Best Yoga Shorts for Men and Women: Recommended by Experts

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If you are planning to look for the best yoga shorts for men and women available in the market, you are on the right page. Our researchers have researched the domain for 112 long hours to list down the best 16 across usage needs, user needs and budgets. So, whatever your needs and budget  be you will find the best here.

No matter what kind of workout you do, you know the right workout clothes make a whole lot of difference in your session. Not all workout clothes are the same and not everyone is comfortable working out in everything.

You must have observed how yoga enthusiasts prefer wearing yoga shorts for their classes. The reason being, it lets their skin breathe and also help regulate their body temperatures. It keeps their body cool for and during an intense yoga session.

However, while some may think that yoga shorts are only meant to be worn during hot yoga- well, that’s not the case always. It can be worn for any type of yoga, as long as you are comfortable in it and it helps you move freely.

Yoga Shorts For Men And Women

What Are the Best Yoga Shorts For Men

Although stereotypical, but but its true that most seasoned yogis we come across happen to be women. As a result, the majority of yoga clothing is tailored to their requirement.

This makes it quite difficult for men to find a comfortable pair of shorts that check all the right boxes. So, our team of yoga experts have independently researched and found some of the best yoga shorts for men available online.

Most of these yoga shorts are multi-functional and durable- just the way men like their workout clothes to be.

1. Yoga CROW Men’s Yoga Shorts

If you are tired of your workout shorts bunching up, then the Yoga CROW men’s  shorts is definitely the best one you’ll find available. With strong construction and fine fabric performance, it ranks first in our list of best yoga shorts for men.

The premium quality fabric comes with amazing moisture-wicking functionality and a 4-way stretch which makes it suitable for any kind of yoga or workout.

The most notable feature is that it is a swerve short which comes with an inner lining to increase the level of comfort. This pair of yoga shorts will let you focus on your practice and not your modesty.

What we like in it ?

  • 4-way stretch fabric with odour-resistant inner lining.
  • Durable and comfortable with premium quality construction.
  • Available in a variety of colours.
  • Comes with inner lining.
  • Waistband with drawstring closure.


  • Does not come with a pocket.
  • Price is on the higher side. However, it is a great value for the price.

2. Yoga Addict Stretchable Yoga Shorts

The YogaAddict Stretchable Shorts has been designed by men yoga practitioners and therefore it brings about a great balance in the fit- it is neither too tight nor too loose. It is made of 87% nylon and 13% spandex which makes the fabric comfortable, light-weight and 4 ways stretchable.

The elastic closure makes movement convenient without rolling up or down or exposing any private body parts. It is suitable for all types of yoga and makes you feel good against your skin.

What we like in it ?

  • 4-way stretchable material which allows performing any poses easily.
  • Quick-Dry material which provides extended moisture-wicking capabilities.
  • Quality stitch, quality fabric, comfortable fit.
  • Durable, lightweight and breathable.
  • Elastic waistband closure.


  • Does not come with pockets.
  • Customers have claimed the elastic waistband could be better.

3. Prana Men’s JD Short

If comfort is your top most priority when it comes to performing yoga, then the best option for you would be the PrAna Men’s JD Short. Made of nylon and lycra, it comes with an elastic closure and articulated side seam.

It also comes with a quality inseam. The recycled polyester blend provides a 4 way stretch which makes it super comfortable to wear during your session. Like any other shorts, this one too can be worn for all types of yoga.

What we like in it ?

  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Non-restrictive and great stretch.
  • Elastic closure.
  • Articulated side seam.


  • Slightly fitted tending to show a bit more of the male anatomy.
  • Slightly higher in price range compared to the other choices.

4. Gaiam Yoga Shorts

Gaiam is a well-known brand in the world of yoga. These yoga shorts for men from the house of Gaiam is made of polyester and spandex which is feather light in weight and makes for a super comfortable wear.

It has a brilliant moisture-wicking capability which makes it a perfect shorts to wear for hot high endurance yoga sessions. It keeps you dry and comfortable throughout.

With the elastic waistband and drawstring closure, you no longer have to worry about the shorts rolling up or down.

What we like in it ?

  • Perfect men’s yoga shorts for hot yoga.
  • Comes with a pocket for convenience.
  • Multi-functional shorts which can be worn all day-long.
  • Durable and moisture wicking.


