6 Best Mats For Hot Yoga: Reviewed In Details

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Yoga Mats Are A Integral Part Of Your Yoga Regime And Hence, Everyone Goes Through A Phase Where He Or She Will Search For The Best Yoga Mats In The Market. 

However, with thousands of options out there, you can be a little confused and sometimes it takes up a long time to make up your mind. Which is kind of a waste of time. 

Don’t worry. We decided to do the hard research on your part to come up with the 6 best Yoga Mats for hot yoga, available in the market. It took our team almost 68 hours to review and talk to the real users to come up with this list. 

Best Mats For Hot Yoga

Why Special Mats For Hot Yoga?

Fed up of sweating a lot during the yoga class and losing grip on your mat? No need to take any more risks when the best mats for hot yoga are available in the market now.

Yoga assists in better health and there is no doubt about that. During hot yoga you start sweating heavily and the same causes a sliding effect on the mat. Hence, maintaining your safety is important. No compromise must be made on this.

Better Grip

A good yoga mat should absorb the sweat effectively and thereby, prevent the feeling of stickiness on the mat. By proper absorption of sweat, the mat should ideally protect you from accidents like slipping and injuring yourself.

More Comfort

Not only grip but also comfort is important while you do hot yoga. The very idea of yoga is to Enough thickness of the mat and the right amount of cushioning helps you in having better comfort.

Mat’s softness helps you in feeling better while you do floor exercises. Hence soft mat must be used as it helps you in doing yoga for more time – by making you feel better.

Even beginners of hot yoga can gather better confidence & thereby become able to do postures well for longer time. How? With the help of an appropriate yoga mat which is designed specially to suit hot yoga.

Easy To Carry

The more time you are able to do hot yoga under proper guidance; the better health you achieve. The weight of the mat is yet another factor that you should check. The light weighted mats ensure that you do not get drained completely (sometimes even before you reach your yoga sessions; especially when much distance has to be traveled carrying the mat).

Certain manufacturers offer carrying straps which help you in taking the mats easily with you while you rush to your yoga class

Wish to have a yoga mat that has most of the qualities mentioned above?

Then, here is an article that will help you to understand various hot yoga mats & the additional qualities possessed by them. (The quality that cannot be compromised at all is proper grip even while you sweat much.)

Find the 6 yoga mats listed below that help you in performing even the most complicated hot yoga postures. Now sweat cannot stop you from doing your yoga postures flawlessly!

So, without wasting any time lets go through the list. 

What Are the Best Hot Yoga Mats Out There?

1. Life Energy Eko Smart Yoga Mat

Travelling much due to which your yoga mat is becoming dirty frequently? Then buy Life Energy EkoSmart yoga mat and clean the mat well for having a neat yoga mat again, whenever required.

The carrying strap that is attached to the yoga mat helps you in lifting the mat & taking it easily with you. The same is the reason why many people prefer it while travelling.

Moreover, the mat is light weighted and the same helps you in having a great time carrying it. The attractive positive design on the mat helps you in feeling good (wherever you are). Furthermore; the mat can be cleaned easily for maintaining the attractiveness well.

Travelling is a pleasure when you have the Life Energy Eko Smart yoga mat with you! Because the mat is light in weight, can be cleaned easily and has carrying strap which makes it a good travel-partner.

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What we like in it?

  • Carrying strap
  • Non-slip
  • Light-weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Nice design

2. Gaiam Yoga Mat

Bored of the usual plain yoga mat? Wish to use some hot yoga mat that looks attractive & different from other mats? Gaiam Yoga Mat is reversible which helps you in using either side of the yoga mat; as per your wish.

It is designed attractively and suits those who wish to break the normal pattern. Switch one among the two sides as per your mood and thus amaze your yoga team members (by doing a quick switch).

The closed cell design ensures that the mat is away from bacteria, odours and germs. Therefore, it is a healthy choice too. The mat provides you with extra thickness that helps you in doing yoga poses well without much pain or stress.

The non toxic material is an additional boon! This is a good buy for people who are looking for a pretty looking mat that is comfortable at the same time.

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What we like in it ?

  • Closed cell design
  • Extra thick
  • Reversible
  • Non toxic

3. Manduka prolite Yoga Mat

Creation of sustainable engineering is what you aim at? Maduka Prolite Yoga Mat satisfies your aim well; because the superior quality of this material – which prevents flaking, fading or peeling – is achieved via sustainable engineering.

It is easily portable and has closed cell surface (which not only keeps away bacteria but also prevents the seeping in of sweat).

The mat gradually becomes more efficient by use; instead of wearing out by time. Yes, & this is the most wonderful aspect of this mat. Therefore, it is noted among the best mats for hot yoga.

