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If you have been considering learning yoga or have recently begun a yoga practice, I hope to provide you with some useful and interesting information about yoga.

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Real Change for Real People

At Yoga With Catherine, our aim is to help people like you bring positive change into your life through the practice of Yoga and Meditation.

With more than thirty years of Yoga experience and a depth of training in Yoga and Yoga Therapy from the best of teachers, we have a lot of great experience to share. Whatever your individual needs and aspirations, we’ll help you find the best way to access personal transformation through simple movement, breathing and awareness. From complete beginners to seasoned veterans, from experienced Yoga teachers to students hoping to start Yoga Teacher Training, we’re certain that what we teach can truly make a difference in your life.

“The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.”

TKV Desikachar

 The Path That’s Right For You

We know that everyone who comes to Yoga is different. That’s why you won’t find us selling a “one size fits all” approach.

Some people come to us to work with anxiety or depression, or for general life stress. Others want to get fit, improve their strength and flexibility, and take better care of their body. Some people find solace in Yoga after bereavement, or to recover from illness or injury, and for many more it’s simply a kind and accessible way to examine the deeper side of their nature, or connect with like-minded others in the safety of a group class.

Have a read through the following section, and let us know just where you’d like your journey to personal evolution to start…

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Everyday Needs

Most students find that attending one or more of our weekly Yoga and Meditation Group Classes is enough to keep them going.

Or you can start with some Yoga One-to-One Sessions if the class schedule doesn’t fit your life, if you want to go a bit deeper by starting a daily home practice of if you’ve suffered illness or injury that means a group class wouldn’t meet your specific needs.

And for those times when you need even more care and support, we recommend some calming Tantsu Bodywork Sessions (Tantric Shiatsu) to help your system relax and revitalise.

Deeper Needs

After you’ve been practising for a while, you may get a sense that Yoga has something deeper to offer.

Our Yoga and Meditation Workshops can offer you a chance to go into the practice and theory of the Yoga system over a few hours, and our Retreats even more so as we have several days to relax and revitalise our system and take it all in.

And if you ever feel drawn to further practice and study, or even to teach, our Yoga Foundations Teacher Training Course will nurture your inner teacher and give you all the tools you need.

Teachers’ Needs

Every Yoga teacher knows that their learning never really stops.

But sometimes on our lifelong journey, we reach a plateau and could use a guiding hand to direct and inspire our way forward. That’s what we had in mind as we created our renowned Yoga Evolution Postgrad Teacher Training Course.

Through a blend of practice in a semi-retreat environment and engagement in active learning methods, we’ll lead you through the framework that will help you evolve your personal and teaching practice during the course and beyond.


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