5 Best Yoga Pants for Women: Recommended By Experts

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Yoga is one of the greatest forms of exercise which takes care of the well-being of your mind, soul and body. However, it can be challenging too and the last thing you would want is distraction from your uncomfortable yoga attire.

Yoga pants especially have to be very comfortable in terms of fabric and fitting or else all you end up doing is pulling them up every other minute or it may end up hindering every move that you make.

Therefore, you will always want those yoga pants to be super comfortable, well-fitted and most importantly flexible. 

So if you are running through online sites to buy the best pair of yoga pants for women then this article is the right place to be- our team has done the online searching and reviewing each pair for you to choose you the five that are absolutely the best from overall scoring on all parameters. 

This took us 45 long man hours of research at our end and we are sure that you will find the one that you are looking for all the while in our collection. 

If you are eager to know which one made the top space from our research, here you go…

Best Yoga Pants for Women

What are the Best Yoga Pants for Women

1. Lululemon Align Yoga Pants

This 7/8 length yoga pants from Lululemon gives you nothing but freedom during your workout or yoga sessions. This is designed to give a proper tight fit while feeling buttery-soft on your skin. 

The fabric with which the Lululemon Align Yoga Pant is made of is comprised of a special type of material called Nulualong with lycra spandex. Once you put them on, you do not even feel the weight of the fabric on your body.

The length is perfect for both tall and short women and does not come in the way of your movement. The high rise waist provides ultimate support and coverage making you feel all the more comfortable.

Oh! And it is absolutely non-transparent.

The broad waist band lies flat against your skin and therefore helps to keep them put on your waist.

You do not have to worry at all about them rolling up or down during your intense workout. And the hidden pocket is just the cherry on the top!

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What we like in it?

  • High-Waist
  • 7 / 8 length
  • Pocket
  • Non-Transparent
  • Four-way Stretch


  • This one is slightly on the higher side of the affordability range
  • Otherwise we did not much much negative reviews from the real users 

2. Lululemon Crop Yoga Pants

The Lululemon Crop Yoga pants are a versatile pair which is popular among users for its comfort ability, fit and durability. 

It is designed to fit like a second skin which are perfect for you to hit the gym in. It is so light and the fit is so snug that you won’t even feel it hugging onto your legs.

This yoga pant also comes with four way stretch and moisture-wicking abilities which in turn helps you to keep dry for a longer period of time.

It provides you with a high performance workout session by giving you full coverage and support from all sides. 

With a broad waistband around, it lies flat against the skin without rolling up or down or even digging into your skin.

The waistband even comes with hidden pockets for you to carry around small things with utmost convenience.

The high waist allows keeping your body alignment in check and with all the features overall it deserves it spaces in the top five for sure. 

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What we like in it ?

  • High-Waist
  • Capri Length
  • Pockets
  • Non-Transparent
  • Four-way Stretch
  • Moisture Wicking Technology


  • This one is slightly on the higher side of the affordability range
  • The slim fit might be a little uncomfortable for a few with specific body types

3. Jockey Yoga Scrub Pant

Made of polyester, rayon and spandex these Yoga Scrub Pants from Jockey is all about comfort and is available in vibrant colours which will make your workout sessions colourful and interesting.

One unique feature of this pair of yoga pants is that it comes in a flair-legged design which gives comfort and a flattering look to your body.

The contoured mid-rise waistband gently sits on your skin keeping the waist in place and not digging into your skin.

The waistband also comes with side panel inserts which gives you a perfect side silhouette and sleek lines.

 It also comes with side leg welt pocket which makes it super-convenient along with being comfortable.

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What we like in it ?

  • Mid-Rise
  • Flared Leg
  • Pocket
  • Non-Transparent


  • This flare-leg long length design will not be a very good option for petites (short-built women)
  • The fit of these pants are slightly larger than expected

4. Alignmed Capri Yoga Pants

The Alignmed Capri Yoga Pants are a perfect fusion of fashion and function. The technology which is used to design these pants shapes and energizes your muscles by giving you full support and coverage on your hips, waist and legs.