The high-density cushion supports you well when you do several difficult postures. Dreaming about a mat that becomes better with each use? Purchase the Manduka prolite yoga mat for making your dream come true.

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What we like in it?

  • Portable
  • Closed cell surface
  • High density cushion
  • Best grip
  • Sustainable engineering

4. Aurorae Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat

You want to have a product which offers you with the perfect combination of softness & appropriate thickness? Gather Aurorae Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat to satisfy both your needs simultaneously. The mat offers good grip too; even while you do hot yoga. The thickness helps you in having a great time on it.

The thickness & grip is not at all compromised for softness. So you become able to do yoga with better comfort & zero worry – which means better concentration!

No odour is yet another valuable quality of it – as this helps you in remaining focused while you do yoga. It saves you from getting distracted; especially in those postures where your face hits the mat.

The integrated microfiber towel is a quality of the mat to be highlighted! Integrated microfiber towel means: no need of carrying any extra yoga towel with you (in order to ensure zero slippage).

Want better grip? Just wet your hands! This is why it suits hot yoga well – as the more you sweat; the more efficiently the mat works (by offering you better grip). This aspect gives you a huge financial benefit- by omitting the need of buying an extra yoga towel along with the yoga mat.

And it comes with 2 years of warranty; which makes it listed among the best mats for hot yoga! The same helps you in guessing the quality of the product. Softness without compromising thickness & good grip is what you want to have in your hot yoga mat? Then Aurorae yoga mat suits you perfectly.

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What we like in it?

  • Excellent grip
  • Suits hot yoga well
  • Thick enough
  • Integrated microfiber towel

5. Jade Yoga Harmony Professional Yoga Mat

Wish to get a yoga mat that is not only handy but also offer you with good grip & comfort? Jade Yoga Harmony Professional Yoga mat can be bought in such cases. Amazing grip is offered by the mat and therefore if you feel that hot yoga is making you sweat much; then don’t worry anymore!

Instead; be confident while doing various postures – including the most difficult / complex postures. Why worry when this mat – one among the best mats for hot yoga – has your back?

It is an amazing partner for those who love hot yoga as it offers proper comfort while doing even floor exercises.

Furthermore; they are handy too and the same quality makes it easy for you to carry it to & from your yoga class. Wishing to have some option that offers comfort, great grip and is handy too? Jade Yoga Harmony Professional Yoga mat is an ideal purchase then!

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What we like in it?

  • Great grip
  • Comfort
  • Handy
  • Suit even complex postures

6. Gurus Natural Cork Yoga Mat

Are you an athlete? Love doing various different exercises or routines that help you in having a better body? Then why stick to normal yoga mats when you can get Gurus Natural Cork Yoga Mat.

Buy Gurus Natural Cork Yoga Mat as this mat is highly useful to those who like trying various different workouts or follow several difficult exercise routines. Clubbing various types of exercises make you feel & perform better. The same demands much time & effort too.

But if you are ready to invest enough time & effort then get the right tool that assists you well in this task. This mat acts as a perfect tool in this regard! The multi- functional nature of the mat is acquired via some unique qualities of it – like easily washable, nice grip, softness and fine cushioning.

An athlete needs to get engaged in different types of workout with passion – including yoga sessions – to attain a striking structure. If you are an athlete  then Gurus Natural Cork Yoga Mat is the right decision that you can take.

What we like in it?

  • Washable
  • Good grip
  • Soft material
  • Good cushioning
  • Multipurpose

How to Choose a Hot Yoga Mat

Hot yoga helps you much in acquiring better immune system and thereby, good health. The only constant thing about hot yoga is that you sweat profusely during the sessions.

Too much sweat might make you lose your grip. Hence make sure that you buy only those mats that absorb sweat well – as this helps you in having better grip while doing various postures; despite the sweat.

A sudden slippage is risky and thereby enough caution should be taken while choosing a yoga mat especially if you are a person who tends to sweat more.

Buying a mat that offers proper-grip even after sweating much – via integrated towel / other embedded technology – is the right choice that you can make!

If you are an athlete; then you get into various activities or workout routines for gaining better body. In such cases; you must buy a yoga mat that can be used not only for doing yoga but also for doing Pilates, Home Workouts and Gym. 

Be ready to invest in mats that have a number of inbuilt effective features. Investing in one such mat helps you in owning it & taking it with you wherever you go. The same helps you in satisfying all your workout needs well; without procuring any additional yoga mat.

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How to Choose a Hot Yoga Mat


The best mats for hot yoga are listed above. Apart from helping you to perform proper yoga postures, there are other qualities like fine cushioning, good designs, softness and light weight, that you should definitely look into, before purchasing.

Do not worry as we have conducted extensive research before choosing these Yoga Mats for Hot Yoga.

We will love it if you like something from our selection and find it useful.

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