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Yoga with Catherine

Hi, I'm Catherine

Thank you so much for being here and welcome!

I am the creator and visionary behind the EMPOWER MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME, an in-depth 12-week mentorship programme supporting entrepreneurs all over the globe in their business and also their lives. My mission is to empower conscious entrepreneurs all over the globe to scale their business and create self-wealth via the value of their own life story.

Empower promotes entrepreneurs to be of true service, running their businesses and their lives consciously, authentically and abundantly whilst offering deeply transformational work for their soul clients. My vision is coming true… I have offered my curriculum to over 30 teachers across 13 countries. The Programme is intimate so you will receive my best work and make huge ROI both in your time and wealth.

My yoga offerings are taught truly from the heart and inspired by my greatest teacher – life itself. I focus on themes of compassion, self-acceptance and self-love combining yoga asana, meditation, pranayama, mudra, mantra and healing chanting to facilitate a vibrational and energetic shift within you far beyond purely the physical.

I bring my vast knowledge of yoga philosophy, Vedanta, theology, Sanskrit and the art of tarot through public and online classes, workshops, immersions, global retreats and Restorative Yoga 50HR Yoga Teacher Trainings.

That’s my work in a nutshell! If you’d like to hear more about my story, these PODCASTS will fill you in.

Thank you so much for being here.

With love

Catherine xo



Yoga With Catherine


  • Retreat

    Catherine is a lighthouse that shines clear and universal for those who are searching for spiritual enlightenment. The greatest gift Catherine had to offer to me was showing me the way to my spiritual me.


  • Retreat

    I would like to thank you for organising such a fabulous yoga retreat. I loved everything about it but especially the lovely people and fabulous teacher. Catherine was quite remarkable and very inspiring.


  • Retreat

    Catherine, It was the most amazing week. You are a remarkable teacher and have inspired me to make changes in the way I live my life. I felt transformed, rejuvenated and very calm after the week’s retreat. Thank you so much


  • Retreat

    Mostly I would like to thank you for opening my mind last week.  It was the first time in my life when I truly was able to meditate and I feel so different. I hope I can continue to carry on at home.  You truly are inspirational and I can only say thank you. Enjoy your future retreats and I hope we get to see you again soon.


  • Retreat

    I still feel physically and mentally different here, over two days after our last class together and back in busy London! I look forward to taking classes or being on one of your retreats again soon. And I’ll definitely be recommending them to friends too.


  • Retreat

    I love Catherine’s positive spirit, dynamic and varied classes, and most importantly feel in comptent hands throughout sessions with her. 


  • Workshop

    This was absolutely brilliant! Catherine’s instructions throughout the practice were incredibly clear and easy to understand so even for a novice like myself, it was a very inclusive and relaxing atmosphere. I also loved all the little touches she provided. I would definitely recommend her!


  • Corporate Yoga

    I have attended a couple of Catherine’s workshops and really enjoyed them.  Catherine is a lovely teacher and I like her approach using massage techniques and essential oils – they add to the practice. We had a fabulous time – we giggled, and we found silence, the perfect balance – oh, and we balanced too ;)We all want to do it again – we all loved it and I believe we have some new converted yogis! Thanks Catherine!


  • Hen Do Zen Do 

    I booked Catherine to run a yoga zen do for my best friend’s hen weekend and it was the perfect way to start the weekend! Catherine began the session with some relaxing stretches to warm us all up and then went on to put us into groups for some activities. This was great as some of us didn’t know eachother so it was a great ice breaker. We all felt thoroughly relaxed and energised after the session and I would definitely recommend Catherine! Catherine was so lovely, had put a lot of thought into the yoga party package and gave out gifts at the end of the session. I know the bride loved it too! Thank you Catherine!

    Clare Emily, Maid of Honour

  • Yoga To Soothe Your Soul

    I love Catherine’s classes! I always come away from it feeling totally relaxed, stretched and ready for the week ahead! I love the unique blend of the yoga moves and the core work. Catherine is always centered, calm and focused on ensuring the class suits every ability. She has a wonderful personality that ensures everyone engages with the movements and breathing to maximise the benefits of the class. Catherine encourages everyone to work at their own pace and I love that the class is totally natural and not concerned about ‘how I look.’


  • Corporate Yoga

    Catherine’s style of teaching is simply lovely, clear and kind … no class is the same and each one helps us to explore new poses and movements that help us to wind down after what is usually a very hectic day. A breath of fresh air in the office environment!

    Katy, Senior Manager Financial Services, EY

  • Catherine is my ocean soul sister forever…an angel on earth who I met on a healing and self love trip for one i took myself on at Chernaki surf. Her soothing calm voice talked us through it and her ears listened to my broken heart and my constant sobbing and I thank her for that. The Tea ceremony was a highlight and a special memory close to my heart. not all yoga is for me, but i would recommend Yoga with Catherine and will endeavour to cross her path again.

    Ocean Soul Sisters Retreat
  • I loved her positive spirit, dynamic and varied classes, and most importantly felt in competent hands throughout the sessions with her. Highly recommended.

    Italy Retreat

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