  • Relaxed-fit. Not suitable if you are looking for tight fitted compression shorts.
  • Not suitable to be put in dryer. Might end up stretching the fabric.

5. Loday Sauna Sweat Shorts

Made of neoprene, the Loday Sauna Sweat shorts are a great choice for those who want some tummy-control and compression in their yoga clothes. The high waist elastic waistband calls for great compression and comfortable wear.

It provides full coverage of the abdomen while offering great support. It also comes with zipper-pockets which makes it convenient for men to carry little things safely.

Made of breathable fabric, these men’s shorts come with a sauna effect which maximizes the effectiveness of workout.

What we like in it ?

  • The sauna effect neoprene accelerates sweating increased inch loss.
  • Knee-length which makes movement easier and less embarrassing.
  • Right side zipper pocket.
  • Breathable mesh fabric in crotch area.


  • Not suitable for those who do not enjoy wearing compression shorts during workout.
  • Not available in many colour options.

What Are the Best Yoga Shorts For Women

Although women prefer wearing yoga pants or capris during their workout sessions, however, they often choose to wear shorts too. The reason being shorts are convenient, comfortable and safe.

It is a type of clothing they can wear even on a daily basis. However, like all workout clothes, shorts are different for various types of yoga.

So, here are the 5 best yoga shorts for women- categorized and ranked.

6. Baleaf Yoga Shorts

This is one of the best shorts in our list of choices for varied reasons. This high waist compression yoga shorts is nothing less than being the ‘most flattering’ one. It comes with tummy-tucking features which lets you have full control without you having to worry about that food baby.

It is made of polyester and spandex and comes with an elastic closure. The wide waist band prevents muffin top, therefore keeping you comfortable and flexible throughout your session.

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What we like in it ?

  • Longer inseam which provides ample coverage and prevents thighs from rubbing.
  • Comes with big side pockets for carrying knick-knacks.
  • Available in a variety of colours.
  • Great value for price.
  • Wide elastic band closure.


  • Users have complained of the size running a little small. Therefore, go for a higher size instead of your regular size.

7. ODODOS Non-See-Through Yoga Shorts

If you are an ardent fan of hot yoga and are looking for comfortable shorts to suit your needs, then the ODODOS non-see through shorts is just the one for you. Made of polyester and spandex, it is comfortable, durable and most-importantly non see-through.

Hot yoga releases a lot of sweat and with the excellent moisture-wicking capability and non-see through features; it makes for the best shorts for women.

It is indeed one of the best on our list as it combines all required features together- fashion, function and performance.

What we like in it ?

  • Non-see through which makes it suitable for hot yoga.
  • High waist with side pockets.
  • Tummy control features.
  • 4 Way stretch fabric.
  • Available in 21 colour options.


  • The option in white can be a little see through.
  • Leg length is shorter than other products mentioned.

8. Oalka Yoga Shorts

Women come in different sizes and different body types. The Oalka Pluz-Size Shorts is the best for those plus-size women who want comfort and durability in their workout clothes.

Made of nylon and spandex, the fabric gives a four-way stretch and maximum comfort.

Available in various sizes and colours, it also features high waist and wide elastic waistband. They are durable, functional and flattering and is perfect for all yoga types.

What we like in it ?

  • Multifunctional and can be worn as undershorts too.
  • Comes with high moisture-wicking functionality.
  • Interlock seams minimize rubbing and chafing in inner thighs.
  • Good value for price.
  • Comes with side pockets.


  • Comes with mild compression.
  • Length can be a little shorter on tall women.

9. Lovesoft Compression Yoga Shorts

With a 4 way stretch and non-see through fabric, the Lovesoft Yoga Shorts is our best selection for teens. It comes with a high and wide waistband with elastic closure which makes it comfortable for them all day long.

With sweat absorption and drying capabilities it is perfect to use for any type of yoga. It also comes with a hidden waist pocket for storage of essentials. Highly durable, these are also available in quite a few quirky colour options.

What we like in it ?

  • Long inseam which prevents chafing and rubbing in inner thighs.
  • Great value for price.
  • Hidden inner waist pocket.
  • Tummy-control.
  • Wide waist band.


