Best 8 Yoga Eye Pillows: Recommended By Experts

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An Eye Pillow is typically a small bag filled with flax seeds and aromatic herbs that is placed over your eyes when you lie on your back. But this simple mediation prop, is one of the most powerful and accessible healing tools at our disposal.

Eye pillows are known for their balancing effects on the nervous system, thereby inducing a deep relaxation, better quality of sleep and tranquillity.

The Benefits Of Using Eye Pillows

  • Eye pillows soothe and relax tired eyes.
  • Helps to calm the mind.
  • Helps to revitalize and freshen the vision.
  • Sedates the nerves, relaxes the mind and provides balance to the body
  • Helps people suffering from a headache.
  • Reduces anxiety and insomnia.
  • Provides relief from sinus.
  • Using eye pillows is a quick way to stimulate the vagus nerve.

We will now discuss in details about the best yoga eye pillows!

Best Yoga Eye Pillows

What Are the Best Yoga Eye Pillows

1. Asutra Weighted Silk Eye Pillow

It is a great option for those who are seeking a good peaceful sleep. Also, those who are into meditation and they want to relieve themselves from headache and a migraine problem.

This eye pillow is hypoallergenic, produced from good quality materials.

The pouch is filled with organic lavender and flax seeds. It helps to reduce stress and depression. This product gives your eyes a lovely rest after a long day by taking away the built up tension. You can use it as a cool pack as well.

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What we like in it?

  • The best feature of the product is its adjustability. You can adjust the elastic band and zipper silk pillow and muslin pouch according to your need.
  • Price is reasonable.
  • The pouch is filled with organic flax seed.
  • Presented with Lavender aroma.
  • Can be used as a cooling pack.


  • People with bigger head size may find the mask too tight to use it with the band.

2. Blissful Being Lavender Eye Pillow

This eye pillow is hand-made, with elastic straps attached at the ends to keep it from slipping off. It helps you while you meditate.

It lessens headache, insomnia, and relieves stress as well. It is lightly scented with lavender and it could also be used as an ice pack.

What we like in it?

  • You have warranty for a year.
  • Used for sleep and meditation.
  • If lavender is your aroma, then this is your product.
  • It has straps that are elastic, preventing it to fall off.


  • Some might feel it heavy on their eyes.

3. Eye Pillow Vacation Organic Flax Seed Filled Lavender Eye Pillow

The pillows of this brand are super soft and made of natural fabrics. And within the pouch, you will get organic flax seeds, all natural and pure.

The eye pillow is an excellent addition to relieving your tension and stress. 

It provides a mini massage around your eyes which helps you to fall into a deep state of complete relaxation. You can put it on freezer as well for cooling treatment.

What we like in it?

  • You will have warranty for a lifetime.
  • The product is quite handy at that pricing.
  • The fabric used is both silk and cotton.
  • It is filled with organic flax seeds.


  • The lavender smell might not be that appealing.

4. GiftTree Breathe Easy Spa Comfort Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

The GiftTree Breathe Easy Spa Comfort Aromatherapy Eye Pillow relieves stress, tension, aches and pains. It is a sensory relaxation tool which is used for doing away with anxiety and tension. Even for meditating deeply and for sleeping, you can buy one of these.

The eye mask is filled with flax, lavender, chamomile and orange granules. Those apply gentle acupressure to tired eyes as well as facial muscles.

It is made of luxurious fabric that is cool to touch. Even those can give you relief from a headache.

What we like in it?

  • Suitable for both heat therapy and cold therapy.
  • Face-contouring grains will help soothe the pain.
  • The pouch is filled with lavender, chamomile, orange granules etc.
  • The material is soft and silky.


  • Nothing quite mentionable.

5. IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow

The IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow by Brownmed is another fantastic option available at a low price.

Those are ideal for a headache, migraine, sinus, and pain. The product will keep your eyes and face covered from light without any hassle.

The item is made of premium quality materials that offer a gentle touch on the eyes and face. Those are freezable for maximum effect. You can keep those on the freezer to get the cool relief.

What we like in it?

  • This eye mask pillow was designed by an orthopedic surgeon to provide relief from migraine headaches, tension headaches, sinus pain and eyestrain.
  • Breathable cotton material is comfortable to wear.
  • Freezable for maximum effect, yet doesn’t get stiff due to ergo bead filling.
  • It is not made with natural rubber latex, eliminating the risk of allergic reactions.


  • Longevity of the mask beads might be less.
  • Only suitable for cold therapy.

6. DreamTime Inner Peace Eye Pillow

There are times when you feel exhausted and drained but can’t seem to sleep since the tension and stress is still there, all clogged up in your mind.

