8 Best Cork Yoga Mats Chosen By Experts

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If you are planning to look for the best cork yoga mats available in the market, you are on the right page. Our researchers have researched the domain for 65 long hours to list down the best 8 across usage needs, user needs and budgets. So, whatever your needs and budget  be you will find the best here.

Yoga being introduced almost a decade back has been well-received by people all over the world. It has gained immense popularity over the years. However, with the emerging growing consciousness for the environment, yoga practitioners have started moving towards props and gears which are eco-friendly and sustainable.

They no longer limit their use to PVC made products but are accepting those which are made of cotton, jute or cork. Cork yoga mats are the most durable and sustainable options that are available in the market today.

They are not only eco-friendly but also provide good grip, resist bacteria formation and can be very easily stored and carried around.

So, if you are also looking for a cork yoga mat for your use, here is a detailed review and guide of the ten best cork yoga mats for you to sift through per your choice, lifestyle and requirement.

Best Cork Yoga Mats Chosen By Experts

What Are the Best Cork Yoga Mats?

1. Yoloha Cork Yoga Mat

This premium quality cork yoga mat from Yoloha Yoga ranks first on our list for all the right reasons. It is made of two recycles materials- cork and rubber- which provides optimum durability and less weight.

Its remarkable non-slip grip feature makes it suitable for use for all types of yoga- no matter how rigorous it is. With no latex, PVC or hard materials used, it is sustainable, eco-friendly and body-kind. It is thick and well-padded which provides a maximum amount of cushion and comfort without inhibiting your balance.

What we like in it?

  • Available in multiple lengths.
  • Can be used for all types of yoga and for even other forms of workout like Pilates.
  • Suitable for hot yoga.
  • Excellent portability.


  • Slightly on the higher side of the price range.
  • Users have complained about the underside being slippery.

2. Lush Valley Lifestyle Cork Yoga Mat

If you are inclined to use a simple and elegant yoga mat for everyday use, then the Lush Valley Lifestyle Cork Yoga Mat is the right choice for you.

Providing users with unrivalled yoga experience it is an all-natural yoga mat handmade from harvested cork. With a superior grip and non-slip features, it grounds you firmly in one place no matter what posture or transition your body is going through.

It also comes with 100% natural thick rubber backing to provide you with ample support, comfort and cushioning especially for your joints and knees. It has no traces of PVC, TPE or other harsh chemicals and is therefore completely non-toxic.

What we like in it?

  • Provides extra cushion for your knees.
  • Suitable for all types of yoga including hot yoga.
  • Comes in 100% plantable wildflower seed paper allowing you to plant a tree for the developing world.
  • Suitable for all other types of exercises too.
  • Eliminates the need for a yoga towel.


  • Slightly denser than the other cork yoga mats available.
  • On the higher side of the price range.

3. MandukaEko Yoga Mat

The Masdery Cork Yoga Mat is of premium quality and ranks third on our list for the excellent prints and patterns their yoga mats come in. With 5mm thickness it provides great stability and balances to your body as you flow from one pose to another.

These are manufactured in a special way to make sure that the cork does not start to chip after regular and considerable use. It is moisture-resistant and provides excellent grip which makes it suitable for use for all types of yoga and other floor exercises.

What we like in it?

  • Comes with a carrying strap.
  • Made of organic cork and natural rubber making it 100% eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • Does not require the use of yoga towels.
  • Available in design and patterns.


  • The smell of the natural rubber is strong. However, it wears off with use.
  • Provides average cushioning to joints compared to other yoga mats.

4. ZXT Parts Cork Yoga Mat

This ultra-light and ultra-thin cork yoga mat form ZXT Parts ranks fourth on our list because of its excellent portability. If you are someone who has to travel a lot and end up missing on your regular yoga practice, then this is the best all-natural yoga mat available for you.

Weighing about only 1.54lb it is easily foldable and rollable making it your ultimate travel companion. With a honeycomb texture on both the sides, the undersurface is made of natural latex which helps it to stick to the ground firmly. It is a great travel exercise mat which is also extra-large and extra-wide.

What we like in it?

  • Can be folded into the size of a book to be put inside a travel bag.
  • Machine washable and very easy to clean.
  • High-end industrial and concept design.


  • Suitable for people who have certain pain tolerance and therefore not suitable for beginners.
  • Has a strong smell of natural latex. However, it is non-toxic and wears out over time and use.

5. Mandelbrot X Cork Yoga Mat

Latex-free, BPA free and made of 100% all-natural cork, the Mandelbrot X Cork Yoga Mat ranks on our list for being the best eco-friendly cork yoga mat for hot yoga.

The natural rubber on the bottom gives a non-slip workout providing you with all the balance and stability that you need to move from one pose to another.

Measuring 72 x 24 x 0.2 inches and weighing about 6lbs, it offers great cushioning to your joints and knees during your yoga practice.

What we like in it?

  • Suitable for all types of yoga. But best mat available for hot yoga.
  • Easy to clean and remains fresh due to its natural antimicrobial cork surface eliminating germs and bacteria.
  • Provides heated activated gripping property.
  • Money-back guarantee if unsatisfied.
  • Provides great comfort and support.


  • Not machine washable.
  • No dryer must be used.

6. Gurus Natural Cork Yoga Mat

The Gurus natural cork yoga mat is perfect for travellers and practitioners who are constantly on-the-go. Like most other cork yoga mats, this one too is made with a smooth blend of cork and natural rubber providing it with sturdy construction.

