Best Yoga Straps: Recommended by Experts

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Yoga has gained quite a raving prevalence in the modern world and with that various yoga accessories have come into light and are gaining popularity among yogis. One such accessory is the yoga strap.

While they are often considered to be an underestimated resource, they are actually superbly useful as an overall wellness tool. The main functions of a yoga strap are

  • Improve and deepen yoga postures
  • Increase mobility and balance
  • Extend stretches

Even if you are not a hard core yogi, yoga straps will still help to open every part of our body after a rigorous workout session or a long day at work. For this reason fitness and yoga enthusiasts swear by the fact that a yoga strap is an indispensable tool to improving our practice.

Best Yoga Straps

What Are the Best Yoga Straps

In yoga specifically, yoga straps help practitioners to deepen their poses and delve into their deepest selves.

They can be used conveniently not only in yoga studios but at home as well to obtain a pose along with some great amount of therapeutic stretching in order to improve mobility and balance of the body.

Therefore, it is very important that you buy the right and the best kind of yoga strap for you and your mat so that you can use them to their maximum potential in your Yoga-Flow.

So, to help you find just the right one, our team of researchers have come up with a list of 7 best yoga straps available online. All you need to do is choose and purchase just the right one.

1. The OPTP Original Stretch Out Strap

Stealing the first position on our list of best yoga straps is the OPTP Original Stretch Out Strap. Unlike any other yoga strap that you usually come across, this one comes in a super long single piece.

It is a woven nylon strap with 10 individual loops and users have claimed this to be one of the most durable and long-lasting yoga straps ever! This stretch out strap is highly versatile and can be used for various sports and fitness activities along with yoga, dance and stretching exercises.

You can also strap your mat to this and carry it around with you whenever and wherever you go. Proven of authentic design this strap provides its users with multitude of effective overall health benefits.

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What we like in it ?

  • Comes with an additional exercise booklet to guide you through with the usage of the strap.
  • Supremely versatile. Doubles up as a mat carrier sling.
  • Includes exercise booklet.
  • Long lasting and durable.


  • Not as wide as the other/ usual yoga straps.
  • The strap might be too long for some.

2. Sankuu Multi-Loop Yoga Strap

If you are looking for a multi-loop yoga strap, then the Sankuu yoga strap is the best in this category. It is non-elastic and comes with 12 multi-loop strap features.

This feature particularly helps you get a solid grip on the strap and you can even adjust it easily to the length you want. Highly versatile, this strap can be used for your daily yoga/ stretching practice without you having to worry about it wearing or tearing.

Available in a variety of colours for you to choose from, this one also comes with a carry bag looking at your convenience in terms of portability.

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What we like in it ?

  • The strap comes included with a carrying bag.
  • Multi-loop feature is super-friendly for all levels of fitness enthusiast.
  • Suitable for all kinds of yoga and exercises.
  • Made of premium woven nylon.


  • Made of woven nylon which does not make it very eco-friendly in nature.

3. Pete’s Choice Yoga Strap

If you are looking for a yoga strap which will facilitate your yoga session, then your most preferred choice should be the Pete’s Choice Yoga Strap. Made of high quality, thick and reinforced cotton, it is one of the most ideal straps for all kinds of exercise and activities.

With an adjustable D-Ring Link on either side you do not have to worry about the grip or the security of the strap. These adjustable straps help you to maintain perfect balance during your session.

Users have prolific reviews of this yoga strap and have described it as ‘the best and the minimalistic and the simplest yoga straps of all that are currently available in the market and of course super-efficient and beneficial too’.

What we like in it ?

  • Comes with a bonus e-book.
  • Suitable for all kinds of exercises including yoga, Pilates, dance and even physical therapy.
  • Made of rib-knit durable cotton.
  • Simple and minimalistic.


  • Available only in packs of two or 5.
  • Available in only one minimalistic beige colour.

4. Manduka Unfold Yoga Strap

Manduka is a well-known brand for anything related to yoga and yoga teachers and enthusiasts swear by it. For a variety of positive reviews by users the Manduka Unfold Yoga Strap ranks second on our list of best yoga straps.

Like all their other products, this one too is eco-friendly and is of premium quality. Made of lightweight durable cotton it also comes with a zinc alloy D-Link buckle which makes it safe and secure to use under any circumstances.

With no slipping during use, it is indeed one of the best of the best yoga straps you’ll currently find in the market.

What we like in it ?

  • Available in two sizes and two colours.
  • The D-Link buckle does not rattle while in use.
  • Requires little or no tension to hold in place.
  • Easy to change and adjust lengths for various exercises and positions.


  • Has a webbing of polyester which only increases the durability of the product.
  • Not available in 10 feet length.

5. Heathyoga Yoga Strap

Made of 100% cotton which makes it eco-friendly, the Heathyoga Yoga Strap makes to the third position on our list. With an adjustable metal D-Link buckle on both side it helps maintain balance and hold poses longer without you having to put too much effort to find the grip.

Made of durable and premium quality material it won’t lose its shape or break down with repeated or abusive use.

What really makes this yoga strap stand apart is its eye-catching print and you also do not have to worry about the colour or the print fading out. It is a versatile and all-purpose yoga strap which is non-toxic and super safe to use.

What we like in it ?

  • The attractive print which is rarely found in other premium quality yoga straps.
  • Affordable price range with all the top-quality and necessary features.
  • Adjustable D-Ring Buckle.
  • Eco-friendly.


  • Made of thick cotton which however softens over time with use.
  • Only available in two colours- you might want better colour options.

