5 Best Vinyasa Yoga DVD’s: Recommended By Experts

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If you are looking for the Best Vinyasa Yoga DVD’s available online, you are on the right page. Our researchers have researched the domain for 112 long hours to list down the best 5 across usage needs, user needs and budgets. So, whatever your needs and budget  be you will find the best here.

From yoga practitioners and experts, you must have heard how there are various types of yoga. One of these types is Vinyasa Yoga. Although quite a popular form, performing Vinyasa Yoga is not easy.

There comes many a time, due to hectic schedules and time-crunch, we end up not enrolling ourselves in a yoga studio, even though we really want to.

So, to ease you out on this, many yoga instructors and experts have come up with their own yoga DVDs which will help self-teach Vinyasa Yoga right at home.

Suitable for both beginners and advanced yogis, here are the 5 best Vinyasa Yoga DVDs for you. Just select the one which meets your need and requirement and you are all set to do Vinyasa Yoga at home.

Best Vinyasa Yoga DVD

What Are the Best Vinyasa Yoga DVDs?

1. Shiva Rea Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga DVD

This Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga DVD is compiled and curated by none other than Shiva Rea. She is known to be the best and the most iconic yoga teacher in the world. The most notable feature of this DVD is that it contains simple postures and poses which are easy to understand by all.

It also includes 7 videos of 20 minutes and therefore can easily be performed no matter how hectic your schedule or day is. The poses included help restore your strength and energy and therefore is suitable for everyone- from beginners to seasoned yogis.

As mentioned before, this happens to be one of the best Vinyasa Yoga DVD’s available on Amazon. This is surely worth a good look. 

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What we like in it?

  • Comes with a 6-minute video to test the practitioner’s ability and physical limitations.
  • Comes with solar practices and lunar practices which can be performed during the day and night respectively.
  • Can be customized according to your needs and preferences.


  • The poses and postures included provide relaxation and stretch to advanced yogis and is therefore not a sufficient routine for them.

2. Yoga: Gentle Vinyasa Flow DVD

As the title describes aptly, this DVD contains gentle “slow flow” Vinyasa yoga practice routines. Users say that it is a true gem of a Yoga DVD which not only offers basic yoga asanas but also low intermediate poses for little advanced yogis.

It includes 6 yoga routines- two one hour-long flows and 4 shorter variations of them. The shorter variations are usually the simpler flows of the longer ones to get you in the groove of it.

The guidance by the instructor is simple and easy to understand and she guides you at every step with the benefits and contradictions of each pose. So, this DVD works best for anyone who wants to try their hand at Vinyasa Yoga Flow and climb up slowly to attain the intermediate level.

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What we like in it?

  • The 6 yoga sequences allow you to choose your difficulty level and duration.
  • Guides practitioners through detailed pose benefits and contradictions.
  • Contains poses from basic level to intermediary level.
  • Includes 2 one hour long slow flow yoga routines.


  • Too relaxed and simple for seasoned yogis.
  • The longer versions are not suitable to perform when you don’t have much time in hand.

3. Advanced Vinyasa Flow Yoga DVD

This yoga DVD is curated by popular yoga instructor Jenny Rawlings. As the name suggests, this DVD has been designed for advanced and seasoned yogis and therefore constitutes of poses which are quite challenging.

She has also incorporated biomechanical alignment in these yoga routines to keep it interesting and engaging. It comes with 5 practice routines of two 77 minute routines, two 60 minutes routine and one 35 minutes routine which makes it easier to practice as per the amount of time you have in your hand.

Also, each of the sessions is ended with Savasana which makes the yoga routines perfect- with a beginning, middle and end.

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What we like in it?

  • The biomechanical alignment inclusion is a great addition to the poses.
  • Contains poses and postures in a logical way addressing all parts of the body.
  • The shorter sessions are great for those with a busy schedule.
  • Comes with challenging poses with control and stability.


  • Designed specifically for seasoned and advanced yogis and therefore a little challenging for beginners.
  • Certain poses in the routines and sequence might be similar.

4. Strong Vinyasa Flow Yoga For Strength And Stamina

The Strong Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Strength and Stamina is yet another DVD by Jenny Rawling that ranks on our list of Best Vinyasa Yoga DVD.

Focussing on improving strength and stamina, this DVD is quite popular among yoga experts and many recommend their students to go for it, if they choose to practice at home.

The poses and the postures have been guided by her in every step and at the end of the session, all it does is leave you refreshed and energized.

