Best 7 Yoga Bolsters Collection: Recommended By Experts

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Why You Need Yoga Bolsters?

Cushions are readily available throughout the world and no one can imagine themselves sleeping without one but there are also they’re less known cousins called bolsters that give an extra support and firmness that your average cushion can’t provide.

Bolsters are lengthy, narrow pillows that are stuffed with varying materials such as cotton, fibre or down. They are used for support for your arm and your spleen and that is why they are a favorite among yoga meditators.

The support that this item provides during yoga sessions and the different exercises that it encapsulates is a must have for perfecting your yin exercises. It helps with different yoga exercises that include breathing techniques and it helps stimulate that posture that gives you the perfect posture to breathe in and out, as it is the basic step in any yoga exercise.

The yoga bolsters are a great accessory to have whether you’re doing your yoga sessions in your house, outside or in yoga classes. Instead of your yoga mat, you can add in extra comfort to further Intone your chi and feel one with the universe.

The more comfortable you are, the greater refreshment you’ll feel after your yoga classes and bolsters always help in achieving that.

Yoga Bolsters Collection

Yoga Bolster Types

There are different types of bolsters that are designed for different types of customers. The fundamentals of bolsters are that they need to be at least 22 inches long, there’s a preference on width because a lot of people have varying widths but the most important of all these qualities is that a bolster needs to be firm.

Some people prefer bolsters that have bit of squishiness to them but the bestselling yoga bolsters aren’t extremely soft, there needs to be a good amount of firmness and softness in it to really make the user feel comfortable.

Buying the best bolster can be a bit of a daunting task because of the amount of varieties it comes in but with this list you’ll have a fun and relaxing time, just like the yoga classes you’ll take the bolsters with you.

So, without wasting any time lets go through the list. 

What Are the Best Yoga Bolsters

1. Blue Dove Yoga Bolster

Blue Dove Yoga Bolster is your go to bolster for your yoga needs. Made from organic cotton, this bolster is always a must have as it helps giving support during meditation and yoga practices. Other than that it has it’s uses in being a prop or even a decoration item for the house.

The cushion is 100% organic meaning it is better than your artificial cushions that are inferior in quality and durability.

The cushion in this product is filled with cotton wadding and is a extremely blissful to use due to the comfort that it provides and is unmatched in support for yoga or other activities that it will come handy in.

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What we like in it?

  • Comes in two different fashionable prints of blue and orange
  • Easily washable, encouraging a healthy and clean environment
  • Made from organic material which means it won’t be a health hazard
  • Extremely firm, helps in multiple yoga poses that require a bit of support


  • Fabric covering is not soft, might be a bit irritating for some people
  • A bit smaller than your average bolster which will make you feel left out of poses that’ll require a bit bigger bolster

2. Gaiam Yoga Bolster

Get the easiness and relaxation you want from every yoga class with gaiam Yoga Bolster. With it’s excellent size, you don’t have to worry about ever feeling that it doesn’t suit your back or breathing exercises.

With cotton padding and polyester covering, it’ll be like doing yoga in the clouds due to the soft material used.

You can even use it as a head rest due to it’s sleek design. Plus you don’t have to worry about lumping it around everywhere you go, rather just pick it up from the strap and take it anywhere you go. With the softness, size and easy handling makes it a prime product to buy.

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What we like in it?

  • It is filled with organic and natural cotton wadding which gives it top notch comfort and relaxation
  • A handle strap that makes it easier to carry around your bolster instead of lugging it around your arm due to their comparatively large size
  • Easily washable by machine which means taking care of isn’t a hassle
  • It’s made from 100 % polyester making it very soft and pleasant to touch
  • Comes in different aesthetics colors of black, purple and Teal
  • Great size which fits most customers perfectly


  • A bit expensive compared to other bolsters available
  • The product may lose it’s shape due to soft nature of the material used in this product

3. Prayanama Cotton Yoga Bolster

Prayanama Cotton Yoga bolster is a leading product in the yoga bolster section with the many things helping it to lead the pact. It’s a bolster that comes in a variety of designs, colors and patterns which captures the aesthetic of the yoga side.

This bolster is specially designed to support the spleen while doing diaphragmatic breathing exercises.

Due to it’s adjustable inner cotton batting, it’s a dream for the yoga practitioner because it ensures that If he’s not feeling comfortable, he can just change the amount of padding to his whims, add in easily washable cotton covering and you have yourself a dream product in your hand.

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What we like in it?

  • Easily adjustable firmness of bolster by pulling out inner cotton batting to reach your preferred fill level to pull of your yoga poses
  • Made from 100 % cotton making sure its soft and organic
  • You can wash it in machine easily, making it
  • Comes in a variety of colors and designs
  • Handles on both sides of the holster for easy mobile transport


  • Thin bolster compared to other bolsters available in the list

4. Gayo Organic Cotton Yoga Bolster

They say big things come in small packages and that’s true concerning this product. With the firm padding found in the cover, you need not to worry if it’s too soft or too firm, you’ll be glad you bought it.

