How can we let go?

Hello Community

Let go,

let go,


This is a phrase passed around the Yoga world incessantly. Maybe like me you found every teacher seemed to say it without explaining HOW.

How do I let go and relax?

How do I let go of emotions, situations or relationships that no longer serve me?

Week 3 of my 6-week restorative course was a full class dedicated to just this point because

…the answer is in the details!

My mission as a teacher is to teach from my life and my own experience. What I experience forms the themes for my classes. My challenges are the stems of creativity for my future offerings. Here’s an example.

Very recently, letting go was something I had to abruptly face. What have I learned? Letting go has to start with Acceptance. Acceptance of a situation, respect for it and trusting that however hard and challenging it seems, this is what is meant for you at this time. Think of it as the universe’s way of bringing you back onto the path towards alignment with your higher self, true path or destiny.




By acknowledging the above it can be possible to begin the process of moving on.

You may be asking now how do I accept the current situation?

Nature helps. Try this. Go outside, feel the energy of this new season and notice what is currently happening. Watch and then consider your own response. What feels natural for you to do in your circumstances? Perhaps it’s reflected in the nature around you? As the beautiful colourful trees begin to shed their leaves it’s a sign that certain parts of them need to die so they can survive and thrive through to Spring. Trees shed to preserve their life. It’s their natural process of life, death and rebirth every year. Could we respond by releasing what we don’t need anymore? Getting rid of the excess to keep hold of what will sustain us during the winter?

May these prompts help you to dive deeper:

  • For What/who/when are you grateful for this Summer and why?
  • What are you not allowing to die that needs to as it no longer serves you?
  • What are you letting go of?
  • As you shed these old parts, habits, layers, leaves, what are you making space for?

Be sure to end your writing, ruminating (and this email) by taking a deep nourishing breath in, and as you transition via your exhale. It’s time to



Here for you.
Be well,
Catherine xo

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