for existing in your life.

11. Lotus Flower Wind Chime

This beautiful lotus blossom wind chime will be a lovely addition in your yoga teacher’s home or studio.

With a serene garden soft tinkling sound, this will create a peaceful environment and be the perfect getaway from a hectic day.

12. Ceramic Buddha Ring Holder

In all faiths, Buddha symbolizes peace, happiness, luck and love- the things which are core to the philosophy of yoga.

This ceramic Buddha Ring Holder with tray is a perfect gift to give your yoga teacher and this will add a sense of serenity around her- no matter where she places it.

13. Chakra Beaded Bracelet

This beautiful and elegant chakra beaded bracelet is targeted towards the body’s energy centers.

Made of turquoise jasper and Tibetan Agate gemstone, your yoga teacher can team it up with her other favorite accessories for a standout look.

14. Chakra Gemstone Hanging Wall Décor

This 7 Chakra Crystals Rope wrap hanging ornament is a gift of a kind. It is believed to bring luck and prosperity.

Beautifully crafted, it will be a wonderful addition to your yoga teacher’s personal space.

15. Long-Lasting Premium Scented Candles

These premium aromatic candles are available in 9 different flavours. It will help your yoga teacher to de-stress themselves after a long and a tiring day.

No matter where they choose to place it, it will make their space cosy, inviting and ooze of positive energy.

Miscellaneous Utility Gifts

Just because it is your yoga teacher, you do not necessarily have to gift her something yoga-related. You can always think out of the box and gift her something else- something that will be useful to her. Here are a few miscellaneous utility options you could go for.

16. Noise Cancelling Headset

A noise-cancelling headset is an absolute necessity for every human being. Can you imagine how helpful it will be for your yoga teacher?

She can use it during their meditation sessions by cancelling out all the noise around them.

17. Waterproof Backpack

Yoga teachers always have to carry a whole lot of things with them on their way to and from the yoga studio.

This waterproof backpack will keep their essentials safe and secured. It comes with anti-theft features which will make this even more convenient for them. They can even carry their laptops in it.

18. Insulated Water Jug

This double wall-foam insulated water jug will keep your yoga teacher’s beverage cold for 12 long hours.

It is leak-resistant and they can carry it around with them whenever and wherever. Available in bright and quirky colours, this is a useful gift for yoga teachers.

19. Leather Passport Travel Wallet

Your yoga teacher must be travelling a lot attending seminars and workshops to gather knowledge and stay updated in their field of work.

This leather passport travel wallet will come handy during such times and they’ll be glad to receive such a wonderful gift from you.

Gifts For Yoga Teachers; Buying Guide

While gift-giving, in general, is an endearing gesture of appreciation, giving gifts to your teacher (in this case your yoga teacher) requires you to keep in mind a few things.

Remembering these points while gifting will help you choose the perfect gift, without a doubt.


Although it is you who is giving the gift, you must keep in mind not to give gifts that is about you. Instead, it should be totally and completely about them. However, what you may consider here is the common link between the two of you- which is yoga.

So, gifting anything related to it will be definitely appreciated. If you are not aware of their choices, likes and dislikes, it is safer to go for yoga gifts or yoga-related gifts.

Weigh In Your Bonding

When it comes to gifting your yoga teacher, what you also have to consider is, is the depth of relationship that both of you share.

If the bonding between you two is casual and informal, you can always go for gag gifts. If not, think otherwise. Make sure that you also take into account how they may react to such a gesture.


Although you may look up to your yoga teacher as a life savior- you do not need to buy gifts for them by breaking own bank. Buy gifts within your means. After all, gifts should come from a large heart and not with a huge price tag. It is the gesture that matters.

Don’t Give To Receive

This is an important factor to consider when you are gifting, especially to a teacher. Your teacher already shares the gift of yoga with you every class. So, a gift to show your appreciation and gratefulness. Not to get something back in return.


What Kind Of Gifts Are Suitable To Give To A Yoga Teacher?

Most importantly, you should always go for a gift that would not break your bank or leave you feeling awkward. So, go for yoga-related stuff, which you know they will love. Even, a gift card is a good option to consider. They can buy something of their personal choice or need.

Is It Okay To Attach A Personal Note When Gifting To A Teacher?

Of course, it is. A personal note is something in fact, you must attach when gifting to a teacher- it speaks volumes. Even a simple card will do the job.

Is It Okay To Give Alcohol To A Teacher As A Gift?

It is always better to avoid alcohol as a gift unless you are very sure that your teacher is fond of the sauce. If they are, you must also know about their choices and preferences. Alcohol preferences are extremely personal. If you are not sure about it, it is better to skip that gifting option altogether.


When you want to gift something to your yoga teacher, it must always be a gesture of appreciation and gratitude. It must convey your thankful feelings towards them for bringing yoga into your life. However, you must also remember that “yoga” is just the connection between the two of you.

So, a “yoga gift” is not always necessary. Hence, make your choice wisely and decisively. Choose from our list of best gifts for yoga teachers and believe us she won’t be disappointed, neither will you.