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What we like in it?

  • Guidance provides enough time to flow from one pose to another, so that you can master every bit of it.
  • Great for yogi’s with established practice. Allows them to up their level too.
  • Powerful and challenging poses and postures.
  • Relieves mental stress.


  • The poses and postures can be a bit challenging for beginners.

5. Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga And Short Forms

We all know how therapeutic yoga is as a practice. It provides immense calmness to the mind and keeps you agile. And it is no shock that yoga can be performed even during your pregnancy. After all, it is helpful during labour and childbirth.

So, if you are looking for the best prenatal yoga DVD and specifically looking for Vinyasa Yoga, then this DVD is the one for you.

Instructed and constructed by Jennifer Wolfe, it contains routines that are safe and complete and offers active workout for all the three trimesters. It prepares you mentally and physically for not only childbirth but also postpartum recovery.

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What we like in it ?

  • All the routines are well-modelled so that they can be modified as per the trimester.
  • It also comes with a 10 minutes partner routine.
  • Also comes with bonus labour poses.
  • Routine can be altered as per your time and how the body is feeling.
  • Calms mind through meditation and positive energies.


  • Slightly on the higher side of the price range. However, this is not any Vinyasa Yoga Flow DVD. It is designed specifically for prenatal yoga.
  • Workouts are slightly heavier. However, they are safe.

How to Choose a Best Vinyasa Yoga DVD

Vinyasa Yoga is a form of yoga where you keep moving and flowing into diverse yoga postures and poses. It is one of the most contemporary styles of yoga which has gained immense popularity in modern years.

So, if you desire to try your hand at Vinyasa yoga and you want to start doing it at home, then it is important that you buy the best Vinyasa Yoga DVD from our list. However, before buying one, here are a few points that you must consider, and they are.

Know Your Needs And Requirements

This is the foremost factor that must be considered before buying a Yoga Dvd- no matter whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner at the practice. This is because with every routine, there’s something or the other new to learn and that goes especially for advanced yogis.

Every yoga DVD comes with assortment of topics and therefore you first need to consider what you want to achieve from the DVD you are buying. If you have any specific need, like prenatal yoga or post natal yoga, or building up on strength and flexibility, it is important that you keep that in mind too.

Familiarize With The Various Styles Of Yoga

Yoga is not just a workout, it is an art. And thus it comes in a number of styles. So, if you are a beginner then familiarize yourself to the various styles and decide on which style you would like to go for.

Once you are clear on that, buying the perfect DVD would be less of a problem.

Research Well

There are a plethora of Yoga DVDs available in the market and therefore leaving you confused which one to go for. So, to know which the best Yoga DVD is as per your needs and requirements, it is important to research well on that.

You could do the research through the previews but a better way would be doing it well through online, magazines and through user reviews.

Seek Opinion Of A Professional

With the advancement in technology, practicing yoga yourself at home has become a lot easier with the help of Yoga DVDs. However, seeking a professional opinion before buying a Yoga DVD is necessary.

This is because an expert will always see through your limitations and strengths and help you guide accordingly. They will be able to guide you better about which Yoga DVD to go for based on your needs and requirements.

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How to Choose a Best Vinyasa Yoga DVD

Frequently Asked Question

Is “Yoga Burn” A Good Program?

“Yoga Burn” is a very popular yoga DVD. It comes with a reliable program for weight loss and if losing weight through yoga is what you want to achieve, then this DVD is worth buying. With no age or level restriction, it can be done by anyone and everyone

Does Yoga Burn Belly Fat?

Well, truth to be told, abdominal fat is rigid and can only be removed with proper diet and a good fitness routine. If you are vehemently against hitting the gym, yoga is a good option for you. It does reduce abdominal fat but most importantly it leaves your body and minds feel refreshed.

Is 30 Minutes Yoga A Day Good Enough?

Honestly speaking, even a few minutes of yoga every day works wonderfully on your body and mind. It makes us feel refreshed and charges us up with the energy boost that our body needs to keep up with our busy lives. It is a practice which involves body and breath- work and practicing it poses great benefits.


If Vinyasa Yoga is your choice of style of yoga, then it is a very good choice indeed. While there are various options for best Vinyasa Yoga Dvd’s for you to choose from, our selection is most definitely Shiva Rea’s Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

However, make you choice as per your goal and needs, seek professional expertise and buy the one you think will suit you the best!

We will love it if you like something from our selection and find it useful.

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