Pranayama comes from the Sanskrit “Prana” meaning “Life Force” and “Yama” meaning “Wow”, “Observation” or “Retraint”.As Yogis, we have the power to rein in our life force energy for goodness, positivity and transition into a space of inner quiet and peace which can then be taken off the mat where the real magic of yoga happens. It’s here that our nervous system is given a rest which in turn boosts our overall health and immune system.

Use this offering to fill your body first with love and light so you can be a source of support and comfort for others.

Welcome Video + Guide

A full guide on how to use pranayama in everyday life

12 Video Techniques

Guiding you through 12 individual techniques

Tutorial on sitting still

Find your perfect position for meditation

Bonus Tracks!

Additional content from the Breathe Easy Challenge


  • KP

    I really think this pranayama programme is worth its weight in gold – I have used it in a couple of ways – as a daily routine but also as a go-to at moments of particular stress or, in my case, trouble sleeping. 

  • CW

    Breathe Easy – a course in Pranayama’ is a gift from Catherine. Her passion and love for sharing what she does is clear from this beautifully constructed and diverse programme.

  • AB

    Maintaining the breath and focusing on the breath is something I have felt I’ve struggled with and these videos have helped me to really focus and understand how to use the breath, develop my technique and practice.

  • EC

    This pranayama technique has helped me so much with the tightness in my chest and back from pain. I suffer from anxiety which I have always tried to use some deep calming breaths for, but now these new techniques I’ve learned help me calm myself… I can not recommend this course enough.

  • RT

    it has taught me a number of valuable breathing techniques to help me move away from the shallow breath I have a tendency towards in busy day to day life! I have gained so much more awareness of my breath, noticing when I’m starting to get stressed and having tools to help relax! I loved taking time out of my day for some self care

  • RT

    I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about the power of the breath and it’s influence on both body and mindset

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Welcome Video + Guide
12 technique videos
Seated meditation Tutorial
Bonus Content from the Challenge!

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Breathe Easy: A Course in Pranayama


Receive 3 hours of valuable yoga treats! PLUS a guided Yoga Nidra meditation to enhance your sleep, reset your nervous system and elevate your mood!