6 Best Extra Large Yoga Blocks

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If You Are Looking To Buy The Best Extra Large Yoga Blocks, You Are On The Right Page. We Have Researched This Space For 41 Long Hours To Select Our Top 6 Collection. This Will Make Your Job A Lot Easier. So, Stay Tuned. 

Yoga Blocks are a integral part of your yoga regime and hence, everyone goes through a phase where he or she will search for the best Blocks in the market. 

Best Extra Large Yoga Blocks

Choosing the Right Extra Large Yoga Block is Not so Simple

Choosing and buying the perfect yoga block seem to be a simple task but it is actually not. There are actually a number of factors that must be put into consideration. 

With thousands of options out there, you can be a little confused and sometimes it takes up a long time to make up your mind. Which is kind of a waste of time. 

Don’t worry. We decided to do the hard research on your part to come up with the 6 best extra large and tall blocks available in the market. It took our team almost 41 hours to review and talk to the real users to come up with this list. 

So, without wasting any time lets go through the list. 

What Are the Best Extra Large Yoga Blocks

What Are the Best Extra Large Yoga Blocks?

1. Cork Yoga Block Set

Made of eco-friendly natural cork, these blocks are light in weight, sturdy and durable. The material makes it hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and also anti-fungal. 

The characteristic feature of cork is that it naturally resists moisture and odours if properly taken care of. Whether you are an advanced yogi or just a beginner these blocks set serves your purpose of achieving proper balance and alignment during those complicated and difficult poses.

This one comes in a large compact size measuring about 9x6x4 inches which gives it an ideal size to carry around or even use at home.

With comfortable beveled edges this block provides soft, secure and comfortable grip which in turn helps you improve your yoga practice by preventing injuries and muscle strain.

Cork yoga blocks offer exceptional stability and support not only for yoga but for Pilates as well and more.

What we like in it?

  • Sturdy
  • Eco-friendly
  • Comfortable grip
  • Bevelled round edges


  • Since made of cork material, it is a little heavy than the ones made of foam

2. AmazonBasics Blocks

The AmazonBasics Blocks come in a set of two and are made of durable high density foam. This material calls for reliable support and long-lasting performance and most importantly ensure a slip-resistant performance on a smooth surface.

The round edges further ensure a secure hold and a steady grip no matter how simple or complicated yoga poses you are trying out.

These  blocks from Amazon Basics are extremely light weight and are structured in a modular style for using separately or by stacking them together in a number of configurations. This is one of the bestseller and has received great reviews from users.

Each of these blocks measure around 4 by 9 by 9 (LxWxH) inches and can be comfortably sat on too. They help you with better balance and proper alignment and definitely help you perform those complicated poses.

So, go ahead and buy these blocks which are available in two and four packs and you are all set to be the yogi that you are trying so hard to be.

What we like in it?

  • Lightweight
  • Slip resistant
  • Round edges
  • Available in 2 and 4 packs


  • Since these are made of foam, they are squishier than the ones which are made of cork material
  • They are too lightweight and soft for standing poses

3. YogaAddict Foam and Cork Yoga Block

Made of foam and cork, these extra large blocks from Yoga Addict top our list for various reasons. Primarily because it provides the yogi with reliable support and better balance making difficult and complicated poses accessible.

For beginners, it helps them prevent from injuries and any other kind of physical limitations.

The bevelled edges of these large blocks assist in alignment for added comfort, security and grip.

The most attractive characteristic feature of these blocks from YogaAddict is that it helps to find our centre of gravity more easily and quickly thus helping our body to maintain a balanced position for a longer period of time even during the standing poses.

Extremely light in weight and very easy to use, this yoga block is absolutely safe to use and is slip resistant.

It is a perfect yoga accessory for any type of yoga- from Hatha Yoga to Kundalini yoga; you can accomplish any pose with this yoga block.

What we like in it?

  • Slip Resistant
  • Bevelled Edges
  • Available in a pack of twos
  • Comes with a cotton yoga strap


  • Users have complained of the cork material coming off from the edges
  • Slightly heavy because of both cork and foam material

4. Manduka High Density Block

The Manduka High Density Yoga Block is made of recycled foam which makes it high eco-friendly and safe to use.

It is designed to perfection to give the contoured edges which in turn provide the user with ergonomic support, stability, comfort and balance. Accomplish any kind of yoga pose whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi.

This yoga block is soft yet durable and sturdy which is made of extremely high density foam providing extended grip and a firm support.