6. Gaiam Yoga Strap

Gaiam is yet another well-known brand in the world of yoga and this company too has a great collection of premium quality yoga straps. Made of 100% cotton it is eco-friendly and the most attractive feature of all is that it is machine washable.

Available in two lengths and two colour options it comes with sturdy D-Ring Links on one side which helps hold the strap securely in place.

The grip is excellent which helps you sustain poses for a longer period of time and achieve even the most challenging position of all without having to put in too much of effort.

What we like in it ?

  • Machine washable which makes it super-easy to clean and store.
  • Soft and easy to use and can be adjusted without any hassle.
  • Suitable for all kinds of yoga and other fitness workouts (especially stretching).
  • Multi-purpose.


  • Available in only two colours although it mentions of having a wide range of colour options to choose from.
  • D-Ring link only one side instead of two sides like in the other yoga straps available.

7. Tumaz Yoga Strap

Although very unflattering to the eyes, the Tumaz Yoga Strap is actually a very reliable, durable and useful strap that you can purchase. It is one of the bestseller items on Amazon and it has all the reasons to be so.

The strap is wide and thick and is made of premium quality materials- most importantly being eco-friendly in nature. It is created with a special knit technique and is available in a plethora of colours making it one of the bet yoga straps.

It is non-elastic and is available with a D-Link buckle which makes it stable, balanced and secure. Once you use it you’ll experience the extra stability and flexibility it provides during your yoga/workout routine.

What we like in it ?

  • Highly affordable and reasonable compared to other products mentioned and comes with all the mentionable features of a yoga strap.
  • The special knit webbing technique with a delicate and soft texture.
  • Doubles as a yoga mat carrying strap.
  • Special knit technique.


  • It is a little too thick than the other yoga straps measuring about 2.5mm in thickness.

How to Choose a Yoga Straps

How to Choose a Yoga Straps

Whether you are a newbie, a professional yogi or a fitness enthusiast, there are certain factors that you must consider while purchasing a yoga strap.

Here are a few common criteria mentioned below that must be measured and if the one you have chosen fulfils each of these criterions then you’ve definitely got the right one for yourself!


Yoga straps made of cotton are mostly preferred over any other materials primarily because they are durable, easy to use and most importantly they are easy to clean. However, they might be a little rough for those with sensitive skin.

 For them, there are yoga straps which are made of nylon or a rubber like material which makes them stretchable. The rubber-like straps are more convenient to use than the cotton or the nylon ones because the latter are usually stiff in nature.

Do not go for those which are not environment-friendly and non-biodegradable. Also, the chemicals may harm your health in the long run too! So, the choice of material depends entirely on your personal preference and convenience.


While searching for yoga straps you must come across that yoga straps usually come in three different lengths- 6, 8 and 10 feet. Therefore, the length of the yoga strap must also be considered while purchasing one.

The ones which measure 6 feet are good for people with average height and the 10 feet one is suitable for tall to very tall people. However, the best and the standard length to go for is always the one which is 8 feet long.


No matter which material or length of yoga strap you choose to buy, it must always come with a ring. Hence, what you need to consider is that the ring provides you with the most options during your practice by staying in well and tight.

The yoga straps with metal D-Rings are way more durable than the plastic ones. There are straps which also come with loops and those are used as mat carriers as well. These loops also ensure a smooth transition as you flow from one step to another.


Yoga straps are usually used in two ways- 1) as a stretching strap and 2) as a yoga mat strap. So while buying a yoga strap check whether it’s a multipurpose strap.

These kinds of straps help you in your yoga practice along with making it easy and comfortable for you to carry your yoga mat. Also, it helps you save some money!


The price is one of the most important factors to look into because you need to keep in mind that the yoga strap that you are buying is really worth it.

While there are many available which are affordable, they can be of poor quality and durability.


Style is another factor that must be considered right at the end once your choice has been narrowed down in terms of thickness, material, texture, stickiness and budget.

When you have selected your yoga mat as per the basis of the above mentioned factors, then it is time for you to go ahead and pick your favourite colour, pattern and print.

Because the look of the mat is important but not as important as the other factors.

What Size Yoga Strap Should I Buy

Frequently Asked Question

What Size Yoga Strap Should I Buy?

Yoga straps are available in 3 lengths- 6 feet, 8 feet and 10 feet. Usually, the 6 feet yoga strap is considered universal but the longer lengths are more suitable for tall people as they provide enough space to hold an outstretched leg while having considerable amount of strap to hold on to.

Do I Need A Yoga Strap?

Yoga strap is a useful tool for beginners. It helps them not to feel too much pain and get their right poses. It helps by improving your yoga poses and postures with less strain. They are also used for stretching for users to achieve a wide range of motion.

How Long Is A Multipurpose Yoga Strap?

A multipurpose yoga strap is 20 inches long to go around the mat with 6 inches of Velcro on either ends


Yoga straps are indeed an indispensable wellness tool which can be used with no limits whatsoever. They are a great piece of yoga accessory which can be used not only for yoga but also Pilates and other forms of other athletic workouts alike.

While there are innumerable options for you to choose from in the market, it is important that you make the right choice. Yoga straps always have their own benefits and the best one will always have the best effect on you. So, go for the one which you think best suits your needs and requirements.

If you ask us, our first choice would be always be the OPTP Original Stretch Out Strap for all the right reasons mentioned above in the reviews! Get going and grab just the right one!

We will love it if you like something from our selection and find it useful.

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