However, this is much lower-priced than the others that are available in the market. It measures 72 x 25 inches making it perfect and safe for your daily yoga practice. The dense closed cells keep it odour free no matter how many times or how long you use it.

What we like in it?

  • Weighs only 2 pounds making it extremely lightweight and travel-friendly.
  • Suitable to be used for both indoors and outdoors.
  • 100% eco-friendly and made of all-natural and sustainable materials.
  • Suitable for all types of yoga including hot yoga.
  • Waterproof and non-slip.


  • The thickness is about 4mm and therefore suitable for pro practitioners than beginners.
  • Does not stay flat during the first few uses. However, it gradually breaks in with regular use.

7. Virgin Pulp Cork Yoga Mat

Men are always in need of longer, thicker and wider yoga mats. And so to meet their needs and requirement, the best cork yoga mat available in the market is the Virgin Pulp Cork Yoga Mat. The durable top surface and the natural rubber bottom makes for a sturdy composition and flat unrolling.

It is available in two varieties- one with alignment lines and one without. Being anti-microbial, it houses no smell and does not require any spray or anything for cleaning. The no-slide surface provides sufficient cushioning to ankles, joints and knees.

What we like in it?

  • Extra-long and extra-wide for men to use comfortably.
  • Extra-thick for proper cushioning.
  • Comes in two options- one with alignment lines and one without.
  • No yoga towel required.
  • No spray required for cleaning.


  • Not very good for hot yoga as the cork may start flaking.
  • The rubber smell is too strong.

8. Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat

The best budget cork yoga mat is delivered by none other than Gaiam- one of the leading names in the yoga community. With 5mm thickness and measuring 68 x 24 inches, this is one of the best durable products that are available in the market.

If you are a beginner and want to get a good quality eco-friendly cork yoga mat but do not want to invest much right away, then this sustainable yoga mat from Gaiam is just the right one for you. With superior support, cushion and traction it provides you with proper stability and balance during your sessions.

What we like in it?

  • Comes in reversible design- featuring two unique designs suiting your need and requirement.
  • Sturdy construction with optimum durability.
  • Value for money.
  • Lightweight- weighing only 3.7lbs.
  • Suitable for all kinds of yoga including hot yoga.


  • Might leave creases when you unroll the mat.
  • Might have a strong pungent smell at the beginning. However, that wears out with time.

How to Choose an Cork Yoga Mat

Cork yoga mats have become highly popular among yoga practitioners, primarily for two reasons.

  • They are eco-friendly and sustainable. They can be recycled and renewed.
  • Natural cork is anti-bacterial and therefore involves less maintenance.

 However, while choosing the best cork yoga mat, there are certain important factors that must be considered.


It is important to select a mat which can accommodate your size in terms of length and breadth. There are a variety of sizes available. In case you want more room, it is always better to go for one which is longer than the standard size.


Look carefully at the backing when you buy a cork yoga mat. Cork mats usually come with natural rubber backing which is free of harmful chemicals.

However, recycled or natural rubber is not as sustainable as cork but their ecological impact is much less. The backing can also be constructed from latex or foam.


While prints and patterns are not likely to appear on cork yoga mats, but some of them do come with alignment lines. Some even come with straps and holders for convenient portability.

So, unless you have any specific need for that, go for the average standard ones which usually come in plain cork natural colour.


It is very important to consider the thickness of the mat. While thin mats provide excellent portability, they do not provide the cushion that you may require during your practice. Similarly, a thick mat provides sufficient cushioning but can turn out to be bulky and heavy.

Therefore, go for a mat which suits your requirement. The standard thickness of a cork yoga mat is 4mm. If you want extra padding then go for the ones which come with a thickness of 5mm. Travel yoga mats typically have a thickness of 1.5mm which makes them super-easy to carry.


Cork yoga mats are available in a variety of price range. If you want a good quality mat which will last you long, invest in one which comes with a thicker cork. Cheap cork yoga mats often end up chipping and breaking with use. In the case of cork yoga mats, in general, the more you pay, the better the quality and sustainability you receive.

It is always better to invest in premium quality yoga mats (which usually cost above $100) as they are more durable and long-lasting. You do not have to worry about getting a new one for a long time to come.


Are Cork Yoga Mats Better?

Yes, they are. Cork yoga mats are always better not only because they are eco-friendly and natural, but also because they are anti-bacterial. Cork is naturally resistant to bacterial growth and therefore maintaining them is a lot easier and hassle-free.

Are Cork Yoga Mats Slippery?

When you buy yourself a cork yoga mat, you never have to worry about slipping again. This is because cork contains suberin which produces a waxy, grippy substance when wet. So, the more you sweat, the better the grip is.

Are Cork Yoga Mats Good For Hot Yoga?

Yes, they are. Cork mats provide a lot of grips when wet which makes it perfect to use for hot yoga. You may even choose to activate its stickiness by spraying some water on it before use.


Cork yoga mats are expensive, that’s true. But if you are seriously into yoga and devoted to the environment, then investing in one is always advisable. They provide you with ultimate balance and stability resist bacterial growth and can easily be stored, thus, giving you the beneficial experience of yoga.

Hope our list of best cork yoga mat recommended by experts, helped you choose the right one. No matter which one you end up buying, make sure that it suits your particular needs.

We will love it if you like something from our selection and find it useful.