Online Offerings of Support

Hello Yogis,

At this potent time I first wish to say that I’m coming to you this month sending deep support. I have had many of you reaching out to me individually for guidance, advice and strength. Meditation teaches us to pause before our response. In lieu of that I’ve carefully considered how to show up for you all. I’ve created three separate online offerings* – a meditation series, a weekly online class schedule and the Empower Mentoring Package for newly qualified yoga teachers.

Never before for me has it been so important to put all my training and all my own inner work into practice, to be there for you and be deeply of service. That’s why these offerings are designed to induce much needed peace, calm, inspiration and creativity during this global shift + reset.

Don’t waste this time. Use it wisely to nourish yourselves and your families. Find peace in the pause before your response. Stay steady and work on growing your mental + spiritual “muscles”! PRACTICE the practice.

With love + gratitude for your support at this time


*Please contact me if you’ve fallen on exceptionally hard times so I can help you to participate.

If you know anyone who could benefit from these online offerings please forward on.


Weekly Classes + Zoom Links

Mondays – Healing Yin + Meditation 6-7pm GMT

Meeting ID: 510-166-370

Wednesdays – Fiery Vinyasa Flow 7.30-8.30am GMT

Meeting ID: 337-486-945

Fridays – Calming Restorative + Yoga Nidra 6-7pm GMT

Meeting ID: 816-678-497


Via this link on PayPal.

£6 per session

£15 weekly pass

*If you are out of work, unable to pay or front line staff there’s no charge. I’d love you to join anyway. For those of you who can, thank you so much for supporting me at this time.



yoga with catherine

Pure Awareness Meditation Course

At this challenging time, there’s no better time than the present to begin a daily calming meditation practice.

Pure Awareness is a meditation course designed to draw you gently back into your natural state. The natural state of pure awareness where deep liberation, peace and happiness resides within us – if only we remember how to find it…

By choosing this series you are taking an active step towards understanding the nature of your mind via the use of guided meditations, and deep concentration techniques.

The practice of meditation is just that. A practice. It requires curiosity, effort and interest. Come to this series to observe the mechanism of your mind, witness how it works and your response to it. Be ready to experience, explore, discover and delve deep rather than to accomplish any desired goal.

With non-attachment and non-identification to the fluctuations of your mind, there is the beauty of the pause, space, clarity. It’s here we dwell in our true home of pure awareness where no emotion, chaos or discomfort can exist.

What’s included?

12 Meditations varying in length, method and theme.

1 Supportive PDF Guide to the Pure Awareness course

It’s a one-off purchase of £29 and the meditations + guide will be available to you for life.

Discount code: purity10



Never has it been more important to get creative within the industry!

Learn about passive income + online work + doing the bigger inner work on yourself!

You will need to dedicate no more than 3-4 hours weekly to complete this course.

o  6 live-stream recorded 60-90 min calls

o  6 modules including audio + video content, homework and assignments

o  Access to our exclusive Private Facebook Group 

o  1 30 min check-in follow-up session on 19 July 

o  Maximum intake – 10 people




All FREE offerings including Yoga Nidra meditations, a meditation for creativity + yoga playlists are housed here.