Made of a fabric comprising of polyester and spandex, it is designed with a moisture-wicking technology which absorbs sweat from your body keeping you dry all day long.

It comes in a mid-rise waist but is superbly comfortable by allowing the pants to stay put on your waist. This one is also very convenient with the hidden pockets on the waistband.

Your comfort is further ensured by the diamond gusset and the flat seams which reduce the chances of chaffing.

They have been constructed in such a way that they stimulate and lift the glute and the hamstrings, giving you the perfect sleek contour of your body.

What we like in it?

  • Mid-Rise
  • 7/8 length
  • Pocket
  • Non-Transparent


  • These are not available in an inclusive size range which includes petite, tall or plus options
  • It might gather around the ankles for short-built women

5. Piyoga Flare Capris

Are you a little bored with the same old ankle length yoga pants which are so much in trend right now? Well, in that case you may choose to go Boho with these flare capris from Piyoga.

These are designed to meet your comfort, style and performance every time you go for your yoga sessions. This one is adjustable for all body types.

It comes with a 5” long waistband which brings out your natural curves and also those dreadful muffin tops which you usually get with yoga pants that do not feel well.

Made of rayon, these are super light-weight, and you won’t even feel them once you put them on. Made of natural fibres, these yoga pants are super-cool and you will fall in love with them from the moment you wear them.

What we like in it ?

  • Mid-Rise
  • Flare
  • Pocket
  • Non-Transparent


  • These pants are not the usual pant size that you wear. So, buying the correct size might seem a little dodgy. These usually run big

How to Select the Correct Yoga Pants for Women

As per the modern fashion trends, yoga pants have become quite a versatile piece of clothing item for both men and women- you may want to use them for your yoga and gym sessions or even use them for random running around doing errands or chores, or even wear them for a casual day / night out with friends. 

These will give you that comfort that you are looking for in yoga pants whether you want to pose, stretch, lounge in them or even want to go beyond.

Bad quality clothes are a big no-no for workout! The quality of your active wear can make or break your workout session. It is not only the public embarrassment you might have to face, but also the internal discomfort like chafing; pilling, breathability, transparency etc must be checked before you buy yoga pants.

Choose the Right Fabric 

The very first step to buy a perfect pair of yoga pants, whether you are a man or a woman practitioner, is to check the composition of the fabric of what it is made of. Go for fabrics that are made of natural and organic material or a blend of those like bamboo, cotton, synthetics or cotton-synthetic blends.

These materials come with temperature regulating properties and thus ensuring that you are cool and dry during hot warm temperatures outside or vice versa. These materials are also soft and gentle for all skin types thus providing you with comfort during an intense workout session.

Go for Cotton and Bamboo Fabrics  

Cotton and bamboo are great materials for yoga pants but make sure that they have spandex blended with them as this will help the pant to retain the shape in spite of all he stretching.

In synthetics, nylon and polyester blends are great as they have amazing moisture wicking capabilities which mean that the sweat from your body dries up without getting absorbed by your clothes.

However, synthetic materials might not give a pleasant feeling on your skin, but they are much more durable and resistant to fading.

Talking of cotton-synthetic blends, this kind of fabric comes with the best and the worst of both the worlds.

These pants are definitely softer than the pure synthetic ones but along with that they absorb more sweat too. Also, they are comparatively less durable and more conducive to pilling.

Matters Over Looks When It Comes to Yoga Pants 

6 Key Things that Matters Over Looks When It Comes to Yoga Pants 

While yoga pants surely need to look good on you but there are a few things you must give importance to over ‘looks’. And the qualities that you must look for in yoga pants are:

#1 Comfort and Flexibility

This is the most important quality that you must look for in your yoga pants- they must feel good when you wear them. You should not have to fix them every other moment during your session.

You must be wondering, then how are yoga pants different from regular sweatpants? Well, they are. Yoga pants should never be too tight or too loose and should not come in between your movements. They must be lightweight and streamlined especially during your heavy and intense workout sessions.

#2 Performance and Functionality

The performance and functionality of your yoga pants must be determined by the type of yoga or workout you practice.