It is soft and extremely light in weight which makes it very easy to use, carry around or even stack at home. The Manduka High Density Yoga Block will last you a lifetime if taken care of properly.

Manufactures tell you not to keep it in direct sunlight and ask users to clean it with a damp cloth and apple cider vinegar and water solution on a regular basis.

Weighing about 0.8lbs it also comes with clean radius edges which give it a firmer grip.

What we like in it?

  • Clean Radius Edges
  • Contoured design
  • Slip-resistant
  • High density


  • Not very comfortable to lay on
  • The price is also on the higher side

5. Healthyoga Yoga Block

If you are desperately looking to personalize your yoga session and buy a set of blocks for yourself, then the Health Yoga Block is a great option to go for. We all know how large blocks help us.

They give us balance and support to perform innumerable yoga poses especially those which involve stretching and or muscle strengthening.

Therefore, before buying a yoga block we must ensure that they are made of the correct material and are lightweight and are soft.

The blocks from Health Yoga provides you with all those things that you require in a block. Made of foam, these extra large yoga blocks are very sturdy yet soft and highly durable.

They are extremely easy to clean too and can be carried around or used at home. Like all our best ones, this one is slip resistant too and helps you to secure a proper alignment while improving strength and flexibility.

It also comes in an eye-catching dual colour which makes it vibrant and attractive and it comes in a specially designed shape too.

The pack comes with a yoga strap which preps you up to be the yogi that you want to be! So go for it and you’re all set to sweat it out!

What we like in it?

  • Eco-friendly
  • Slip-resistant
  • Sweat absorber
  • Round edges
  • Bonus strap with pack


  • The latex layer comes with an odour which can wear off with air-dry
  • Softer than the cork and the wood ones

6. Wooden-Life Bamboo Yoga Block

The Wooden-Life Bamboo Yoga Block comes in a package of two each of them measuring about 9x6x3 inches. This is made of natural, eco-friendly and high density bamboo wood which ensures slip-resistance, firmer grip and comfortable support.

It is further layered with a coat of lacquer which protects it from the rough use and also adds sheen to the wooden texture of the yoga block. It is designed with circular arc edges which make it very safe to use.

The hardness of the wooden block provides you with stronger support without bending or deforming making it extremely durable for a longer period of time.

This bamboo wood yoga block is one of our favourites from our list because using it makes us feel great and keeps us centred and grounded physically.

It deepens your daily yoga practice starting from handstands, to lotus legs to roll-overs and much more.

What we like in it?

  • Eco-friendly
  • Circular Arc Edges
  • High density
  • Made of bamboo wood material
  • Slip-Resistant


  • Since made of wood its stiff and quite hard unlike foam yoga blocks or even the ones made of cork
  • They are comparatively slimmer compared to other yoga blocks

Why Do you Need Extra Large Yoga Blocks?

If you are a yogi or trying your best to be one, then you must have realized by now how blocks are an absolute necessary, no matter which level you are at.

Large or Tall Yoga blocks are the key to performing yoga and therefore it is important that you get the best ones for yourself. If you are wondering how do blocks help us exactly?

Well, they help us lengthen and extend our alignment especially when you are not yet there in terms of flexibility to reach the floor or even touch your toes. They help you achieve and modify your body to those complicated yoga poses which you are not yet ready for.

However, blocks are versatile. They can also be used for other forms of exercises like Pilates etc. and does not necessarily be used for yoga only.

The main function of large and tall blocks is to provide you with strength and flexibility and most importantly help by preventing any sort of injury when your body isn’t that flexible at the beginning.

In case you are looking for standard blocks, do not forget to check our post on Best Yoga Blocks on market right now. 


So, after a hard day’s work you are looking for some relaxation but you are unable to touch your toes like the other flexible yogis, then don’t you worry! One of these top 6 extra-large blocks will help you deepen your flexibility and enhance your daily yoga practice on some serious levels.

If you are a beginner then you must get one of these as they work greatly as modifiers when you are still not ready for a full pose. For a situation like this the yoga block will definitely be your go-to friend.

Before buying yoga blocks, make sure that you go through all their features and bring into consideration the crucial differences between a ‘bad one’ and a ‘good one’.

They must be slip-resistant and must give a proper grip and support. Keeping all of this in mind, go ahead with one of these from our list and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed. No matter which level of yoga you are at right now, this list has one block for you! So, go for it!

Your workout gears should be in place so that you don’t have to compromise. You can pick any from the list above and we don’t think you would regret it.

Do not worry as we have conducted extensive research before choosing these extra-large yoga blocks.

We will love it if you like something from our selection and find it useful.