  • Slightly shorter in leg length.
  • Size runs a little short as per user comments.

10. Seasum Yoga Shorts

When you have it, flaunt it! You’ve worked hard to achieve those well-toned assets. So, instead of hiding those behind old ratty workout clothes, this shorts from Seasum would do perfect justice.

Super-cute and made of premium quality fabric, these shorts for women will enhance those curves and lines perfectly.

High waist and breathable, they will allow you to move comfortably. Available in umpteen numbers of colours and prints, choose the one which will best suit you.

What we like in it ?

  • Gives your body a perfect streamlined look.
  • Works as a body shaper too.
  • Comfortable to be worn as undershorts and all day long.
  • Elastic waistband.


  • Does not come with pockets.
  • Size runs a little smaller.

How to Choose a Yoga Shorts

Yoga shorts are great, comfortable and convenient. However, there are a few factors you must consider while buying the best shorts for yourself.

This buying guide goes for both men and women so that it helps you choose just the right one for yourself.


This is one factor you should never compromise on while buying workout clothes. For shorts, the fit factor is even more important. It is very important to find the perfect fit or else it could end up being all over the place.

The leg length and the length of the inseams are also important factors that must be considered- which again depends on your measurement and preferences.

Before buying a yoga short one point to remember is that, the fit of your yoga shorts directly impacts your comfort. A wrong fit can end up being a disaster.


Budget is the second most important factor that must be considered before buying yoga shorts. Even if you get something which is of good fit, material and color, you might have to end giving up on it because it is not well within your budget.

So before buying, make a list of your preferences and go searching accordingly. In this case, it is important to remember that anything which is expensive may not always be the best.


The durability of the shorts must also be remembered. Or else it is just a waste of money. You do not want your shorts to rip off or stretch in middle of a yoga session.

Therefore, check the material well before you buy. Even do a stretch test to check the stitches and the see-through feature of the material. If you find the material to be too thin, it does not mean it is airy. In fact, it is because it is of poor quality.


Even while choosing something as basic as yoga shorts, go for a design which reflects your personality. It should be considered like an outfit with which you will be able to express yourself and complement your body type.

However, most importantly while choosing shorts, double-check on the waistband. After all, it is the waistband which holds the shorts in place.


With the recent trend of fashion, shorts are no longer restricted to be used only for yoga sessions. They are more like multi-functional outfits- for both men and women.

Shorts are available not only in a variety of designs but also in terms of features. So, choose the one which suits your needs and requirements. Consider the material, the features of it and also how in multi-purpose ways they can be worn.


Apart from the aforementioned points, you must also consider the aftercare of the yoga shorts you are buying. After all, at the end of the day, the durability and the look depends quite a lot on this factor.

Always make a note of the care label, as it will mention how you need to take care of it so that you can hold on to them as long as you want.

Why Do My Yoga Pants Roll Down

Frequently Asked Question

What Is The Difference Between Yoga Pants And Leggings?

The difference between the two is that leggings are meant to be worn under other clothing items, because its main function is to provide you warmth and comfort. On the other hand, yoga pants are individual workout clothing items which are meant to be used for exercise and specially yoga.

Why Do My Yoga Pants Roll Down?

Yoga pants or leggings usually roll down when it is of the wrong size and usually, buying a size lower, helps in solving this problem. However, even high-waist yoga pants can also be tried to solve this issue.

Is It Okay To Wear Yoga Pants In Public?

Yoga pants are now deemed as the ‘new jeans’ in fashion and in trends. They can be worn publicly to the gym, to the store and even for lounging. You can even choose to wear a gym shorts over them and that will well complete your casual look.

What Should You Wear Under Yoga Shorts?

The best style to wear anything under shorts or pants is the hipster cut. It offers full coverage while maximizing flexibility. However, not all hipster underwear is the same and therefore must be bought keeping in mind a few factors like breath ability, durability and anti-microbial.


Yoga shorts have evidently become quite a rage not only in the yoga community, but outside of it too. They are made to be multi-functional so that both men and women can wear them for various reasons and occasions.

However, if you are looking for shorts, specifically for yoga, then we hope our selection of best shorts have come of help to you. We really hope you found the best choice that fits your needs and requirements.

So, buy it right away, before you slide away the idea of buying yoga shorts under the rug.