There are specific qualities you must look for in yoga pants like its ability to stretch, wick away stretch and also its breathability abilities when you are looking around for the performance properties of yoga pants.

If the yoga you do isn’t that intense, then you can go for pants which are made of cotton-spandex blend. This will give a buttery-soft feel while holding on to its shape by allowing you to stretch and squat without them ripping apart.

On the pther hand, if your yoga sessions are thorough and super intense then you must always go for the synthetic yoga pants which dry away your sweat with their moisture wicking abilities and regulates the temperature post workout.

durability of yoga pants

#3 Durability

The durability of yoga pants completely depend on the fabric it is made of. However, one thing you must keep in mind is that like other clothing items, yoga pants also do not last you a lifetime.

Yoga pants made of synthetic and synthetic blends tend to last longer specially the ones which are made of nylon. Nylon is considered to be the most durable and the most long lasting fabrics in synthetics.

Cotton-blends usually pill and fade out much faster than other fabrics. This is because the weaker cotton strands break out and pill the stronger synthetic fibres blended will help to hold onto them.

Another feature that increases the life of tight yoga pants is a gusset. Gussets are nothing but a small piece of fabric which is sewn separately near the crotch area to make you pants feel snug and the hence the pressure is evenly distributed.

#4 Fit and Style

Features and properties are usually same in yoga pants for both men and women but we cannot deny the fact that women yoga pants come in more variety of styles. However, with the new age trends men gears for yoga have come a long way too.

The fit and style of your yoga pants must also be chosen carefully in the same way you choose its fabric, performance and durability. You must make the choice whether you want to go for legging, straight loose pants, flare plants or harem pants.

All you need to make sure is that they aren’t too long and aren’t too tight or loose either. After all, who likes extra fabric flapping around you?

Tight fit yoga pants are much more comfortable during yoga sessions as they will move with you. But they shouldn’t be too tight as they will dig into your skin and be very uncomfortable. Yoga pants with compression are good for both men and women since they help the muscle and the body recover after the workout.

Loose and baggy yoga pants are good for slow styles of yoga. Flare and baggy pants are more versatile as you can even wear them outside without feeling ‘too naked’ in your tight yoga pants.

#5 Design

The new age yoga pants often come with additional features like pockets, zippers and clasps, for both men and women. Well, these are surely useful but they are absolutely not necessary during your yoga session.

Also, if the design is awkwardly done or placed, it might cause great discomfort in terms of look and performance too. So, it is important that you avoid designs which are bulky as that might get into your way.

Now, let’s talk a little about tummy control design that most yoga pants come with. The extra amount of fabric around your waist might also get in the way of your movement especially when you are bending or folding forward. So go for it only if it fits you really well. Or else, less is always better.

#6 Colour and Pattern

The classic black yoga pants might look mundane and very boring but that’s the best colour you can go for.

There’s a reason why most sportswear are dark coloured and especially black in colour. Firstly, the black colour or dark colours does not show sweat.

So, it is better to avoid prints and colours which tend to change hue when wet. In case you are the kind who perspires a lot, then you should never go for other colours or light coloured yoga pants.

You will also find some yoga pants with a shine on them. This is more prevalent in yoga pants which are made of synthetic fabrics. In such cases, do a review of the item’s colour details.


When you are out buying yoga pants for women, try them on and check if they feel good on you. An ideal pair would be which feels like a second skin- it won’t even remind you that you are wearing one at all.

Also, make sure that there are seams chafing, digging into your skin, muffin tops around your waist or extra fabric gathering up anywhere. The fit is extremely important!

While buying them online, make sure that you do Best Yoga Pants for Juniors. detailed research on the item, read user reviews and then buy them once you are sure about it.

Since, now that you have all the guidelines for a perfect pair of yoga pants, you know what must be your requirements and what all that is available.

Yoga pants are an essential clothing item and they must take care of your body. So go for the features that you require the most. Quality is something you must look for in yoga pants over anything else and for that even if you have to pay a little more, that’s okay! Because then you’ll make sure that you get the best.  

This intense workout session can drastically help you achieve a better mind and body. Follow it religiously. We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog. 

We will love it if you like something from our selection and find it useful.

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