Meet Neil

Neil has been a dedicated and loyal client of mine for the past year. It’s been wonderful to see his practice develop and improve in many ways. Take a look at his feedback below to see how yoga has changed his mindset, health and fitness for the better!

Thank you Neil.

Since I started taking PiYo classes at the Ockenden Manor Spa the classes have given me a wide range of exercises which I have had the benefit of and also well-being, engaging my mind and body giving me improved muscular and postural strength. I take the classes as often as possible. I’ve even found myself practicing at home, brushing my teeth whilst balancing on one leg! Certainly a number of friends have commented to me over my increased positive attitude to life, I can only put this down to my yoga discipline. This to me is so important, as I creep towards my pensionable age I am conscious of the fact that if you don’t take care of yourself you only have yourself to blame!


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