So then what do you do? The best solution would be an eye pillow. And nothing better than a DreamTime Inner Peace eye pillow.

To get yourself relaxed you need this aromatherapeutic eye pillow with the scent of orange, lavender and chamomile. It feels soft on your skin as it is made of cotton and silk. You can also remove the ingredients and wash the pillow.

What we like in it?

  • This eye pillow is filled with long-lasting natural plant herbs and oils for effective aromatherapy.
  • You can treat yourself to the luxury and comfort of a spa without leaving home.
  • It is lightly scented with orange, lavender & chamomile.
  • Made with cotton and silk fabric.


  • Some people complained it to be unscented.

7. LotFancy Aromatherapy Lavender Eye Pillow

LotFancy eye pillows serve as a relaxing yoga spa eye mask for both hot and cold aromatherapy, as well as a sleep mask to block out light for a comfortable and undisturbed sleep.

So this is a two in one eye pillow. 

The eye pillow is filled with lavender flower and organic flax seeds, its calming scent promotes relaxation. This one relieves anxiety, headaches, muscle tension, migraines, insomnia, etc.

What we like in it?

  • It is perfect for yoga, meditation, puffy eyes, relaxation, spa, and is a good aid for sleeping.
  • It is suitable for both heating and cooling therapy.
  • Your nostrils will drown in lavender essential oil.


  • The beads might come as heavy.

8. Peacegoods Scented Eye Pillows

It will relieve you from headache, sinus, stress, eye fatigue etc. It will assist you to relax or fall asleep.

Each eye pillow is filled with scented, dried organic lavender and flax seeds. They are made of washable cotton covers.

What we like in it?

  • Bright lovely colors and nicely packaged.
  • Can be used for headaches, sleep aid, yoga, meditation, travel, spa, massage and relaxation.
  • The light weight of the eye pillow and the gentle aroma of lavender create the perfect atmosphere for savasana.


  • Nothing quite mentionable.
How to Choose an Eye Pillow for Yoga

How to Choose an Eye Pillow for Yoga

There are certain things you need to consider before shopping for eye pillows. Our buying guide will help you to be able to pick the one that will suite all of your needs. Here comes our tips!

Adjustable Straps

If the eye pillow comes with adjustable straps, buckles or Velcro, you should look whether their quality is good for you or not. However, the primary concern of an eye pillow is to provide you with comfort while staying in the right position when in use.

The position of an eye pillow depends on the efficiency of adjustable straps. Velcro offers a much more comfortable fit. They don’t pressurize the eye much. Rather they stay gently over the eyes. The buckle-bound eye pillows, on the other hand, offers the best bonding but at the expense of general comfort.

Internal Lining

The inner lining of the eye pillow is another important factor to consider. Some eye pillows are made of inner wool lining that can be quite irritating in the long run. The internal lining of an eye pillow must be slim.


For the inner part, Muslin silk is a great choice. And for the outer cover, you can consider cotton. What are the ingredients that should be there inside the pillow?

Lavender and flax seeds are the most common choices. There are also some other materials you can consider to have inside the pillow, certain herbs and essential oils.


You’ll have to consider the efficiency of an eye pillow as well. See to it that the pillow blocks light completely. Blocking light is one of the most important features of a good eye pillow. Also, the eye pillow must not be too heavy or too bulky. It can cause you irritation while you sleep.

Frequently asked questions

What Is An Eye Pillow And How Can We Use It?

The Eye Pillow is a small version of the therapeutic wheat bag that can be used during yoga, meditation, sleep or to relieve headaches, reduce eye puffiness and soothe dry eyes.

The eye pillow is designed to block out unwanted light, help deepen your relaxation and aid sleep. The gentle pressure on your eyes from the eye pillow will send a neurological signal to your brain that initiates full body relaxation.

Are Eye Pillows Good For Sleeping? What Are The Side Effects?

Eye pillows are not only designed to soothe and relax tired eyes but the aromatic effect of essential oils and herbs that are infused in the flax seeds help calm and rest the mind. Essential oils and herbs that are used in our variants of eye pillows work for a particular therapeutic purpose.

For e.g. Eucalyptus eye pillow is excellent for people suffering from headaches caused by cold and provides relief from sinus whereas Lavender eye pillow reduces anxiety and insomnia.


We hope you have the best of your time, relaxing, holding on to your nerves and sounding off peacefully with the above mentioned choices of our Best Yoga Eye Pillows. Make the right choice and simply go for it!

We will love it if you like something from our selection and find it useful. In case, you want to make it at your home, do read our post on How To Make Yoga Eye Bags At Home.