Due to it’s small size, it can be used for many things other than its original purpose, for yoga obviously.

It can be used as a support for the neck, especially if you travel a lot, whether it’s on car or on an airplane. You can even use it as a pillow if you so wish. It’s ideal bolster if you’re looking for something smaller, lighter and that can handled much more easily. If that’s your goal, then this product is for you.

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What we like in it?

  • By buying one, you can buy the second one at half the price. Adding one more to your list, making It a bargain on your end
  • Made from 100 % organic material, cotton ensuring it is ecofriendly
  • Due to it’s small size, it is much easier to carry and take around with you wherever you please
  • It is firm for it’s small size, making it a mini yoga bolster
  • As you can take it anywhere, you can use it as a head rest on airport seats as well as car seats
  • It’s one of the more durable bolsters on this list


  • Pricey, considering if you’re buying a single bolster. The discount on the other bolster will be invalid if you only want one bolster
  • Due to small size, you are left out of many exercises and it won’t cover many customers due to their larger torso sizes

5. Manduka Enlight Rectangular Yoga Bolster

When style meets function, then you’ve got this product. With it’s excellent size, robustness and superb quality by which it is manufactured, not only is it a product with function but it’s a fashion statement in itself.

The bolster is washable, not having you to make great effort to clean it up. Plus, due to it being made from polyester, it keeps the product dry and comfortable It has the problem of being a bit soft, almost as a pillow, other than that, the product marks all the ticks.

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What we like in it?

  • It’s made with high quality materials such as polyester and microfiber
  • The dimensions are perfect for your average yoga practitioner
  • The fabric is made from high quality materials which keeps the bolster dry and comfortable
  • This bolster is easily washable, just pop it into the machine and spin it to start the magic
  • Hidden zipper that can be accessed easily and gives finished look to product


  • Doesn’t have many varieties

6. Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster

This product is designed for stability for all you yoga lovers. Due to it’s great average size, most people will find it useful, other than that, it has one of the greatest firmness in the market.

It’s handmade, meaning it’ll be resilient compared to the products that are readily available.

The only downside to this product that you can’t change the covers if you want to and that it’s a hassle to clean as it is only dry clean but if you can look past that then you will have no other complain from this product.

What we like in it?

  • The top of this product is level and smooth, which gives great solidity
  • It is handmade, promising you that each fiber is stitched with love and careful precision that only people that love their product would provide
  • Firmness is the name of the game and the robustness causes it to stay in shape
  • It’s filled with cotton padding
  • It has conveniently placed handles on both sides for easy handling of the product


  • Clean dry only, which would make it a hassle to clean
  • You cannot remove the bolster cover because it’s tight fit will loosen and that will ruin the product

7. Yoga Direct Bolster

This yoga direct bolster is great for use and is productive in use if you can maximize it’s effects by using restorative poses.

It has a lot of designs to choose from, completing your sense of fashion harmony as something that is pleasant to look at is always a great way to feel more peaceful plus, due to it having handles on both the sides, it gives your soul some peace because of the ease of carrying it around.

You won’t be disappointed with this product once you get the hand of it and you will start to love it afterwards.

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What we like in it?

  • Comes in many varieties, prints and overall it has many aesthetic choices
  • It’s made from 100 % ecofriendly cotton which means it’s free from any harmful chemicals
  • It’s produced in rectangular shape which helps in the stability and balance of all the yoga poses made on it
  • It has handles on both sides of the bolster which helps in easy transport of the yoga accessory
  • Sufficiently cheap compared to other products


  • It has the smell of mildew if shipped to long distances
  • Not very easily washable due to uneasiness of removal of cover
What To Look In A Yoga Bolster

Frequently asked questions

The buyer’s guide is here to ensure you buy the best products at your disposal and you make sure you save your money’s worth. You can find the helpful tips in the following sections:

Which Are The Best Yoga Bolsters?

The best yoga bolsters that promise the thing they are specially designed for, that is firmness. Firmness is the number one thing to look within a bolster. Bolsters with great big dimensions are best utilized because they are used in many yoga poses. So that’s always a plus point

What To Look In A Yoga Bolster?

You need to look for firmness within a bolster. After that you need to look for bolster with the length of 20 inches of greater. On width it should be 14 inches and height of 3 inches for great spleen support. The batting should be cotton so that the bolster doesn’t deform. The cover should be machine washable.

How Large Should Yoga Bolsters Be?

According to height, it should be around 24 inches ideally. If the customer is longer than your average human, then it is helpful to have a bolster that can support his torso. In terms of width, 15 inches and anywhere near that width, it’s good enough. The height should be exactly 3 inches cause it’s good for the support for the head and spleen.

Your workout gears should be in place so that you don’t have to compromise. You can pick any from the list above and we don’t think you would regret it.
Do not worry as we have conducted extensive research before choosing these Best Yoga Bolsters.

We will love it if you like something from our selection and find it useful.